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Vibhuvana Sankashti Chaturti: Saver From Misfortunes

Lord Ucchista Ganapati Homam

Heramba Ganapati, Protector of Weak Minded Energies, Saver of Fruitfulness, Bless Defeat Over Evils, Enemies, Bestows Success

Scheduled Live stream on October 5, 2020 @ 3:30 PM IST


What is Vibhuvana?

The word Vibhuvana can be split as "Vibhu", which means Powerful Energy, Supreme Knowledge, Eminent Form, Firm Thinker. The word "Vana" is gracious fulfillment of Goodness over Evil. Vana also been called as celestial being, winsome, attractive, source of wealth.

Here Vibhu refers to Lord Ganapati, the lord of omniscient, who is "Endless or Unlimited" usher of Opulence, Name, Fame, Beauty, Strength, Influence, Knowledge, All Good Qualities. He is the first God who is always satisfied in himself, who cannot be disturbed or distracted by Sins, Weakness, Weak Minded Enemies, Black Magic or Abhichara activities.

Lord Ganapati is also said to be a living entity, enlightened by wisdom, put the desires of natives in a positive forms in life, enabling his celestial energy to rotate, creating a chain of action and reaction, puts the universe in more exalted, elevated state, for growth, knowledge building, high intelligence, removing ignorance, innocence, senseless behaviors.

Why we say Vibhuvana Sankashti Chaturti?

Vibhuvana Sankashti Chaturti is offering prayers, observing Fasting (Vrat), offering charity, for self-development on this auspicious Sankashti Ganapati Chaturti day to Lord Ganapati, washes away all sins. This period is said to be very special and holy Chaturti, where devotees perform pious observance, take vow, resolve, devotion, practice austerity, pilgrimage, scriptural chanting, reciting hymns of Lord Ganapati to take his blessings seeking good health, fertility, long life, happiness, clearing all problems and obstacles in life. This period is also said to auspicious worshiping Lord Vishnu who is also called as Lord Purushottam, as there are dual power formation, gives not only protection, but also enormous powers, courage, strength, vitality, self-confidence, sense of inner principle, universal dharma to keep the universe in order.

Legacy Vibhuvana Sankashti Chaturti

Once Lord Krishna was narrating the story of Ganapati Sankashti Chaturti to King Yudhishtira of Pandava dynasty.

An young lad by name Usha Parinayam, the daughter of Demon King Banasura. She dreamt a man by name Aniruddha, the grandson of Lord Krishna, in her dreams and she wanted to meet the man, asked her dearest friend Chitralekha to draw a sketch of all inhabitant images from all the three world, having in mind and focus on Aniruddha image. As Chitralekha started depicting pictures, Usha Parinayam found the sketch of Aniruddha, matching her thoughts, wants to know the whereabouts of Aniruddha and expressed that she had already got married to Aniruddha in her dreams and living without him is not possible. Knowing the inert of Usha Parinayam, Chitralekha took her attempts to look for Aniruddha and came to know he is in Dwaraka, with her power of energy she lifted Aniruddha while he was asleep at night with the entire bed and left to the kingdom of Banasura.

Meantime, Pradyumna the eldest son of Lord Krishna and Rukmini, got depressed, when Aniruddha was not found in the kingdom Dwaraka. Lord Krishna sought the help of Rishi Lomash, suggested to fast on Sankashti Chaturti, to get rid of this problem and to trace Aniruddha and bring back to the Kingdom. Immediately next in few days, was given to understand that Aniruddha was in the captive of Demon King Banasura, Lord Krishna fought demon king Banasura and his armies, but the battle remain unconcluded for a very long time, while Lord Krishna severed all the thousand hands of the Demon with his Sudharshana Chakra, but Banasura life is not coming to an end as he received a boon of immortality from Lord Shiva. At the request of Lord Shiva to protect his dignity of boon given, finally Lord Krishna spared Banasur's life, agreed to get married his daughter Usha Parinayam to Aniruddha. This day of releasing Aniruddha from the captivity of demon king Banasura is celebrated as one of the most powerful day to get rid of all problems in life, win enemies, brings peace, unity, mutual understanding, ending with joy, happiness, prosperity.

Lord Ucchista Ganapati Depiction with Goddess Shakti Devi

Lord Ucchista Ganapati is said to be in the tantric aspect of celestial energy, is the eight form of the 32 Forms of Lord Ganapati, worshiped primarily in spiritual practices that not only go by Vedic practices, but is a matter of parambara practices by status quo, as a matter of taste, culture, initiation, sadhana and dharmic lineage, not in conformity with accepted standards or belief. Ucchista name is derived from, which means "Left-overs", food kept in the mouth is contaminated with Saliva, which is impure for any ritual, symbolically relating the ritual as if is following the tantric practices, the opposite of traditional standards. The deity is depicted with six hands, dating sixth century, in sitting posture with Nude Goddess Shakti Devi on the left lap seated, highlighting the appearance as an emergence of Ganapatya Cult, tantric practices. The main right hand holds Japa Beads Mala, the second hand holds the fruit pomegranate, third upper holds fresh sprig of an dried herb or paddy. The main Left hand hold around Goddess Shakti Devi, the second hand holds the Veena and third or upper hand holds blue lotus. The deity depiction is not with tusk curled, sweetly turning his trunk to his left to touch and taste the food, is a tantric form of gesture, blessing devotees with predominance, success and superiority in life.

Lord Ucchista Ganapati Moola Mantra


Om Namo Bhagavate Ekadamstraya Hasthimukhaya
Lambodaraya Ucchista Mahatmane Aam Krom Hreem Kleem Hreem Hum Ghe Ghe Ucchistaaya Swaha ||


Lord Ucchista Ganapati Traits

1.    Tantric practices, a secret tantra shastra parambara, a spiritual salvation, is an essence of all tantras.

2.    Tantric practices do not highlight any fixed rules of purification, inward and outward cleanliness is expected with sincere deep devotion.

3.    Achievement of material objectives in life, where the celestial energy of tantric in this context means expand, multiply and liberation, from all problems.

4.    The tantric practices are Esoteric, unconventional which is called as "Vanamarga"

5.    Vedic practices are utmost rules of purification, sanctity is called as "Daksinamarga"

6.    Combination of Vanamarga and Daksinamarga practices is called as "Kaulamarga"

7.    Meditative with Daksinamarga practices internally or externally called "Samayamarga"

Lord Ucchista Ganapati Homam - Boost Success Ratio, Fulfilled Path to Destiny, Peace, Abundance, Prosperity, Remove Evil Spirits, Black Magic, Miseries Life

Worship of Ucchista Ganapati is honoring the celestial energy of Lord Shiva Ganas, who is none other than Lord Nandi, Lord Chandikeswarar and Lord Veerabhadra. The combined powers is the embodiment of Pranava matra "OM", which is very auspicious pranava mantra upanishad dedicated through our devotion to Vignaraja Lord Ucchista Ganapati. The Homam is a most powerful ritual chanting Ucchista Ganapati Kavacham, for relieving all kinds of ghosts, invisible fear in life, removing and destroying black magic, witchcraft, bad chants, offering prayers will stop all aggressive spells, stop bad forces moving towards the native who is affected by black magic spells, protect from ill will, harm and danger, take them to a safe energy of spiritual pursuits, brings place around with Sarava Mangalam, cure disease, obstacles, recover instantly from deep rooted health issues, overcome all material shortages, financial crisis, fulfills all life desires, harmony, brings unity to the family. Devotees who are facing extreme difficulties, challenging circumstances, unfortunate situations offer prayers performing this homam, will relieve from karmic bondages, brings peace to the mind, dissolves all troubles in life. Worshiping on this day bestows with success in all life endeavors, progress and advancement in professional life, good job prospects, high earnings, self-development, name and fame, flourish in art, craft, music, dance, advancing knowledge with current affairs, high wisdom, brings unity, harmony in family, devoted spouse, blessed with children's, material prosperity, abundance of life desires.

Combined Benefits


  • Gain power of communication, speech, oration, success in all competition, debates
  • Dispels emptiness, poverty, abundance of wealth, joy and happiness
  • Leadership qualities, political gains, earn name and fame
  • Bless Child boons, Devoted spouse, Dutiful children's, awards and achievement
  • Bestows surroundings with peace and harmony, relieve from mental stress and agony
  • Protection from natural calamities, relieve from fear of black magic, negativity
  • Women attain motherhood, Bless child grow righteously, noble and obedient to elders

Auspicious Temple Puja Invokes the Blessings of Lord Ucchista Ganapati- Removes Evil Spirits, Bless All Life Desires, Harmony

Pillayarpatti Vinayaka Temple Puja - Gives Prosperity, Happiness, Peace in Your Life

The temple, a very powerful one is like the Karpaga tree and the ruling deity is Karpaga Vinayagar with two hands unlike his other manifestations. A Puja in this temple clears obstacles in marriage, grants child boon and good education, remove evil spirits, negativity, bless devoted family, happy and joyful life. Worship of the powerful lord of the temple helps remove all planetary afflictions and also fulfills every desire of devotees.


Energised Ganesh Idol - Free From Negative Thoughts, Bless Joy, Happiness & Success

Having Ganesh Idol at home is very important as it brings Joy, Happiness & Success in one's life. Ganesh Idol should be kept at home by those people who seek Happiness, Peace, Self-Growth, Calmness, in life.

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Silver Package
USD 145.00
  • Lord Ucchista Ganapati Homam
Platinum Package
USD 191.00
  • Lord Ucchista Ganapati Homam
  • Pillayarpatti Vinayaka Temple Puja
  • Energised Ganesh Idol