Tuesday Special Worship of Adi Shakti Form

Varahi Maha Homam

Stumps the Enemy, Solves Monetary Problems and Sarpa Dosha, Attracts Rewards of Material Prosperity, Luxury and Wealth


Scheduled Live Stream on May 23, 2023 @ 6:00 PM IST / 5:30 AM PST / 8:30 AM EST


Goddess Varahi – The Epitome Of Courage, Knowledge and Auspiciousness

Goddess Varahi, consort of Lord Varaha, is also one of the Ashta Matrikas or divine mothers, a powerful aspect of Shakti. The goddess is a half-boar half-human form that emerged to annihilate all types of evil. Since she’s the fifth of the matrikas she is also known as ‘Panchami’. She’s the commander of the army of Goddess Raja Rajeshwari and is considered the epitome of ‘Gnana’ or knowledge.

Invoking Goddess Varahi on the propitious day of Aadi Velli grants protection against strong negative forces, bestows the power of wealth, negates your troubles, helps gain victory over enemies, and bestows courage and confidence.

Varahi Homam will be performed to invoke the energies of the goddess on an auspicious Tuesday, a day of the week when people pay glorious tributes to Adi Shakti forms for a variety of blessings.

Significance of Varahi Homam

Goddess Varahi also called Dandanatha Devi in Lalitha Sahasranamam, is accorded the parental status on Sri Chakra and she is a warrior who fights all evil. She paralyses the enemy and all wicked forces and evil spirits. She grants wealth boons, fame, and enhances welfare, and also ensures that the devotees achieve exalted status in society. All types of black magic, evil eye and negativity can be destroyed by invoking her. She protects from accidents, diseases and life-threatening situations, dispels fear, and increases courage and confidence.

Varahi Maha Homam

Stumps the Enemy, Solves Monetary Problems and Sarpa Dosha, Grants Rewards of Material Prosperity, Luxury and Wealth

Varahi Maha Homam 2023

Varahi Maha Homam stumps both internal and external enemies and also helps to destroy the negativity surrounding you. The ritual demolishes evil powers, removes barriers, and obstacles and also solves challenges and crises. Goddess Varahi is quick to respond to problems related to black magic, evil eye, and dispels fear. When invoked, She protects devotees and their loved ones from sudden mishaps. Varahi homam helps to progress in business and career and also attain material comforts. The devotee is blessed with talent, victory, and prosperity. Goddess Varahi Homam also alleviates the negative impacts of Planet Rahu and dispels Sarpa dosha and monetary issues. Pleasing Mother Varahi through the ritual grants material prosperity, luxuries, and wealth. The ritual fulfills desires, blesses with pure thoughts, and a hassle-free life.

Varahi Maha Homam 2023

Blessings of Varahi Maha Homam

  • Paralyses all forms of enemies, and removes wicked forces/ evil spirits.
  • Stay protected from untoward incidents like accidents, ill health and threats to life.
  • Get miracle wealth boons from the warrior goddess.
  • Attain knowledge, confidence, and courage.
  • Blesses with fame and goodwill to boost status in society.

Auspicious Temple Puja and Energized Product for Varahi Maha Homam

Mylai Varahi Temple Puja
Removes Drishti Dosha, Protects from Accidents, Wins over Enemies and Gives Prosperity, Happiness

Varahi Maha Homam 2023

Varahi temple is situated in Abhiramapuram near Mylapore in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The presiding deity is Goddess Pacchai Amman, a goddess Shakti form. Goddess Varahi shares space with Pacchai Amman and the two deities bestow their generous blessings on the devotees. The temple conducts special Varahi homam with abhishekam during Panchami tithi.

Goddess Varahi is an extremely powerful goddess who protects devotees from being harmed. A puja in this temple eliminates ‘drishti dosha’, wards off trouble, protects from accidents, dispels diseases and gives blessings of longevity, knowledge, happiness and prosperity. Mother Varahi wins over enemies and bestows a prospective life. She aids in increasing a person’s good will and reputation.

Energized Varahi Yantra Worship
Overpowers Enemies, Removes Evil Eyes, Protects from Financial Losses and Grants Abundance of Wealth

Varahi Maha Homam 2023

Goddess Varahi is one of the Ashta Matrika and an incarnation of Adi Shakti. She symbolises peace, purity and prosperity. She is said to be the commander of Sri Raja Rajeshwari’s battalion. Her energized yantra is a powerful one which gives relief from troubles and obstacles, removes fear, overpowers enemies – both external and internal, eliminates evil eyes, blesses with courage and strength, and eliminates financial losses.

Worship of the yantra daily grants blessings of abundance of wealth, stability and safety. The yantra worship blesses with courage and confidence and also bestows happiness and prosperity. It aids the devotee in fighting the enemy successfully.


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  • Varahi Maha Homam
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  • Goddess Varahi Maha Homam
  • Mylai Varahi Temple Puja
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  • Varahi Maha Homam
  • Mylai Varahi Temple Puja
  • Energized Varahi Yantra Worship