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⭐Vakratunda Sankashti Chaturthi⭐

54 Forms of Ganapathi Series of Homam –10/54

Sri Pushti Ganapathi Homam

Ends Health Risks, Trauma, Sufferings, Endows With Material, Spiritual All-Round Wellness and Vigor


Scheduled Live Stream on October 13, 2022 @ 6 PM IST


Lord Pushti Ganapathi Denotes Health, Nourishment, Completeness and Growth

Lord Pushti Ganapathi is the harbinger of nourishment, health, prosperity, completeness, development and growth. This form of Lord Ganesh plays a key role in boosting health and blesses devotees with a prosperous life. According to Vedic texts, Lord Ganesh is a powerful lord who prevents obstacles in all forms, gives relief from health disorders and ensures success and well-being. He also controls the Muladhara chakra which relates to material prosperity. Therefore taking part in any Ganesh ritual makes sure an individual achieves financial stability and gains.

Sri Pushti Ganapathi Homam will be performed on Vakratunda Sankashti Chaturthi as part of Vedicfolks signature ritual series of homam for 54 Ganesh forms. People who observe fasts and perform rituals on this day experience a problem-free life and provides a life of fulfillment and joy.

Significance of Pushti Ganapathi Homam

Sri Pushti Ganapathi Homam brings relief to all types of health disorders, diseases and health risks. It can also be performed to removes dosha of planets, impacts of bad karma, and all other issues that threaten life of an individual.

Lord Pushti Ganapathi Mantra

Om Gum Ganapathaye Namah Siddhidhaya Swaha

Sri Pushti Ganapathi Homam

Ends Health Risks, Trauma, Sufferings, Endows With Material, Spiritual All-Round Wellness and Vigor

Sri Pushti Ganapathi Homam 22

Sri Pushti Ganapathi Homam eliminates health complications and speeds up progress of a person if suffering from any illnesses or health disorders. It can also prevent sufferings, sorrows and trauma to give a life of happiness and peace. The ritual helps to increase the quality of life and enhances your prosperity and welfare. Negative planetary effects on health can also be averted with this homam. The homam acts as a main factor in curing depression, anxiety, injuries sustained during accidents etc. The ritual also blesses with material, spiritual and all-round wellness. Lord Pushti Ganapathi gives good life, health, victory and material progress to all devotees.

Sri Pushti Ganapathi Homam 22

Benefits of Sri Pushti Ganapathi Homam

Sri Pushti Ganapathi Homam helps to dispense with health difficulties.
Prevents health risks and all related issues.
Offering prayers to Lord Pushti Ganapathi keeps one healthy and disease-free.
Eradicates doshas and negative karma.
Keeps away planetary doshas that cause health problems.
Helps to carry out all tasks without hindrances.

Kanipakam Varasiddhi Vinayaka Swamy 
 Worship Eliminates Vices, Upholds Truth, Justice and Fulfills Wishes

Sri Pushti Ganapathi Homam 22

Kanipakam Varasiddhi Vinayaka Swamy temple is situated in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. The river, Bahuda, which flows near the temple has a great story to tell of the God who restored the amputated arms of a devotee. A pooja in Varasiddhi Vinayaka temple fulfills all wishes when people worship the lord with devotion and sincerity. The lord is an upholder of truth and justice, and the idol of Varasiddhi Vinayaka is said to be growing day by day. The temple is also known for settling quarrels among villagers who take a ‘Pramanam’ which is a special oath, by taking a dip in the river before testifying before the lord. Also, people desiring to quit their vices can take the oath or 'Pramanam'. Any wrong-doer who visits the temple comes out clean and sanctified after worshipping Lord Varasiddhi Vinayaka.


Energized Car Dashboard Vinayaka
Protects You during Journeys, Prevents Accidents, Obstacles on Road

Sri Pushti Ganapathi Homam 22

Ganesh, the lord of auspicious beginnings will be delivered to you energized with full of positive vibes. The remover of obstacles and a harbinger of joy, happiness and success, Lord Ganesh is a favorite of everyone. Lord Ganesh is worshipped before any venture is started and He is known as the God of education, wisdom, arts and knowledge and also worshipped for victory and wisdom in life. Lord Ganesh is said to be the Lord of Peace and Harmony. Place the idol on your car dashboard and pray to the lord before undertaking a journey. Lord Ganesh prevent untoward incidents, accidents or obstacles happening while you are driving.


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  • Sri Pushti Ganapathi Homam
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  • Sri Pushti Ganapathi Homam
  • Kanipakam Varasiddhi Vinayaka Swamy
Platinum Package (Upto 10 Devotees)
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  • Sri Pushti Ganapathi Homam
  • Kanipakam Varasiddhi Vinayaka Swamy
  • Energized Car Dashboard Vinayaka