Chinnamasta Homam and Narasimha Homam


Thunderbolt Combo – Rare Rituals to Chinnamasta, Narasimha
on Jayanthi Day Gives Huge Bonuses

Chinnamasta & Narasimha Homam

Chinnamasta Homam Controls Foes, Solves Debt Problems,
Rahu Dosha, Grants Well-Being
Narasimha Homam Quells Enemy Plots, Uplifts Financial Status,
Solves Legal Issues, Grants Victory

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Chinnamasta Jayanthi, Narasimha Jayanthi — Thunderbolt Deities Bestow Miracle Blessings on Their Appearance Day

The manifestation of Goddess Chinnamasta, a unique avatar of Goddess Sakthi in the month of Vaishakh during Shukla Paksha, on the 14th day of Chaturdashi Tithi is celebrated as Chinnamasta Jayanthi. Rituals to the goddess on this day pleases her immensely and she gives relief to her devotees from all sorts of difficulties and fulfills their wishes.

The day is also significant for Narasimha Jayanthi as it was on this day the lord Narasimha appeared from a pillar like a thunderbolt to annihilate Hiranyakasapu, a demon and father of an ardent devotee, Prahlada. Lord Narasimha is a half lion, half human form that protects devotees from all hardships and upholds truth and righteousness. He is the fourth and a fierce avatar of lord Vishnu. The day also symbolises the victory of good over evil forces like enemies, misfortunes and afflictions.

Devi Chinnamasta – Headless Mother Goddess That Signifies Mysticism, Courage, Life, Awakening

Devi Chinnamasta is the sixth of the Dasa Mahavidya or the ten mother goddesses, incarnations of Mother Shakti. Her other names are Chinnamastika, Vajrayogini, Prachanda Chandika and Chinnamasta is a headless form that’s a symbol of sacrifice and power. The Markandeya and Shiva Purana explains that the supreme goddess emerged as Chandi to kill demons. She demolished the asuras and relieved the Devas of their predicaments. But the Devi’s attendants, Dakini and Varnini were not satisfied and wanted more blood to quench their thirst and the generous goddess chops off her head from which three streams ooze out, they quench their thirst, and so does the goddess.

She stands on a copulating couple to prove that she has mastered the physical body and decapitated head means her mind is free from all desires. She symbolizes transcendence of the body and her satisfied looks in the amputated head shows that she has conquered sex, life and death – the three cycles that are a must for life and ultimate moksha. She denotes two aspects of Shakti – the life giver and the life taker.

Lord Narasimha – Mighty God of Compassion, Fortune, Protection, Strength

Lord Narasimha is the fourth avatar of Maha Vishnu. Lord Narasimha is an all pervading god of spiritual knowledge, wealth, valour, strength and has great compassion towards his devotees. Lord Maha Vishnu is the protector of the Universe and bestows positive energies that shield devotees against evil and negative forces. The incarnation of Lord Narasimha is a great demonstration of triumph of good over evil. He annihilates all those who cause malevolence to his devotees and listens to their true prayers. Along with his consort goddess Lakshmi, the lord gives wealth and prosperity blessings.

Chinnamasta Mantra

Om Shrim Hreem Hreem Aim Vajra Vairochaniye
Shrim Hreem Hreem Phat Svaha

Lord Narasimha Mantra

Ugram Viram Maha-Vishnum Jvalantam Sarvato Mukham |
Nrisimham Bhishanam Bhadram Mrityur Mrityum Namamy Aham ||

Devi Chinnamasta Homam – Controls Foes, Solves Debt Problems, Rahu Dosha, Grants Well-Being

Chinnamasta homam is performed by expert priests following Vedic guidelines and texts. It puts you in an advantageous position and ushers a proper order in your life. It invokes the blessings of the powerful goddess who is an embodiment of love, rage, terror, humanness, mystic, courage etc. If you want to embark on a spiritual journey one should try connecting with Devi Chinnamasta. She awakens the spiritual energy, Kundalini, from the Muladhara chakra the energy goes upward to the Sushumna nadi and hits the topmost chakra, the Sahasrara at the top, which blows off the goddess’ head.

As one visualizes a bright white light that concentrates in the third eye (Ajna Chakra). This light moves upward to the crown of the head where Sahasrara chakra resides. She blesses devotees with writing and oratory skills especially for astrologers and people pursuing occult practices. Those with malefic Rahu in their natal charts get relief by accessing Goddess Chinnamasta through the homam. She removes all negativity associated with the eighth house of one’s birth chart. She eliminates ignorance, false notions and egoism. The ritual also controls foes, removes obstacles, grants well-being, controls carnal urges to awaken the spiritual energies and confers moksha.

Lord Narasimha Homam – Quells Enemy Plots, Uplifts Financial Status, Solves Legal Issues, Grants Victory

Narasimha homa subdues enemies, provides escape from their evil designs. The mantras chanted at the time of homam protect the devotees from all crude evil and dangers.

It transmits positive vibrations around and quells negative energies both from your personal and professional space. The ritual grants high financial status, happiness, wisdom, solves karmic issues and gives prosperity. It also leads one to ultimate spiritual goal of liberation and grants success to you in everything that you do. It also bestows courage to achieve dreams, protects from legal tangles, a befitting solution to severe debt or financial crisis. It protects the devotee from enemies causing problems directly or indirectly. It protects from black magic, evil eye and dispels fear. Lord Narasimha and his consort Maha Lakshmi are pleased by invoking them.

Combined Benefits of Invoking Devi Chinnamasta, Lord Narasimha

  • Thunderbolt gods that are ready to strike, protect you from enemy dangers and risks.
  • Be authoritative and commanding in your professional life.
  • Grants wisdom, courage and spiritual knowledge.
  • Ensure a high financial status, prosperity and well-being.
  • Nullify malefic effects of Rahu, an all other planets that can cause trouble in life.
  • Solve karmic issues, legal hiccups, receive spiritual awakening.
  • Find solution to debts and financial crisis and monetary crunches.
  • Achieve success, liberation, authority, and power.

Auspicious Puja & Energized Yantra - Invokes Double Blessings of Goddess Chinnamasta and Lord Narasimha

Chinnamasta & Narasimha Puja - Bestow Miracle Boons, Reduce Agony, Suffering

The puja to these supreme deities fetches multiple benefits. It involves offering of flowers and other Prasad to the gods to receive their blessings. Expect smooth business prospects, miracles, destroy evil, reduce agony, relieve stress, depressions, all enemy problems, misunderstanding, arguments, disputes, evil eye, black magic, negative influences and energies, envious people, obstacles, bestows enlightenment, eradicates competitions, grants wealth, comforts, happiness and security.

Energized Lakshmi Narasimha Yantra - Shields You from Evil Effects, Fulfills Desires, Grants Comforts

The Yantra acts as a shield to protect against malevolence, planetary disturbances in natal chart and other negative influences. It eradicates evil energies like ghosts, black magic effects, evil eye etc. It fulfills your needs, desires and gives comforts. By worshipping the Yantra, you gain abundant material wealth, high financial status and relief from debts. Light a lamp, incense sticks and offer flowers to the energized yantra for auspicious blessings of both deities, Lakshmi and Narasimha.


Basic Package(One Devotee Only)
USD 99.00
  • Chinnamasta Homam
  • Lord Narasimha Homam
Gold Package(Upto 6 Devotees Only)
USD 175.00
  • Chinnamasta Homam
  • Narasimha Homam
  • Chinnamasta Puja and Narasimha Puja
Platinum Package(Upto 10 Devotees Only)
USD 191.00
  • Chinnamasta Homam
  • Lord Narasimha Homam
  • Chinnamasta Puja and Narasimha Puja
  • Energized Lakshmi Narasimha Yantra