2 Hours Package - USD 255.00
3 Hours Package - USD 333.00
5 Hours Package - USD 575.00
Maha Yagya Package (2 Days) - USD 2,820.00

Sri Prayoga Ganapathy homam- Achieving goals in spiritual life

According to ancient Vedic texts, Lord Ganapathy will resolve the problems of a person to live a trouble free life. It is also believed that anyone who offers prayers to him can witness major changes to attain success in all types of endeavors. Prayoga is one of the names of Lord Ganapathy which means the controller of senses. Sri Prayoga Ganapathy homam plays a key role in improving spiritual knowledge and wisdom to a larger extent.  It also helps to increase Yogic powers in an effective manner.

Why Sri Prayoga Ganapathy homam?

Lord Ganapathy is considered as the destroyer of obstacles in life. He bestows his devotees to live a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life.

·         Sri Prayoga Ganapathy homam provides methods for reducing karmic issues and doshas to get peace of mind.

·         One can be able to increase the powers with this homam when performing the meditation process.

·         Furthermore, it gives ways for eliminating the malefic effects of planets to reach high levels in career.

·         People who want to liberate from life cycle (birth and death) can choose this homam to attain salvation.

Benefits of Sri Prayoga Ganapathy homam  

·         Sri Prayoga Ganapathy homam makes feasible ways for minimizing sins to get blessings from Lord Ganesha. 

·         In addition, this homam is a suitable one for overcoming difficulties in spiritual life by removing complications. 

·         Another advantage is that it gives ways for experiencing positive energies on the body to purify both mind and soul.  

Getting assistance from Vedic folks

Sri Prayoga Ganapathy homam can be performed with Vedic folks, a leading Vedic firm which offers best services to devotees. Experienced priests will chant the mantras from Vedic scriptures to obtain optimum results. 24/7 online support is available for booking the homam in advance to plan the event depending on the requirements. The homam also involves live TV shows for watching it from anywhere in the world.

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2 Hours Package
USD 255.00
  • No of Priest - 2
  • Up to 501 Ahurthis
5 Hours Package
USD 575.00
  • No of Priest - 3
  • 10008 Ahurthis
Maha Yagya Package (2 Days)
USD 2,820.00
  • Up to 10 Priest
  • 125000 Ahurthis