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Changes Negative Vastu Energies To Favourable Ones

Scheduled on April 23, 2018


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Importance Of Vasthu Shastra In Our Daily Life

Vastu Shastra is an ancient architecture science which is mainly used for designing a building in the right manner. It is a suitable one for homes, offices, factories and business firms to allow inflow of fresh air and natural light so that it promotes wealth, health, happiness and peace. This science dating back to the Vedic period comprises of specific rules and regulations set down by sages of yore. it generally revolves around the elements and directions of nature and for each direction there exists a certain rule. There’s a flow of energy in all these directions that can be extremely helpful. Vastu aims at concentrating on the positive energy in the lives of people so that they can success in all their tasks. Vastu complied spaces are rich in solar energy, lunar energy and cosmic forces.


Vasthu Homam - Purifies Your Space & Removes Hurdles That Prevent Progress


Vastu HomamVastu defects in a building may cause several disturbances to a person. Vastu homam is dedicated to Vastu gods that are responsible for direction namely 

Indra - East, Agni - South-East, Yama - South, Pitru - South-West, Varuna - West, Vayu - North-West, Kuber - North and Brahma - Centre. These gods symbolise certain elements like fire, thunder, peace and prosperity.

The foundation for the Vastu ritual was laid by ancient saint Mamuni Maya. It is said that once a creation of Brahma called Vastu Purusha was contained by Brahma and other gods as he created havoc in heaven. But since he was a creation by the universal lord himself, he was given the task of overseeing all matters of land and its use.

Vastu homam is mainly meant for improving the conditions of new buildings by removing negative energies in an effective manner. In fact, it provides methods for overcoming various problems to usher in prosperity, wellness, happiness and peace.

It eliminates all kinds of doshas that emerge due to breaking of stones, felling of trees and digging of earth.


Significance of Vasthu Homam on Vasthu Day

The Vedic calendar specifies eight days in a year when Vastu Purusha is worshipped. It’s significant that we worship him on those days. Since April 23, 2018 is first of the eight Vastu days it is considered very auspicious. ancient scripts like the Sidhas say that anyone living in any kind of dwelling be it own or rented must show their gratitude to Vastu lord. it gets rid of all hurdles that stop you from marching ahead successfully in life.

Vastu Homam - Vastu Day Benefits:-

  • Reduces malefic effects of bad Vastu
  • Gives Mental Peace
  • Purifies all Corners of Your House or office
  • It increases the cash flow in your space
  • Increases the Chances of Good Fortune
  • Removes hurdles that prevent progress
  • Bestows You and Your Family with Spiritual Bliss
  • It minimises health issues to a great extent
  • Clears all Negative Thoughts from the Mind
  • Makes a Person Intelligent and Calm



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