Masi Magam Rituals Purify Karma & Acquire Auspicious Blessings of Goddess Lalitha

Tripura Sundari Homam

Alleviates Long-Term Illnesses, Malefic Mercury & Confers Beauty, Attraction, 16 Types of Desires & Fortune

Scheduled Live on February 16, 2022 @ 6 PM IST

The three forms of Goddess Lalitha are Tripura Bala, Tripura Sundari and Tripura Bhairavi who symbolise body, mind and consciousness respectively. Bala is a young virgin, Sundari is amarvellous eternal beauty and Bhairavi is the fierce and powerful form of goddess Lalitha. Since the goddess has attained three levels of existence, she’s known as Kameswari, Rajarajeswari and Maha Tripura Sundari that are said to represent the qualities of the deity’s sacred functions. The goddess one thousand names are organised as hymns in the Lalitha Sahasranama strotra which describes Devi’s appearance from head to feet. Her other popular mantras are Tripura Sundari Ashtakam composed by Adi Shankaracharya and Lalita Trishati Stotra from Brahamanda Purana.

Goddess Lalitha Tripura Sundari presides the Sri Yantra and she’s is the ruler of the three worlds, sky, abyss and earth. She’s also popularly known as Shodashi for she contains all the16 supernatural powers in herself. Tripura Sundari puja helps her devotees obtain beauty, fortune, wealth, pleasure and salvation. She is the overlord of Planet Mercury and therefore not only strengthens the planet in your chart but also removes all negative effects of the planet. It is believed that she is the energy of the radiant light that emerges from the third eye of Lord Shiva. Though she is part of the Kali tradition, She is one of the most important Maha Vidya or wisdom goddess.

Tripura Sundari Homam will be performed on the day of Masi Magam which is a very auspicious day in the Tamil lunar calendar. Magam is a very important star in the astrological constellation. The day coincides with the most powerful full moon of the year as it aligns with Magha star which happens to be the birth star of kings and ancestors. This occurrence appears only once a year and is significant for the downward descent of heavenly beings to the earth plane. These celestial beings not only arrive to purify their own karma but also the karma of humans. Masi Magam brings along with it prosperity and abundance that’s symbolic of the full moon and the majestic trait of the Magam star. With this, you gain immense power and energy. Masi Magam is also the perfect time to destroy ego and surrender at the feet of the divine.

Significance of Tripura Sundari Homam

The Tripura Sundari Homam not only reaches out to the energies of Mother Tripura Sundari’s unique energies but also seeks the blessings of the Mother to lift you from adverse Planet effects and grant you bliss, happiness and long life. It sharpens the intellect as She rules Planet Mercury, the benefactor of wisdom, learning and knowledge. The homam also enhances the personality of a person by granting beauty and attraction.

Tripura Sundari Homam Alleviates Long-Term Illnesses, Grants Beauty, Attraction & Blesses With 16 Types of Desires & Fortune

The energies of the goddess are all-pervading and therefore She hears the call of sincere devotion and piety. The Tripura Sundari Homam eliminates karmic concerns and dosha in a person. It overcomes financial problems like debts and removes health-related issues that you have been suffering for long. It augments your persona by making you look attractive and appealing. The homam also enhances your artistic skills and gives a problem-free life. It bequeaths a person with 16 kinds of desires in life as the goddess contains all the 16 supernatural powers in herself. The homam confers blessings of fortune, wealth, pleasure and salvation.

Benefits of Performing Tripura Sundari Homam

  • Malefic effects of Mercury like prolonged illness will be removed.
  • Reduces problems related to long term debts and poverty (Daridra yoga).
  • Business partnerships will flourish and obstacles eliminated.
  • Misfortunes will be prevented.
  • Delays in marriage proposals will be settled.
  • Enables to get desired partner.
  • Marriage delays and infertility issues will be solved.
  • Increases memory, concentration and intelligence.
  • Relief from debts that cause mental aggression.
  • Benefits couples facing disharmony and divorce issues.

Thirumeeyachur Lalithambigai Temple Puja Gives Relief to Ailments, Grants Marriage, Child Boons & Fulfills Wishes

In Thirumeeyachur, near Kumbakonam, there’s a temple for Lord Shiva who is revered as Meganathaswami. But in this temple the Mother Lalithambigai holds great significance installed over a Sri Chakra. When demon Pandasura was harassing sages and gods in heaven, they requested Goddess Shakti for protection. She rose from a homa fire, mounted on a Sri Chakra chariot, waged a war and destroyed Pandasura. Seeing that she was in uncontrollable anger, Lord Shiva asked her to go to earth and perform penance to shed her fury. In this temple of Thirumeyachur, the Mother as Manonmani arrived and became a soft and merciful deity. Sage Agastya sung the Lalitha Navaratnamala in praise of the goddess here. Many bizarre stories have been told about the goddess and in this temple devotees offer anklets to fulfill their vows. A puja in this temple cures diseases and blesses with marriage, child boons and fulfills all wishes.

Energized Maha Meru Worship Grants Lavish Life, Success, Positivity & Fortune

Goddess Shakti is personified or represents the Maha Meru. It is believed all deities manifested from this great seat of power and the Mother herself resides in the form of Shri Vidya at the top of the Meru. It blesses the devotee with popularity, power, authority, peace, a lavish life, abundance and success. It is very useful to the Kali Yuga as the Yantra spreads positivity and good fortune.

The universe is contained in three states – creation, maintenance and destruction, and represented by three circles in the Maha Meru. When it is elevated it looks like the Sumeru Mountain that balances the whole universe.


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  • Tripura Sundari Homam
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  • Tripura Sundari Homam
  • Thirumeeyachur Lalithambigai Temple Puja
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  • Tripura Sundari Homam
  • Thirumeeyachur Lalithambigai Temple Puja
  • Energized Maha Meru