Thaipusam Ceremonies Invoke Six Forms of Lord Muruga in His Power Abodes

Arupadai Veedu Lord Muruga Homam

Mitigates Suffering, Illnesses, Destroys Foe, Ensures Job Possibility, Financial Stability & Material Well-Being

Scheduled Live Stream on January 18, 2022 @ 5 PM IST

Lord Muruga is revered for his six abodes or ‘ArupadaiVeedu’ namely Tirupparankundram, Trichendur, Tiruvavinkudi (Palani), Swamimalai, Tiruttani and Pazhamudircholai. He is the repository of knowledge and the resource for three branches of Tamil literature — prose (iyal), verse (isai) and theatre (natakam). His striking features cannot go unnoticed with the three integral elements – the spear that he holds, the peacock as his mount and the cock adorning his flag. He glows as the very essence of the Vedas and mantras.

Invoking the Arupadai Veedu or the six battle houses of Lord Muruga will confer great happiness, good health and prosperity. You can live a contented life, get the perfect life partner you want, and married couples are blessed with good offspring. Lord Muruga solves problems related to Mars affliction especially Mangala Dosha or Kuja Dosha. He also blesses with good health and prosperity. Lord Subramanya is the ruling deity of Swadishtana Chakra – one of the seven major energy centres of the human body. He bestows confidence by removing fear of all types, removes negative vibrations from your surroundings and replaces it with positive vibes. You can also gain supreme intelligence, leadership, knowledge, wisdom and dispel ignorance.

Arupadai Veedu Lord Muruga Homam will be conducted on Thaipusam which is a propitious day to receive the lord’s choicest blessings. He grants inner eye of intuition, and attracts devotees on whom he causes a magic spell. Devotees carry the ‘kavadi’on their shoulders to mark fulfilment of wishes, and also the day holds great significance as it aids in shedding egoand giving the power of endurance.Worshipping Lord Muruga on this day is said to remove bad effects of karma, give good virtues, positivity and spirituality.

Significance of Arupadai Veedu or Six War Abodes of Lord Muruga

Swamimalai Temple Puja Allays Mars Dosha, Brightens Job Prospects, Education & Confers Prosperity

Located atop a hillock, the Swamimalai Temple is one of the holy abodes of Swaminathaswamy or Muruga. The temple has three pyramidal towers, three precincts and 60 steps that denote the Tamil years. Lord Muruga preached the essence of the ‘Pranava Mantra’ Om in this temple and earned the name Swaminathaswamy, the Lord of the Lord (Shiva). Lord Muruga is worshipped in his child form, and his idol made of granite is decorated with gold armour and golden crown and diamond spire. People tonsure their hair as an offering to the lord, whose boons are plenty viz. removal of obstacles, higher education and job opportunities, family prosperity, longevity, education, married life etc. Lord Muruga rules Planet Mars and malefic effects of the planet can be thwarted by worshipping him.

Energized Muruga Statue Allays Negativity, Protects At All Times & Grants Success & Auspiciousness

Lord Muruga, Skanda, Kathikeya, Subramanya or Swaminathaswamyis the lord of war and symbolizes matchless beauty, wisdom, bravery, valor andextreme knowledge etc. He is an icon of youth and his weapon, the ‘vel’ or lance is his great asset. He’s held high being the son of Shiva and Shakti. The energized brass Muruga statue can be made to decorate your home or office space. Adorning this statue in your home will remove negativity, bring success and prosperity to you. Worship the lord every day for total well-being and auspiciousness forever.


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