Arudra Darshan Special 

Ceremonies for Supreme Consciousness

Rudra Trishati Rudrabhisheka Maha Homam

Cleanses Sins, Removes Depression, Instils Courage, Provides Material Gains, Financial Stability and Success


Scheduled Live Streaming on January 06, 2023 @ 6:00 PM IST / 4:30 AM PST / 7:30 AM EST


Rudra Trishati is the Only Namavali Method of Addressing Lord Shiva

Lord Rudra is the ferocious form of Lord Shiva, the supreme consciousness. He is the embodiment of destruction and unlimited love. Rud means sorrow and Ra means destroyer, therefore, Rudra stands for destroyer of sorrows. Sri Rudra Trishati is a Vedic chant that describes the 300 names of Lord Rudra which is the only namavali (nomenclature) method of addressing the lord. Sri Rudra Trishati has the verses of Sri Rudram in a varied form. The powerful mantras are also part of mahanyasam (the great purification of the mind, body and soul).

Vedicfolks will be perform Rudra Trishati Rudrabhisheka Maha Homam on the auspicious day of Arudra Darhsan or Thiruvadhirai. Arudra Darshan means sighting of Lord Nataraja, the god of cosmic dance. It is observed in the Tamil month of Margazhi, latter half of December and first half of January. The cosmic dance is visualised in the form of a golden red flame that dances in every particle of the universe. The festival falls on Thiruvadirai star and celebrated on a full moon day, which has the longest night of the year. The star is also associated with Lord Shiva.

The cosmic dance represents five actions – creation, protection, destruction, embodiment and release. It also proves that life is a continuous cycle of creation and destruction. In every atom to every cell, life goes on and energy seems to exist in them. Without movement life stops and comes to a standstill. This is exactly what this day is all about. The cosmic dance takes place in every particle as it is the source of energy. Arudra Darshan celebrates this rapturous dance of Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva’s dance not only transports the people to ecstasy, But also reminds them of the higher purpose of life i.e. moving from evanescent to eternity. It is also believed that on this day the Lord’s energies are closest to the earth.

Significance of Rudra Trishati Rudrabhisheka Maha Homam

Rudra Trishati Rudrabhisheka Maha Homam is dedicated to Lord Rudra, the aggressive aspect of Lord shiva. This powerful ritual is performed by anointing Rudra with his favourite offerings such as milk, honey, holy ash, curd, ghee, etc. This ritual frees from troubles, misfortunes, illnesses, and provides wealth, longevity, prosperity and progeny. Sri Rudra Trishati is a divine process that involves the uttering 0f 300 names of Lord Rudra for a plethora of benefits for overall well-being, spiritual and material growth.

Rudra Trishati Rudrabhisheka Maha Homam

Cleanses Sins, Removes Depression, Instils Courage, Provides Material Gains, Financial Stability and Success

Arudra Darshan 2023

Invoking Lord Rudra through Rudra Trishati Rudrabhisheka Maha Homam arouses the nadis or energy channels which are approximately 72,000 in number. By invoking the nadis, prana or positive life force emerges and all negativities are blocked. Chanting the auspicious names of the lord instils courage and chivalry and removes fears of the mind. Performing the Rudra Trishati Homam annuls all sins by cleansing it and clears all problems in spiritual and materialistic life that are responsible for negative karma. People suffering from deep anxiety, suffering and severe depression can perform the homam for positive results. One can also bring order and balance to life and overcome all relationship issues. It bails out debt issues and begets materialistic prosperity. Performing Rudra homam with utmost sincerity will awaken the three major energies of Lord Rudra – Pushtivardhanam, Tryambaka and Sugandhi. The first energy gives material gains, the second instils righteousness and the third ensures spiritual liberation. Also, a person can achieve financial stability, success, worldly establishments, fame, and bliss, and elevate the spiritual self with this homam.

Arudra Darshan 2023

Benefits of Rudra Trishati Rudrabhisheka Maha Homam

Eliminates negativity, and fear from the mind.
Removes bad karma and suffering, miseries and depression.
Helps overcome problems within the family members.
Allays debts and other financial issues by giving materialistic prosperity.
Ensures economic stability, success and fame.
Gives spiritual liberation and bliss.
Performing the homam attracts powerful blessings of Lord Rudra.

Thillai Nataraja Temple Puja
Provides Relief to Ailments, Bestows Eternal Prosperity and Sharpens Creative Skills

Arudra Darshan 2023

The temple of Thillai Nataraja is located in Chidambaram, a holy town in Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu. The lord, the dancing form of Lord Shiva called Nataraja performs Ananda Tandavam means the dance of delight. Chit means consciousness, Ambaram means sky. Therefore, Chidambaram means the sky of consciousness. Sky denotes akasham, so chitakasham is the state of supreme bliss or aananda of the Lord of Chidambaram, Sri Nataraja Swamy. The Aananda Tandava pose of Lord Nataraja symbolises five divine acts or pancha krityas of creation, sustenance, dissolution, concealment and bestowment of grace. Chidambaram temple is also one of the five dance halls of Lord Shiva – Kanaga Sabhai. The linga in this temple is Akasha Linga that represents the sky element. A puja in this temple blesses the devotees with mental peace, cures health problems and ensures eternal prosperity for his devotees. Invoking the lord also hones a person’s artistic skills, gives immense knowledge and shows the path for salvation.


Energised Stone Linga with Naga Idol
Removes Naga Dosha, Negative Energies, Weakness, Gives Happiness and Peace

Arudra Darshan 2023

The stone linga with the hooded snake is an auspicious product to own. The linga is an abstract aniconic symbol of Lord Shiva. The energized stone linga with naga when worshipped with piety removes Naga dosha, brings positive energies, and gives happiness, success and immense positivity. Nagas are serpent gods that are very powerful. Worshipping the Naga along with the linga helps to ward off snake dosha, removes weaknesses, misfortunes and curses of snakes. Pujas and abhishekam can be performed on this small idol to remove negative energies and ensure peace of mind.


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  • Rudra Trishati Rudrabhisheka Maha Homam
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  • Rudra Trishati Rudrabhisheka Maha Homam
  • Thillai Nataraja Temple Puja
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  • Rudra Trishati Rudrabhisheka Maha Homam
  • Thillai Nataraja Temple Puja
  • Energised Stone Linga with Naga Idol