Vasant Panchami – A Season of Good Luck, Prosperity and Divine Knowledge

Neela Saraswati Homam

Prevents Family Disputes, Hatred, Fortifies Jupiter, Gives Boons of Foreign Education & Abundance

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Goddess Neela Saraswati, is Vaak Siddhi Pradhayani which means the bestower of mystic powers of speech. She’s also known as Tara Devi, one of the Dasa Mahavidya goddesses. According to Yogini Tantra, Tara is none other than Kali, the embodiment of supreme love. She’s mainly worshipped for Vidya vriddhi (enhancement of education). It is said that Sage Vyasa completed the 18 Maha Puranas due to the grace of Goddess Tara.

Goddess Neela Saraswati protects her devotees from misfortunes and bestows successive successes in all undertakings. She’s a boon giver and when worshipped with great devotion helps her devotees achieve worldly pleasures. Her mantra helps to keep enemy menace away, and also prevents misunderstandings, family disputes and hatred among family and friends. It also grants immense victory, wealth, knowledge and intelligence. The mantra also helps to get success in education through higher learning, blesses with foreign education etc. It also removes obstacles and hindrances in education.

The best way of paying tribute to this quintessential goddess is by invoking her on Vasant Panchami, the day when Goddess Saraswati is revered for her important gifts of knowledge, music and learning. The festival is associated with prosperity and good luck. It's also a good time for crops and harvest and signifies the onset of spring season.

Significance of Neela Saraswati Homam

Neela Saraswati homam is recommended for those who aspire their children study, focus, concentrate in their education and also sharpen their intellect. It can also be performed by those who want to achieve ‘ShuddhaVidya’ or supreme knowledge. The Neela Saraswati homam removes mental blocks and paves way for intuition in Prerna Shakti. It also helps to enhance creativity and establish the sadhaka in a career that involves creative inputs. Children who want to pursue higher education can perform Neela Saraswati Homam.

Neela Saraswati Maha Mantra

"Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Aim Hoom Neela Saraswati Phat Swaha"

Neela Saraswati Homam Prevents Family Disputes, Hatred, Fortifies Jupiter, Gives Boons of Foreign Education & Abundance

Neela Saraswati Homam removes past life sins to a great extent and is very effective against enemies who try to harm the devotee. It also combats black magic and evil eyes dosha. It also puts an end to crisis at home, outside, office or in your business or profession so that a great financial or relational loss is averted. The ritual give success in exams and helps to concentrate on studies. The goddess who is also a form of Tara Devi removes malefic effects of Guru or Brihaspati dosha in the horoscope. Vedic texts say that guru gains knowledge from Neela Saraswati or Tara Devi. The goddess strengthens Jupiter in the horoscope to give favourable results.

The Neela Saraswati homam gives abundance in all spheres of life. It grants supreme protection, helps attain wealth and prosperity. The deity protects her devotees from dangers as her energies are all-pervading and hence she’s Brahmamayi.