Srinivasa Kalyana Homam on Vivaha Panchami 

Elevate your Relationship Status & Boost Inheritance and Opulence
Scheduled Live on Dec 1, 2019 @ 6 PM IST


Vivaha Panchami: Perfect Time to Solve Perennial Problems in Life

Vivaha Panchami that falls on Panchami Tithi is sacred for man-kind and his well-being. During this auspicious period Goddess Sita weds Lord Rama in Karthiga month fifth day of Shukla Paksha. Vivaha Panchami ritual is a divine homam that is suitable for couples, friends, relatives, business partners and family members. This year Vivaha Panchami will be observed on December 1, 2019, an auspicious day to solve all relationship breakdowns, conflict of interests, destructive moods, bad deeds, financial difficulties and mental stress and improves life longevity, health, wealth and humanity.

Srinivasa Kalyana Utsava HomamSrinivasa Kalyana Homam on Vivaha Panchami Day: Attainment and Humanity

On the day of Vivaha Panchami, it is very auspicious to conduct the marriage ceremony of Lord Srinivasa to Goddess Padmavathi, a form of Mahalakshmi.  Lord Rama is an avatar of Lord Vishnu and Lord Srinivasa is a form of Lord Vishnu and it marks the ceremonial marriage anniversary of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita.  Hence the Srinivasa Kalyana Homam is very befitting on this auspicious day. Kalyana means auspicious and when Kalyana Utasavam of the Supreme Lord Srinivasa takes place, the auspiciousness will be in plenty for the welfare and well being of all family members and loved ones. Srinivasa Kalyana Homam is especially beneficial for newlyweds, elderly couples, family members, friends and relatives who wish to have an ecstatic marital life with the blessings of Lord Srinivasa.

Srinivasa Kalyana Homam Involves Following Auspicious Ceremonies

Vishnu Sahasaranamam ChantingVishnu Sahasaranamam Chanting Removes Impurity and Attracts Power and Strength

Vishnu Sahasaranamam Chanting refers to chanting 1000 names of Lord Vishnu recited by Rishi Bhishma in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Each verse has deep meaning that benefits and helps to invite fortune and good-luck inside our household. It helps you to attain personal and professional aspirations and overcome financial difficulties and poor economic situations. The chanting of Lord Vishnu names invokes power and strength to clear all obstacles in life.  



Vedic Chanting - Remove All Hurdles in Life 

  • Purusha Suktam prayers to remove obstacles and interruptions during Homam. 
  • Narayana Suktam praising Lord Narayana as an Absolute Person, Self-Effulgent praying to protect the universe as a source of energy and delight. 
  • Sree Suktam praising Lord Lakshmi to please him to shower wealth and abundance. 
  • Durga Suktam removes obstacles, protects from evil spirits and increases the attachment between wedded couples, individuals, younger generations, bachelors, spinsters, relatives and friends. 
  • Pancha Shanthi recitation of mantras for peace at the beginning and end of religious rituals.

Thirumangalyam HomamThirumangalyam Homam Removes Mangalyam Misgivings,

Kuja Apathy

Thirumangalyam Homam is very significant for achieving remedies for Manglik Dosha, Kuja Dosha or Mangal Dosha and helps to gain prosperity, healing mental and physical worries, purification from harmful and toxic energies. After the Homam, Thirumangalya dharanam takes place with chanting of ‘Mangalyam Thantunanena’ and the Lord ties the divine knot to Goddess Padmavathi. This is followed by post marriage ceremonies.