Thai Amavasya: Propitiate the Divine Blessings From Ancestors, Alleviate Sins of the Past

Tarpanam At Marundeeswarar Temple & Rameshwaram Temple

Relieve the Pains of the Soul, Cherish Memories, Pride and Prosperity

Scheduled on January 24, 2020

This event has been completed

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Amavasai ritual is carried out by reciting the ancestors names with Gotra, invoke their eternal soul, offer Tarpaṇa with black sesame seed and as much as liberal quantity of water. First to keep them happy in the eternal world and secondly, to seek their blessings for a long life and prosperity. By this way, what we owe to ancestors we pay them off for having given us birth, through the ritual 'Tarpanam'.

Thai Amavasai - Remove Blind Physical Forces, Bless Heirs With Abundance in Life

Thai Amavasya falls on January 24, 2020 on an auspicious Friday, a religious belief to appease the soul of the ancestors who are formless and eternal, is a unique Hindu practice. Thai Amavasya is very auspicious during this Saturn transit to Capricorn, shall remove all negative karmas, disbelief in life, build a path for a successful future generations to come. It is said in Vedic scriptures the ancestors visit the earth through eternal source to bless the next generation legal heirs, for being dutiful and generous, follow the religious practice without giving up and sets an example for the future generations to come. During Thai Amavasya, pave way to attain Liberation and blessed with wealth, health and prosperity.

Thai AmavasyaTarpanam at Marundeeswarar Temple - Invoke Tribute to Departed Souls, Bless Posterity with Prosperity

Ensue Tarpanam at Marundeeswarar temple satisfies the ancestor souls to seek their blessings, keep them happy. Marundeeswarar Temple is very auspicious for removing curses and obstacles in life. Once Sage Vashista cursed a divine cow to turn into ordinary cow, regained its power pouring milk on the Lord Shiva. Sage Valmiki also visited to pray Lord Shiva to get his blessings, to keep away from health related problems. Lord Shiva is called as "Meenakshi Sundareswarar" in the form of Lingam, once cured curse of Lord Indra. Saint Bharadwaja performed pooja to "Meenakshi Sundareswarar". Devotee Markandeyar to achieve immortality and remain always age sixteen underwent atonement to get the blessing of Lord Shiva. Lord Vishnu visited this shrine with his family to be blessed with a son, after worshiping Goddess Parvati. Lord Marundeeswarar is popularly known for medicinal herbs, a place of worship for people suffering from disease and health related problems. Performing Tarpanam in this temple will free our ancestors to relieve them from bondage of this secular world and be at peace in the eternal world.


Tarpanam at Rameshwaram Temple - Clear the Sins, Heal the Past, Enrich Life Desires

Arulmigu Ramanatha Swami (Lord Shiva) temple is situated in Rameshwaram, tamilnadu. Once Lord Rama on his way back defeating Ravana, visited this temple with his consort Goddess Seetha, to redress the sin of killing Ravana, a Brahmin, Lord Rama visited Rameshwaram Temple, cleansing his soul and get relieved from sin, where Lord Hanuman on the advice of Lord Rama, consecrated an idol of Lord Shiva, from Mount Kailash. Once a ruling King was blessed with children in this land was blessed with four female children, where all the four were Lord Shiva's daughter, and on the request of the King, Lord Shiva married all the four in the form of Ambica in four places, one in this temple bearing the name as Sarivar Kuzhali. Goddess Parvati also bear the name as " Shoolikambal" once save a pregnant lady to give birth, in the absence of her mother. This temple is suitable to clear all Pitru Dosha Puja, means a sudden death has occurred in the family, miscarrying, family disputes, delay in family partition, huge financial losses, removing evil spirits and ill-effects, bless with family bonding, job opportunities, overcoming hurdles and obstacles, abundance of wealth, health and prosperity.

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Marundeeswarar Temple
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