Kalashtami Special Rituals

Svachandra Lalita Bhairava Homam

Experience Liberating Powers, Freedom, Summon Fearlessness,
Real Independence and Fetch Divine Courage

Kali Kala Sankarshini Maha Homam

Conjure Timeless Power, Transcend Cosmic Conflicts,
Invoke Eternal Strength and Resolve Karmic Battles


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Svachandra Lalita Bhairava: One of the Leading Seven Bhairavas

Svachandra Lalita Bhairava is a lesser-known yet significant aspect of Lord Bhairava. He embodies the quintessence of self-will and divine play. His form is an exquisite depiction of both fierceness and a unique serene grace. He illustrates the dual nature of his protective yet liberating energy. Svachandra Lalita Bhairava's worship is rooted in the belief that he governs the moments of transition and transformation. It makes him especially relevant to those seeking change or navigating significant life shifts. His followers find in him a powerful ally who guides them through times of upheaval with a gentle, yet firm hand. He illuminates paths not just to power and protection but also to inner peace and spiritual liberation.

The specific teachings and lore surrounding Svachandra Lalita Bhairava are detailed in texts like the "Rudra Yamala Tantra." This is one of the lesser-known but richly detailed Puranas that delve into esoteric practices. The text describes him as a manifestation of Shiva's more gentle aspects. He is a guardian of thresholds and a keeper of divine secrets. Svachandra Lalita Bhairava possesses the unique ability to dissolve the veil of illusion that binds the soul. He uses his divine wisdom and insight for this purpose. His attributes and stories highlight the paradoxical nature of life itself. They combine elements of creation, protection, and destruction in a dance that is both cosmic and intimately personal. Devotees often turn to him for the mastery of time and personal destiny. They seek his blessings for both material and spiritual success.

Significance of Svachandra Lalita Bhairava Homam

The significance of the Svachandra Lalita Bhairava Homam extends beyond mere personal empowerment. It catalyzes divine transformation and renewal. Devotees of this Homam often report a heightened sense of clarity and purpose. They find themselves better equipped to fight away the complexities of life with resilience and vigour. The ritual involves specific mantras and offerings that resonate with the energy of Svachandra Lalita Bhairava. It creates a sacred space where spiritual and material obstacles are transcended. This Homam is especially beneficial during times of transition or when facing significant life challenges, as it provides the spiritual fortitude necessary to confront and overcome adversity. It nurtures an environment of growth and spiritual glory.

Kalashtami Special Rituals

Svachandra Lalita Bhairava Homam

Experience Liberating Powers, Freedom, Summon Fearlessness, Real Independence and Fetch Divine Courage

The Svachandra Lalita Bhairava Homam is a deeply revered ritual within the Tantric traditions. It is celebrated for invoking the sacred energies of Bhairava, a fierce avatar of Lord Shiva. This particular avatar of Bhairava is known as Svachandra Lalita. He embodies the principles of self-will and spontaneous action. It makes this Homam exceptionally potent for those seeking to overcome constraints and reclaim control over their life's direction. The Homam is performed to dissolve past negative karmas and clear psychic blockages. It helps stimulate an awakening of the inner spiritual warrior. It empowers individuals by instilling fearlessness and enhancing decision-making capabilities. This fire ritual encourages assertive action that aligns with one's true will and higher purpose.

Benefits of Svachandra Lalita Bhairava Homam

Kalashtami Special RitualsEnriches spiritual insight and intuition.
Kalashtami Special RitualsBalances emotions plus promotes inner peace and stability.
Kalashtami Special RitualsSafeguards against negative energies and malevolent influences.
Kalashtami Special RitualsStimulates creativity and encourages artistic expression.
Kalashtami Special RitualsBoosts confidence and empowers individuals in decision-making.

Kali Kala Sankarshini: Highest Embodiment of Goddess Kali

Kali Kala Sankarshini is a formidable aspect of the goddess Kali. She embodies the mighty concept of time and transformation within the Vedic sphere. Revered as a powerful destroyer of evil and harbinger of change, she represents the ultimate force that dissolves all forms of negativity and stagnation. Devotees turn to Kali Kala Sankarshini for her unique ability to pull them out of adverse cycles. She guides them toward spiritual enlightenment and rebirth. Her worship involves rituals that seek not only protection but also the courage to embrace change. The wisdom to understand the impermanent nature of existence is also sought. The devotion to Kali Kala Sankarshini brings out overcoming fear. It also accentuates learning to thrive in the constant flux of life. She is an essential deity for those seeking major life transitions and personal growth.

According to specific Puranas, Kali Kala Sankarshini is depicted as an awe-inspiring figure. She is central to narratives that highlight her role in cosmic cycles of creation, preservation, and dissolution. The texts describe her as the great consumer of time itself. She surpasses the limitations imposed by the physical universe. In stories from the Puranas, she is often shown as stepping in when the balance of the universe is threatened by Asuras. She also steps in when moral decay necessitates divine intervention. Her actions, though fierce, are always aimed at restoring dharma. They pave the way for new beginnings. Her tales are a vivid reminder of the dynamic dance of destruction and creation. Each end is merely a prelude to another beginning. She is deeply ingrained as a symbol of the infinite cycles of the universe.

Significance of Kali Kala Sankarshini Maha Homam

The Kali Kala Sankarshini Maha Homam is a potent Vedic ritual. It is celebrated for its mighty spiritual impact and transformative power. This Homam is dedicated to invoking the divine energies of Goddess Kali. She is the fierce and powerful deity known for her ability to vanquish negativity and guide her devotees through the tumult of time and karma. The significance of this ritual lies in its capacity to cleanse the aura of devotees. It draws out deep-seated impurities and karmic debts. It reinstates balance and purity in their lives. This fire ritual is quite powerful for those seeking liberation from persistent challenges and negative influences. By participating in this Homam, devotees can expect to experience a renewal of spirit and energy. It paves the way for a harmonious and prosperous life. This ritual not only aligns individuals with higher spiritual frequencies but also solidifies them against future adversities. This sacred fire ritual embodies the true essence of spiritual resilience and rejuvenation.

Kalashtami Special Rituals

Kali Kala Sankarshini Maha Homam

Conjure Timeless Power, Transcend Cosmic Conflicts, Invoke Eternal Strength and Resolve Karmic Battles

The Kali Kala Sankarshini Maha Homam stands as a venerable and potent Vedic ceremony. It is designed to fetch the formidable powers of Goddess Kali. She is revered for her dominion over time and transformation. This sacred fire ritual is precisely carried out to obliterate negative forces and karmic blockages that hinder personal and spiritual growth. This Homam channels Goddess Kali's energy to dissolve all forms of negativity. It restores spiritual equilibrium and empowers participants with the courage to face life's adversities. Completing this Homam creates an environment ripe for renewal and growth, where devotees can realign with their highest potential. It's particularly sought after by those needing a significant life reset. This Homam provides them not just with protection but also a rejuvenated sense of purpose and inner strength.

Benefits of Kali Kala Sankarshini Maha Homam

Kalashtami Special RitualsClears life paths of obstacles and barriers plus facilitates smoother progress.
Kalashtami Special RitualsProtects against negative energies and malevolent influences.
Kalashtami Special RitualsPurifies the soul and enhances spiritual clarity and strength.
Kalashtami Special RitualsNurtures peace and harmony in personal and professional relationships.
Kalashtami Special RitualsBoosts confidence and courage and empowers individuals to face challenges boldly.

Puja at Thiruvakkarai Kali Amman Energy Center
Brings Glory, Spiritual Awakening, Consciousness, Divine Glory, Thwarts Away Pessimistic and Dull Energies

Kalashtami Special Rituals

Thiruvakkarai Vakra Kali Amman Energy Center is situated in the historic precincts of Tamil Nadu. This shrine is a sanctum of divine spiritual significance. It is devoted to the fierce goddess Kali. Known for her curved form as Vakra Kali, this center resonates with the potent energies of protection and transformation. Puja at this energy center is an intense and powerful experience. It draws devotees from all walks of life seeking the blessings of Kali for courage, strength, and the removal of obstacles. The rituals performed here are charged with deep devotion and reverence. It involves offerings that signify the surrender of negativity and the embrace of divine power. Engaging in puja at this ancient site is not only a tribute to the goddess but also a divine journey for the faithful. This puja provides them with spiritual fortitude and resilience amidst life’s trials and tribulations. The energy center ambiance is enriched with the echoes of sacred chants and the aromatic presence of ritualistic offering. This puja creates a uniquely captivating atmosphere that transcends the ordinary. It connects the devotee to the divine in a profound communion.


Energized Trident/ Trisulam Worship
Awards with Courage, Power,
Radiance, Abundance and Endless Serenity

Kalashtami Special Rituals

The worship of the Energized Trident or Trisulam, embodies a profound confluence of divine energies. It symbolises the trinity of creation, preservation, and destruction that governs the universe. This sacred artifact, when revered, channels the cosmic forces of the deities it represents. It bridges the ethereal realm with the tangible world of devotees. The ritualistic adoration of the Trisulam is not merely an act of faith but a magical experience, wherein the faithful are enveloped in an aura of spiritual empowerment, protection, and enlightenment. The Trisulam, thus, serves as a lighthouse of divine light. It guides souls through the tumultuous seas of life towards the shores of eternal bliss. It embodies the essence of cosmic equilibrium and the inexorable cycle of life and rebirth.

Budget Package (Upto 2 Devotees)
USD 120.00
Gold Package (Upto 6 Devotees)
USD 175.00
Platinum Package (Upto 10 Devotees)
USD 191.00