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Pancha Brahma Series of Homam – 2/5

Vamadeva Ishvara Homam

Absolves Bad Karma, Cures Physical, Psychological Ailments, Strengthens Moon, Venus in Chart and Boosts Lineage


Scheduled Live Stream on October 15, 2022 @ 6 PM IST


Pancha Brahma Denotes the Five Elemental Forms of Supreme Consciousness

Pancha Brahma worship exalts Lord Shiva through his five forms or faces that emerge from the linga called Sadyojata, Vamadeva, Aghora, Tatpurusha and Ishana. These five facets find reference in the tenth chapter of Taittriya Aranyaka in the Yajur Veda. These five forms represent the five functions or acts called panchakrityas – creation, sustenance, dissolution, concealing grace and revealing grace, respectively. They correspond to the five syllables or the penta-syllabic mantra Na-Ma-Shi-Va-Ya. Pancha Brahma Series of Homam invokes the five faces of Lord Shiva where Brahma means Brahman – the lord of Supreme Consciousness.

For the second of the series, Vedicfolks will perform Vamadeva Iswara Homam to the lord who represents water element or Jala Tatva. He rules planets Moon and Venus and therefore negative impacts of the two planets can be reduced by performing rituals to Vamadeva.

Lord Vamadeva means pleasing form who steers Lord Vishnu, and wields the power of preservation. His head faces north direction. He denotes water element and the Panchakshara Mantra is Ma. The agamas describe him as handsome, red in color, wearing rich attires and a garland of flowers. His weapons are a sword and a shield. Vedic texts say that Lord Vamadeva blessed Brahma with the power to heal and preserve creations. The preserver and healer (both physical and psychological) deity also denotes an indescribable amount of brightness of light.

Vamadeva Ishvara is the absolute power who knows all and does all. He keeps embodied souls active by making them work out their karmas. This subtle and secret power is the luminosity of Shiva that enables living beings to experience dharma, artha and kama, the inherent values of the universe or Purusharthas.

Significance of Vamadeva Ishvara Homam

Vamadeva Ishvara is the face of the North which represents water element or Jal Tatva. Vamadeva signifies Lord Shiva as the preserver. He protects, preserves, sustains and restores everything in this world. He’s also a mental and physical healer.

Vamadeva Ishvara Mantra

Vāmadevāya Namo Jyeṣṭhāya Namaḥ Śreṣṭhāya
Namo Rudrāya Namaḥ Kālāya Namaḥ
Kalavikaraṇāya Namo Balāya Namo
Balavikaraṇāya Namo Balapramathanāya Namaḥ
Sarvabhūtadamanāya Namo Manonmanāya Namaḥ

Vamadeva Ishvara Homam

Absolves Bad Karma, Cures Physical, Psychological Ailments, Strengthens Moon, Venus in Chart and Boosts Lineage

Vamadeva Homam

Vamadeva Ishvara Homam is suitable for souls to undergo lesser experiences in order to absolve their Karmic merits and demerits. By nature, Vama is secret and unseen (guhya) and therefore constitutes the parts unseen in the body like the private parts – from hips to lower regions. The ritual keeps in shape these parts and enhances the health aspects of the organs in these parts. It also maintains progeny related activities, and enhances offspring and lineage. The homa also gives relief to malefic effects of Moon and Venus in the chart as Lord Vamadeva rules the planets. Also, when invoked the lord cures psychological disorders and other physical ailments.

Vamadeva Homam

Benefits of Vamadeva Ishvara Homam

Absolves effects of bad karma.
The water element in the body gets balanced.
Resolves issues of planetary afflictions especially of Moon and Venus.
It brings knowledge, confidence and wisdom
Enhances will power to face challenges.
Boosts progeny and enhances lineage.
A boon for physical and psychological healing.

*Given below the link of Vedicfolks Special Ritual Pancha Brahma Homam series that has been completed.

Sadyojata Homam:

Lord Jambukeswarar Temple Puja
Bestows Marital Accord, Boosts Progeny, Provides Ample Crops and Water

Vamadeva Homam

Located on the northern banks of River Cauvery, the Lord Jambukeswarar Temple in Tiruvanaikaval is one of the Pancha Bhootha Stalams ( five elemental manifestations) where lord Shiva manifests as a water spring in the innermost sanctum which proves that the idol is related to water element and hence Jambu Linga. The temple’s architecture is brilliant with five corridors or praharams and 796 pillars made of monolithic stones. The linga is perennially submerged in water and a spring gushes out providing permanent supply of water. The lord is worshipped as Jambukeshwar and the mother is Akilandeswari (the goddess of the universe). A very strange ritual is conducted here where the priest dressed as Goddess Akilandeswari performs puja to Lord Shiva. A puja in this temple to the deities gives blessings of unity between husband and wife, progeny, good spouse for the unmarried, success in education, high yield of crops and surplus water for a comfortable living.


Energized Gangajal
Destroys Sins, Purifies Self, Space and Grants Salvation

Vamadeva Homam

Ganges River is one the holiest river in India, which flows through natural paths, vegetation filled with medicinal herbs and therefore the water is said to have medicinal properties. The Gangajal is considered very sacred as it purifies not only humanity but also the space where it’s sprinkled. Scientists have noted that there are bacteriophage viruses that eat bacteria in Ganga water. The water is said to destroy sins and grant salvation to the people. It also gives a positive impact on the mind and can be an excellent healing medicine.


Basic Package (For One Devotee)
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  • Vamadeva Ishvara Homam
Gold Package (Upto 6 Devotees)
USD 175.00
  • Vamadeva Ishvara Homam
  • Lord Jambukeswarar Temple Puja
Platinum Package (Upto 10 Devotees)
USD 191.00
  • Vamadeva Ishvara Homam
  • Lord Jambukeswarar Temple Puja
  • Energized Gangajal