Vedicfolks Auspicious Aadi Velli Rituals – 4/4

Varalakshmi Vratham and Gayatri Jayanti

Varalakshmi Puja and Homam

Eliminate Financial Crunches, Attain Profits in Business, Ensure Long Life of Spouse and Obtain Bountiful Prosperity


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Goddess Varalakshmi Symbolises Eight Divine Energies of Maha Lakshmi

Goddess Mahalakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity and women devotees worship her for healthy progeny, good health and long life of their husbands. She is equivalent to Ashta Lakshmi form who grants blessings of eight types of wealth.

  • Adi Lakshmi – Goddess of inner conscience and spiritual wealth.
  • Dhana Lakshmi – Goddess of wealth and money.
  • Dhanya Lakshmi – Goddess of food grains and agricultural produce.
  • Gaja Lakshmi – Goddess who gifts cattle, prosperity and abundance.
  • Santana Lakshmi – Goddess who blesses a married couple with progeny.
  • Dhairya Lakshmi – Goddess of courage and valour.
  • Vijaya Lakshmi – Goddess of victory.
  • Vidya Lakshmi – Goddess of knowledge and arts.

This year, the fourth of the Aadi Friday is very special and auspicious as the day coincides with Varalakshmi vratham. Hence, Vedicfolks will perform Varalakshmi Puja and Homam on this day for a plethora of blessings.

Varalakshmi Vratham is an important ritual followed by married women. The goddess grants ‘varam’ or boons to her devotees who fast (vratham) on this day. Her role is that of a mother who keeps her people free from worries and provides them with abundance of everything. This popular festival is celebrated on Friday before the full moon in the month of Aadi/Shravana. Venerating the divine form of Maha Lakshmi – Varalakshmi – on this day means manifoldblessings are sure to come your way because it’s equivalent to worshipping Ashta Lakshmi (eight forms of Lakshmi) for wealth, nature’s bounty, learning, love, fame, progeny, pleasure, strength, success, etc.

The splendour and significance of this grand fasting is narrated by Lord Shiva in the Skanda Purana. Womenfolk observe fast on the day, offer sweets, fruits and flowers to the wealth deity for the well-being of everyone in the family especially their spouse. The importance of the ritual increases manifold when both husband and wife observe the fast.

This year, the fourth of the Aadi Friday is very special and auspicious as the day coincides with Varalakshmi vratham. Also, Gayatri Jayanthi will be observed on this day. Goddess Gayatri, the five-headed goddess is an embodiments of the three Shakti forms Lakshmi, Saraswati and Parvati. Worshipping goddess Gayatri abolishes sins, brightens life, grants self-confidence, bestows good health, wealth, prosperity, and gives joy and peace.

Significance of Varalakshmi Homam

Varalakshmi Homam

Varalakshmi puja and Homam is performed to remove obstacles from the path of success. It solves financial woes and ensures that you get the blessings of eight forms of Mahalakshmi. Women can perform this ritual for the long life of their husbands with the blessings of Goddess Varalakshmi. Vedic literature says that worshipping Goddess Maha Lakshmi on Varalakshmivratham day is equivalent to worshipping her eight energies or forms namely Sri Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth), Bhu Lakshmi (Goddess of Earth), Saraswati (Goddess of Learning), Priti Lakshmi (Goddess of Love), Kirti Lakshmi (Goddess of Fame), Shanti Lakshmi (Goddess of Peace), Santushti Lakshmi (Goddess of Pleasure) and Pushti Lakshmi (Goddess of Strength). The goddess consort Lord Maha Vishnu radiates these energies while doing the duty of preservation. These abstract forces and their duties are beyond the understanding of common man and therefore they are worshipped as eight forms forreceiving three basic boons of wealth, health and prosperity which are the main requirements of mankind.

Mantra for Varalakshmi Puja

Om Hreem Shreem Lakshmibhayo Namah ||

Varalakshmi Puja and Homam

Eliminate Financial Crunches, Attain Profits in Business, Ensure Long Life of Spouse and Obtain Bountiful Prosperity

Varalakshmi Puja and Homam on Varalakshmi Vratham day is propitious to invoke the blessings of the goddess who gives everything that the devotee asks. She fulfils the desires of her devotees and generously endows everyone with material wealth, good harvest, power, strength, off springs, prosperity, victory, comfort and luxury, success and good fortune.

Varalakshmi Homam on Varalakshmi Vratham day bestows dhan (wealth), dhanyam (food grains), arogyam (health), sampath (property), sathsanthanam (virtuous offspring) and dheergasu mangalyam (long life of husband). Businessmen can see their profits double by performing this homam. It helps to attain inner peace and fulfils material desires.

Varalakshmi Homam

Benefits of Varalakshmi Homam

  • Eliminates financial problems related to loans and debts.
  • Get protection for you and family from evil forces and promote longevity.
  • Bestows wealth and profits in business.
  • Enjoy good health, fame, fortune and prosperity.
  • Fulfills material desires and helps to attain inner peace.

Sharada Devi Temple Puja
Enhances Creative Skills, Knowledge and Attracts Blessings of Trinity Gods

Varalakshmi Homam

Built by Adi Shankaracharya, the Sharda Devi Temple at Sringeri, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, is the abode of Goddess Saraswati. The original idol was made of sandalwood installed over a Sri Chakra that Shankaracharya carved on a piece of rock. It is believed that Goddess Sharadambika arrived with the saint in the name of UpayaBharati and was established in the temple. Later, the wooden idol which was destroyedwas replaced with an attractive gold idol. The people worship the goddess for blessings of knowledge and education. She is a benefactor of creative arts and hence devotees can accrue their skills by worshipping her. Worshipping Goddess Sharadambafetches blessings of the trinities, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.


Energized Varalakshmi Lamp
Endows with Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Happiness

Varalakshmi Homam

Varalakshmi lamp is a beautiful and auspicious product that signifies wealth, prosperity, wisdom, light, fortune, generosity and courage. Goddess Varalakshmi gives blessings of all eight forms of Lakshmi – Ashta Lakshmi. Light the lamp in your puja space every day to remove darkness and ensure brightness in your life. The auspiciousness of the lamp replenishes the worshipper with health, wealth, progeny, prosperity, family happiness and fertility with the blessings of Goddess Varalakshmi.


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