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Mohini Ekadashi Rituals to Lord Vishnu Provide Happiness, Prosperity & Salvation

Lord Varaha Avatar Homam

Detaches Negativity Due To Vastu, Eliminate Marital Discord, Attain Robust Health, Wealth & Peace


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Lord Varaha Abolishes Negativity & Restores Righteousness

Varaha Avatar Homam

The second avatar of Lord Vishnu, Varaha is associated with earth. The lord took the form of a boar to save Mother Earth from Hiranyaksha, who dragged the earth to the depths of the sea. It was then that Varaha avatar manifested with the head of a boar and the body of a human. The divine purpose of this avatar was to restore righteousness and save the planet from the hands of evil. It is believed that Lord Varaha, after slaying the demon, continues to remain on earth as Varaha Swami in Tirumala to guide people to follow the path of virtue and integrity. Lord Varaha Avatar Homam will be performed on Mohini Ekadashi, the day when Lord Vishnu appeared, disguised as Mohini, to trick the asuras during the churning of the ocean for the nectar of mortality. Devotees seek divine blessings of Lord Vishnu to live a happy and prosperous life. It’s also a day to get rid of sins from previous births and achieve moksha. Observing fast and performing rituals are means to attain the lord.

Lord Varaha Avatar Mantra

Om Namo Bhagavate varaha Rupaye
Bhur Bhuva Swaha Pataye
Bhupatitam Me Dehi Gadapaye Swaha

Significance of Lord Varaha Avatar Homam

The Lord Varaha Avatar Homam is devoted to Lord Maha Vishnu. It is performed to remove the negativities related to Vastu defects while building a house or office spaces. It enhances positive vibrations around your space and makes it lucky for you. It also reduces hurdles in tasks and build peace and harmony in your home and surroundings. The homam also aims at freeing one from the cycle of birth and death. The Varaha Avatar Homam removes all ill-effects of Vastu dosha to maintain peace and harmony in your environment. Due to ill-effects of Vastu or improper construction of house, problems like diseases, marital discord and business losses may surface.

Varaha Avatar Homam is a perfect method to address these issues and ensures that it attracts fortunes and luck to the spaces. Lord Varaha is associated with Planet Rahu and therefore people suffering from Rahu dosha can perform puja to the lord. The lord ensures luck so that you can achieve great heights in your profession or job-related posts. Lord Varaha destroys enemies, grants all your wishes and ensures prosperity. The lord when pleased, also offers blessings of health, wealth and happiness. The ritual also fetches the blessing of Lord Vishnu for your protection and well-being.

Varaha Avatar Homam

Lord Varaha Avatar Homam

Detaches Negativity Due To Vastu, Eliminate Marital Discord, Procure Health, Wealth & Peace

Lord Vishnu’s Varaha Homam is a propitious ritual for eliminating negative forces so that you can enjoy a trouble-free life. It also gives relief from sins of the past and present lives by catering to the exact needs. It gives way for establishing peace and righteousness by removing all physical and mental blocks. It also puts an end to karmic issues and alleviates planetary disturbances especially that of Planet Rahu. Lord Varaha is also associated with earth as he is said to be the preserver of the universe. Therefore the ritual solves problems related to Vastu either in your home or office. The lord when invoked, protects newly owned lands, properties and surrounds you with great positivity. The homam also helps to enhance luck and enjoy a peaceful, happy and prosperous life. Couples having marital issues can also take part in the homam for prospective, harmonious relationship.

Benefits of Varaha Avatar Homam

  • Clear karma related troubles and blockages.
  • It clears all discomforts by destroying negative powers instantly.
  • If you are suffering from wrong-doers over a long period of time, then this ritual helps to address the exact needs.
  • Varaha Avatar Homam addresses negative planetary impacts in your life especially that of Rahu.
  • It settles all complications in life and ensures your progress.
  • Losses in business, real estate problems or any other legal issues can be resolved.
  • Varaha Homam ensures that you are in the best of health, wealth and happiness.
  • The homam helps to accomplish freedom from the cycle of birth and death.

Bhu Varaha Swamy Temple Puja Allays Planetary Defects, Enriches Life, Gives Career Boost, Marriage & Child Blessings

Varaha Avatar Homam

Bhu Varaha Swamy temple is an ancient medieval temple situated in Sri Mushnam in Cuddalore district. The temple is one of the eight Swayambu Vyaktha Kshetram where the presiding deity manifested on its own. The lord’s consort is Ambujavalli Thayar, an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. This is one of the few temples where people of other religion are allowed to worship and take part in certain rituals. According to scriptures and other literature, Lord Varaha Perumal when please, enriches his devotees with blessings of high position in career, stable wealth, progeny, health and long life. For those suffering from negative impacts of Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter, in their horoscope, also worship the lord for relief. Devotees perform puja to vehicles that are involved in accidents before they can use them once again after repairs. Also, the Varaha Swamy gives blessings for childless couples and unmarried people wishing to get married.


Lord Varaha Yantra Removes Vastu Dosha, Enhances Material Prosperity, Happiness & Proliferates Crops, Products

Varaha Avatar Homam

Lord Varaha is an authority of earth and his energies are dispersed on its surface. Worshipping the Varaha yantra removes ill-effects of not constructing a house, according to Vastu Sastra. Such houses come under severe disharmony related to marriage, finance and health etc. it builds peace by decreasing impediments in your day to day life. It makes you powerful, attractive and also build high level of endurance and perseverance. The yantra spreads its positive vibrations to uplift your well-being, happiness and prosperity. It has the ability to attract precious wealth, flourishes the land in which crops grow, and proliferates business or manufacturing products that helps to achieve earthly bliss.


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