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Vamacara Tantra - A Great Method To Raise The Consciousness 

Vamacara means left handed attainment or left path. It is a specific mode of worship or spiritual practice that is not only profane to Vedic tradition, but also extreme form of worship. The practices are mainly tantric in point of reference and its spiritual antonym is Daksinacara or the right hand path. Tantra prescribes various methods of raising the Kundalini and one such is Vamacara. As Kundalini resides in the lower chakras of the mortal man, mainly below the navel, and it is also the place where man’s consciousness is located. It means that lust and greed emanate from this area and therefore Kundalini can be made to rise by raising the conscious level of an individual. Therefore it’s a process of spiritual ascendance that leads to Salvation. Vamacara opens the veil of Maya as man is entangled in Kama, Krodha, Madha, Lobha, Moha, Ghrna, Bhaya, Lajja and Matsarya. Once this veil is lifted, man realises his true self – Vamacara leads to Self Realisation. 
Tantra as a whole prescribes certain methods of raising Kundalini and Vamacara is one of them. Kundalini rises only by raising the consciousness to a higher spiritual domain. Vamacara Tantra ultimately leads to union of Shiva and Shakthi representing the individual and the cosmos respectively. 

What Is So Special About Marghazhi Kalashtami

Of the 12 Kalashtami observances in a year, the one falling in the month of Marghazhi is dedicated to Lord Kaalapurusha or the cosmic man. The Purusha Sukta, a Vedic hymn explains the theory of the universe and all its components. kaal means time and time expends everything except ‘viraat purusha’ or vishwaroop of the Almighty. So, Kaalapurusha is beyond time and represents the entire zodiac of Indian astrology. It represents the body of the Kaala Purusha, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu. This auspicious day falls on January 8, 2018 and Vedicfolks plans to organise the Vamacara Tantra Homa on the day. 

Vamacara Tantra Vedicfire Rituals

Scheduled Live On January 8, 2018 @ 6 PM IST

Vamacara Tantra Homam – Clears Vayu Dosha, Grants Profits In Business

Vamacara Tantra HomamA very powerful ritual, the Vamacara initiates one into spiritual progress of the high order. In the age of Kali Yuga, where a discipline oriented life takes a backseat, the Vamacara teaches a strict regimen of meditation, penance, sensory control, cleansing the body of negative thoughts, seeking truth and justice. An individual can achieve heroic disposition (vira bhava) become transient and free himself from worldly desires. It works to cultivate each individual by fostering an opportunity for growth and expansion.
To put things in simple perspective, the ritual gets rid of problems relating to vayu dosha like twitches, tremors and spasms. Also problems of constipation, gas, bloating, sleeplessness etc are cleared. For those in the metal business, the ritual brings huge profits and success.

Significance of Vamacara Tantra Homa on Kalashtami

On kalashtami, The ritual removes all types of doshas of purva janma (previous birth) like Sarpa dosha, Balarishtam, Shani dosha, Angarka dosha, Kuja dosha, and curses. It also removes Mangalya dosha, pregnancy related doshas, Yaksha-Gandarva dosha and Navagraha dosha.

Dwadasa Mahavishnu Puja – Clears All Problems Of Rashis, Grants Liberation 

Vamacara Tantra Homam - Dwadasa Mahavishnu Puja Lord Maha Vishnu is the eternal, transcendental self of every human being.  He is known for his exceptional qualities such as knowledge, energy, strength, lordship, vigour, and splendour. His very form is so magical having a dark blue complexion and wielding dazzling, mighty spiritual emblems of divinity such as a club, conch shell, chakra (disc) also called Sudarshan, and a lotus. He represents ‘sattvaguna’, a centripetal force responsible for creation, protection and maintenance of the universe on the whole. He is one who pervades everything and therefore He is transcendent, inherent reality, the inner cause and power of existence.
Lord Vishnu has thousand names, and of them 12 is considered very sacred. They are Kesava, Madhava, Govinda, Narayana, Vishnu, Thiruvikrama, Vamana, Sridhara, Rishikesava, Padmanabha and Damodharan. The mere utterance of these names liberates one of various sins.
The whole zodiac signifies Lord Vishnu and rashis represent his limbs, the planets denote Lord Vishnu’s incarnations. A puja to this supreme deity clears doshas of 12 rasis in the natal chart, gives blessings of material prosperity, peace and confers Liberation.

Ruru Bhairava Puja – Conquer Enemies and Clears 27 Nakshatra Doshas

Vamacara tantra Homam - Ruru Bhairava PujaOf the eight bhairavas (ashta bhairavas) Ruru Bhairava guards the southeast direction. He appears decked in fine ornaments, carries akshamala, ankusha, pustaka and veena with a bull as his mount. His consort is Maheshwari. Lord Ruru Bhairava controls enemies easily and makes you get the better of them. 
A Puja to Ruru Bhairava helps conquer enemies and gets people under your control. He clears doshas of all 27 nakshatras and all problems related to child birth like umbilical cord prolapse etc.

Dakshina Kali Puja - Powerful Blessings of Protection and Prevent ‘Adharma’

Vamacara tantra Homam - Dakshina Kali PujaThere are three forms of Devi Kali, a symbol of empowerment and supreme power. She is the fierce form of Goddess Durga and represents time, power, destruction and death. She is worshipped for her divine powers to annihilate evil forces. A Sanskrit verse describes her as ‘Kalah Shivah Tasya Patniti Kali’ which means that Shiva is Kala and his wife is Kali. There are three types of Kali namely Maha Kali, Dakshina Kali and Smashana Kali. The Dakshina Kali with four arms is the most common form that manifested to destroy evil forces and drink their blood. To prevent this unstoppable, outrageous power, Lord Shiva sleeps in her way and she steps upon him. Shocked, she pulls out her tongue in shame. She rewards her devotees with immense blessings and true devotee will be saved and guided all through his/her life. 

Samayapuram Mariamman Temple Puja