Dwijapriya Sankashti Chaturthi - Powerful Day to
Invoke Ganesh Form for Allaying All Problems & Obstacles

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Ekakshara Ganapathi Homam Provides Victory in New Ventures, Enhances Job and Relationships & Avail Fortune in Profusion


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Ekashara Ganapathi – The Lord of ‘Gam’ Mantra Dispels Fear & Instils Courage

Of the 32 forms of Ganapathi, Ekakshara Ganapathi is the 17th form and the word Ekakshara connotes a single-syllable. Lord Ganapathi or Ganesh is the lord of beginnings as he has attained the boon of being worshipped first before all other gods. This form represents the single beejakshara mantra or seed letter ‘Gam’ and also symbolizes the primordial sound Om. The form has three eyes, one on the forehead. A crescent moon adorns the forehead on the crown like his father Lord Shiva. He holds a noose, goad and a pomegranate fruit in his hand. He also shows the abhaya mudra which means he is ready to dispel fear of devotees and instil courage in them. Uthiram Nakshatra or Uttara Phalguni nakshatra is associated with this form. It’s strongly believed that the form bestows the worshipper to gain control over the mind and senses. One of the famous temples associated with this form is situated in Hampi in Karnataka. Also in the temples of Thiruvananthapuram, Chamarajanagar and Nanjagud, the sculptures of 32 forms of Ganesh are depicted with finesse.

Vedicfolks new series of homam to the 54 forms of Ganapathi begins with Ekakshara Ganapathi Homam on the auspicious day of Dwijapriya Sankashti Chaturthi. The day falls in the month of Magha or the Tamil month of Thai. It is one of the 13 Sankashti Chaturthi thithi or lunar day which falls on the fourth day of Krishna paksha, every month. Dwija means born twice and Priya means a loved one and that’s Lord Ganapathi. It’s a perfect day to worship Him for keeping away all problems in life.

Ekakshara Ganapathi Mantra

Raktorakangangkasha Kusumayutah Tundialah Chandramoulih|
Nethraih Yuktistribhih Vamanakaracharano Beejapundadhanah॥
Hastagra Kalusa Pashankasharada Varado Nagavaktrohi Bhoosho|
Devaha Padamasano No Havatu Natsuro Bhootayae Vighnarajaha.॥


Note : Chanting the Ekakshara Ganapati mantra with faith can be an effective means of propitiating the powerful Lord.

Significance of Ekakshara Ganapathi Homam

The Ekakshara Ganapathi Homam performed with special offerings could deliver boons accordingly to the devotee.

When an offering of rice boiled in milk and flavored with clarified butter or ghee is given, it helps obtain desired results.

Offering of coconuts especially on Chaturthi gives wealth.

Offering of sesame seeds mixed with rice grains gives prosperity, fame and power of conquest.


Ekashara Ganapathi form is a combination of four forms

Ganadhipa-The ruler of elite groups.

Ganesana-The one followed by an army of Ganadevatas.

Gananayaka-The lord of Ganadevatas.

Ganakrida-The Guru of all Gurus.

Importance of ‘Gam’ Mantra

Gam is the seed sound for wisdom. The mantra Om Gam Ganpataye Namaha bows down to Ganapathi with reverence and makes one realize his presence in us. It removes negativities from one’s life before beginning any work. The mantra ensures success in all new ventures that one wishes to embark upon. Chanting this mantra on Tuesday or Wednesday is very auspicious. It fulfills desires and grants opportunities to remove ignorance and gain knowledge. It overcomes obstacles, promises job and relationship development and solves problems in horoscope. It grants Moksha or liberation.

Ekakshara Ganapathi Homam Provides Victory in New Ventures, Enhances Job and Relationships &
Get Fortune in Profusion

The Ekakshara Ganapathi Homam besides having a positive impact of the mind, also gives fortune in plenty, higher knowledge, the power of conquest and gives you desired objects. Highly knowledgeable Vedic priests will conduct the ceremonies to give the devotees the desired results. Ekakshara Ganapathi also blesses the devotee with the power to gain control over temptations, overcome duality and delusions of Maya which is created by the senses. Meditating on this form helps the mind to focus and progress in the realm of spirituality. The red-complexioned lord embodies oneness of matter, cosmic unity and singleness of spirit. Ekakshara Ganapathi helps in meditation. By sincere devoted prayers, be helps to keep the wandering mind in check. The homam ensures power of conquest, fame, prosperity and greater knowledge.

Benefits of Ekakshara Ganapathi Homam

       Remove hurdles and planetary afflictions.
       Achieve control of your mind and senses.
       Ekakshara Ganapathi is quick to grant wishes in the most effective manner.
       Gam is a powerful syllable and aids in success, fulfills desires and helps in spiritual progression.
       Acquire great fortune, wisdom and fame.

Thiruvalanchuzhi Swetha Vinayaka Temple Puja to a Rare Ganesh Form Clears Hurdles,
Hardships & Grants Marriage Boons & Prosperity

Thiruvalanchuzhi is situated close to Kumbakonam near the Swamimalai temple of Lord Muruga. The main deity of the temple is Lord Kapartheeswarar or Valanchuzhi Nathar. The goddess appears as Devi Mangalyanayagi or Periyanakai Amman. The trunk of Lord Ganesh is turned towards the left unlike the right in most idols, and hence the place got the name Thiru Valamchuzhi. It is also said that River Cauvery changed its course and therefore the name Valamchuzhi. Lord Ganesh is made of white foam of the sea. No abhishekam or flowers are offered to the fragile deity Swetha Vinayaka. Only flakes of borneol (Pachai Karpuram) are sprayed on the idol without touching it. People worship Swetha Vinayaka for removing all obstacles in personal and professional life, for relief from difficulties, prosperity and also to have a fair complexion.



Energized Ganapathi Idol Ensures Fortune, Fame & Satisfies All Desires

Lord Ganesha, Vinayaka or Ganapathi is well-known as the lord that removes obstacles. He’s worshipped in many forms and is one of the most worshipped deities that has taken various forms to save the devotees from the issues that may arise in every stages of life. He also grants happiness, wealth and prosperity and helps get rid of karmic effects. Prayers to Lord Ganapathi every day confers you with wealth, higher knowledge, fame, prosperity, power of conquest, fortune and also gives you whatever you desire.


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