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Bagalamukhi Yantra 

To get Protection from Evil forces

 Goddess Bagalamukhi is believed to be the destroyer of enemies. Bagalamukhi Yantra is considered as a most powerful and dominance yantra to defeat over any struggles and to destroy enemies. Goddess Bagamukhi is the chief diety of this particular yantra who encharge the yantra with the power which indeed forces to attain victory over enemies.

 The individual who perceive this yantra will definitely attain victory over foes, any lawsuits, any arguments etc. Those who worship this yantra whole hearted will get complete relief from any sorts of black magic problems and other related issues. 

How to use this Bagalamukhi Yantra?

 As soon as you order for your Yantra and receive it from us, you can keep it in your prayer altar. Then you can maintain the copper plate in the following ways:


Wash the copper plate with rose water/water on a periodical basis

Place Sandal and Vermillion paste on all the 4 corners and the centre of the Yantra

Pray sincerely to the Yantra and offer flowers and incense stick in front of it

You can also offer Prasad to the Yantra considering as the deity who is going to fill your life with what you asked for.

You can also carry this Yantra with you while travelling in a safe pouch/wallet, so that you can be ensured God’s protection follows you.