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Soundarya Lahari Series of Homam – 3/12

(Verses 19-27)

Lakshmi Panchami Rituals to the Supreme Mother Grants Abundant Wealth and Prosperity to All

Demolish Evil Energies, Acquire Riches in Plenty & Victory in Love, Get High Posts in Job & Fulfill Earthly Desires


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Mother Parashakti Is Above the Trinity Gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva

Goddess Parashakti or Lalitha Tripura Sundari is the ruler of the universe. Even the trinity gods brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara bow down to her power, radiance and glory. She is Vak Devi or the goddess of speech and her actions or potential to control the universe along with her matchless beauty have been spun into a beautiful yarn by the master craftsman Adi Shankaracharya. It solely rests on the sadhaka what he infers or how he uses the yarn for uplifting knowledge, power and his material and spiritual pursuits. But one needs to understand the profound implications of this mystical verses with the guidance of a spiritual master or guru.Soundarya Lahari has 103 mantras or verses in all that are divided into Ananda Lahari and Soundarya Lahari. Adi Shankaracharya’s beautiful literary ornamentation in Sanskrit has added beauty to what is already beautiful.

The unique aspect of this magnificent verses of Adi Shankara is that each of the verses are mantras that can be depicted on yantras for venerating the goddess Parashakti and bringing her to life (prana prathishta) on the mandalas of the yantras. By awakening the deity on the mandalas of the yantra she is actually answering your fervent call to help overcome troubles, cure diseases and bestow blessings of marriage, progeny, wealth and prosperity.

Mother Shakti is above the trinity gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Eshwara is above the three murthis and Sadashiva is above them all. But, they all are bound by the kind goddess’ command that’s full of love. Each of the verses are a wonderful gem to those who follow the Sri Vidya system of worship. Even for an ordinary devotee, it is the best remedy or a reliable solution to their problems. When chanted daily, they yield favorable results.

For the third of the Vedicfolks signature series special Soundarya Lahari homam, verses 19 – 27 will be chanted on the day of Chaitra Shukla Panchami which is also known as Lakshmi Panchami. The day is dedicated to goddess Lakshmi, the bestower of wealth and a manifestation of Goddess Shakti. It’s a propitious day for businessmen and traders to worship the universal mother for her multiple blessings.

Soundarya Lahari Verses (19-27)

॥ 19 ॥

Mukhaṁ Binduṁ Kṛtvā Kucayugamadhastasya Tadadho
Harārdhaṁ Dhyāyedyo Haramahiṣi Te Manmathakalām |
Sa Sadyaḥ Saṁkṣobhaṁ Nayati Vanitā Ityatilaghu
Trilokimapyāśu Bhramayati Ravīndustanayugām ||

Significance – the verse focuses on meditation of the Devi’s Kamakala form. This subtle form has three bindus or dots that form a triangle and below this there’s another imaginary triangle which is inverted from where the creation manifests. The three dots are very powerful and represent the sun, moon and fire. The goddess face and bosoms form the upper triangle and the lower triangle is the yoni where the universe emerges.


  • Power of attracting young women.
  • Gain high influence in government matters.
  • Appeases the sun and moon in your chart for beneficial blessings.
  • Ensure victory in love.

॥ 20 ॥

Kirantīmaṅgēbhyaḥ Kiraṇanikurambāmṛtarasaṃ
Hṛdi Tvāmādhattē Himakaraśilāmūrtimiva Yaḥ |
Sa Sarpāṇāṃ Darpaṃ Śamayati Śakuntādhipa Iva
Jvarapluṣṭān Dṛṣṭyā Sukhayati Sudhādhārasirayā ||

Significance – the one who meditates on the goddess who is chandrakanta or the bright moon stone gets his body rejuvenated with the amrita kirana or rays flowing from her body. He is able to remove the poison of the serpents just like Garuda destroys the snake’s venomous nature. The person is free from fever, diseases and becomes healthy.


  • Cures poisonous fever and venomous bites of insects.
  • Cures bad effects of evil eye and all malefic energies.
  • Removes debilitated moon in the chart.
  • Adds luster to the body.

॥ 21 ॥

Taṭillēkhātanvīṃ Tapanaśaśivaiśvānaramayīṃ
Niṣaṇṇāṃ Ṣaṇṇāmapyupari Kamalānāṃ Tava Kalām |
Mahāpadmāṭavyāṃ Mṛditamalamāyēna Manasā
Mahāntaḥ Paśyantō Dadhati Paramāhlādalaharīm ||

Significance – When Kundalini Shakti arises from mooladhara through its way to the Sahasrara in the ajna chakra, it does not remain there for long but as a flash of light goes up quickly to Sahasrara and reaches Paramashiva. The great rishis or poets enjoy the bliss which flows like continuous waves without any dirt in their mind such as kaama, maaya or avidya above the six chakras where the goddess shines brilliantly in the lotus forest of Sahasrara.


  • Helps to subdue enemies.
  • Gain physical and mental strength.
  • Get relief from negative emotions.
  • Achieve peace of mind and tranquility.
  • True sadhakas who meditate get elevation and sublime bliss.

॥ 22 ॥

Bhavāni Tvaṃ Dāsē Mayi Vitara Dṛṣṭiṃ Sakaruṇā-
Miti Stōtuṃ Vāñchan Kathayati Bhavāni Tvamiti Yaḥ |
Tadaiva Tvaṃ Tasmai Diśasi Nijasāyujyapadavīṃ
Mukundabrahmēndrasphuṭamakuṭanīrājitapadām ||

Significance – Here the goddess is referred to as Bhavani, who with her divine vision, full of kindness for her devotees, grants instant liberation. She gives more than what is asked for. A devotee who does not seek material wealth but only wants her grace, will be given liberation that stops pains of transmigration (rebirth).


  • Fulfillment of earthly desires and pleasures.
  • Freedom from greed and achievement of all powers.
  • Prevents dependency on others.

॥ 23 ॥

Tvayā Hṛtvā Vāmaṃ Vapuraparitṛptēna Manasā
Śarīrārdhaṃ Śambhōraparamapi Śaṅkē Hṛtamabhūt |
Yadētattvadrūpaṃ Sakalamaruṇābhaṃ Trinayanaṃ
Kuchābhyāmānamraṃ Kuṭilaśaśichūḍālamakuṭam ||

Significance – Here Shankaracharya talks of the goddess who has Lord Shiva absorbed within her. He says that she is only one entity who has both Shiva and Shakti in her. The cause is Lord Shiva and the goddess is the effect that is visible.


  • Relief from debts and financial troubles.
  • Attainment of riches in plenty.
  • Freedom from dangers.
  • Enhancement of feminine factor.
  • Find cure to ailments in the left side of the body.
  • Activates the ajna chakra.
  • Strengthens planets Sun and Moon in the horoscope.

॥ 24 ॥

Jagatsūtē Dhātā Hariravati Rudraḥ Kṣapayatē
Tiraskurvannētatsvamapi Vapurīśastirayati |
Sadāpūrvaḥ Sarvaṃ Tadidamanugṛhṇāti Cha Śiva-
Stavājñāmālambya Kṣaṇachalitayōrbhrūlatikayōḥ ||

Significance – Lord Brahma created the universe which is sustained by Lord Vishnu and destroyed by Rudra. Eshwara (a form of Lord Shiva) who is above the Trinity gods absorbs all three and in turn Sadashiva absorbs them all. When there’s nothing that exists, Devi only slightly moves her beautiful eyebrows giving permission to recreate them all.


  • Get immunity from evil spirits like Bhootas, Prethas and Pishachas.
  • Absolves curses of deceased ancestors.
  • Cures incurable diseases.
  • Activates ajna chakra.

॥ 25 ॥

Trayāṇāṃ Dēvānāṃ Triguṇajanitānāṃ Tava Śivē
Bhavēt Pūjā Pūjā Tava Charaṇayōryā Virachitā |
Tathā Hi Tvatpādōdvahanamaṇipīṭhasya Nikaṭē
Sthitā Hyētē Śaśvanmukulitakarōttaṃsamakuṭāḥ ||

Significance – The goddess is the embodiment of three gunas namely Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. These gunas are ruled by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. It means that the trinity gods are equal to her supreme self. They worship her joining their palms above the crown to express their reverence. She is above all gods and the primary cause of the entire creation.


  • Helps to increase income.
  • Blesses with commanding power, influence and honor.
  • Attain tremendous influence in all areas.
  • Get high posts in career or profession.

॥ 26 ॥

Viriñchiḥ Pañchatvaṃ Vrajati Harirāpnōti Viratiṃ
Vināśaṃ Kīnāśō Bhajati Dhanadō Yāti Nidhanam |
Vitandrī Māhēndrī Vitatirapi Sammīlitadṛśā
Mahāsaṃhārē'smin Viharati Sati Tvatpatirasau ||

Significance – The great dissolution of the universe takes place only after Lord Shiva initiates it and the Shakti is majestically present by her consort’s side witnessing the events unfolding. This also means that the divine couple are inseparable as one without the other becomes inactive.


  • Destroys enemies and negative forces.
  • Silences people who trouble the devotees.
  • Achieve success despite fierce odds.

॥ 27 ॥

Japō Jalpaḥ Śilpaṃ Sakalamapi Mudrāvirachanā
Gatiḥ Prādakṣiṇyakramaṇamaśanādyāhutividhiḥ |
Saparyāparyāyastava Bhavatu Yanmē Vilasitam ||

Significance – A true devotee can attain the goddess only if he totally surrenders to her. A devotee’s speech becomes her mantra, body movements become mudras, walking denote circumambulation, sleeping denotes joining of the palms in prayer and every action is her puja. And if the mind is pure, he will not identify his actions as different from hers. Even Shankaracharya worshipped the goddess in that manner. For such a devotee, the goddess remains in the body and becomes one with the devotee.


  • Achieve ‘athmagnana’ or self-knowledge.
  • Attain mastery over spells.
  • Helps those in the fields of industry, dance and yoga practitioners.
  • Realization of the self and ultimate truth.


Energized Yantra – For the third of the series of Vedicfolks signature ritual, Soundarya Lahari homam, yantra for verse 24 will be energized and given away. Be the proud owner of this yantra and its worship everyday while focusing on the goddess in between the eyebrows can help to get rid of ancestral curses, evil effects of negative energies like black magic, evil eye casting, ghosts and enemies. It can cure you of major illnesses that are critical and bring much happiness and prosperity in your life. The worship also activates the ajna chakra and pleases Lord Shiva.

Soundarya Lahari Homam (Verses 19-27)

Demolish Evil Energies, Acquire Riches in Plenty & Victory in Love, Get High Posts in Job & Fulfill Earthly Desires

Soundarya Lahari Homam is unique when as it focuses on the mandala of the yantra to invoke Mother Lalitha for her grace and benevolence. For the third of the series of Soundarya Lahari Homam, mantras from Verses 19 to 27 will be recited along with yantra worship. The nine-mantra invocation is too powerful and when chanted with deep devotion and piety, the goddess is pleased and grants specific boons that the devotee wishes. Also, each mantra has its own way of removing bad energies and evil that surround you and also ensures the best of prosperity and happiness in your life. The homam gives relief from negative emotions, rescues you from dangerous situations, helps to fight evil spirits like Bhoota, Pretha and Pishacha. It provides blessings of ‘athmagnana’, increases income, gifts you with high posts in profession or career and makes sure you get success despite tough odds you face. If the planets Sun and Moon are debilitated in your horoscope, the homam strengthens it to give favorable blessings. It gives abundance of wealth, fulfills earthly desires and pleasures. One can expect a surge of physical and mental strength in the body with this Soundarya Lahari homam.

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Soundarya Lahari Series of Homam 3/12 Destroys Evil Spirits, Alleviates Incurable Diseases & Fulfills Your Wishes

Brahma creates, Hari sustains and protects it while Rudra destroys it and Maheshwara who is above all of them absorbs them all into him which means even the universe goes through shrinkage. And all this disappears within Sadashiva who is the ultimate supreme consciousness. The cycle of creation begins once again and Adaashiva, after getting the nod from the Devi as she makes a slight movement of her creeper-like brows, begins creation again like before. A pooja to the powerful yantra for the mantra 24 of Soundarya Lahari will give you auspicious blessings providing immunity against evil spirits like demons, pretha, bhootas, etc. it will also eliminate curses of diseases ancestors and cure incurable diseases. The yantra when meditated upon activates the ajna chakra to give beneficial results like curing ailments. It also is a prayer to Lord Shiva and his many forms.


Energized Yantra Invokes Mother Lalitha to Wipe Out Malevolence & Give You Great Health, Prosperity

Yantras are tools to invoke the Goddess Parashakti on mandalas that are etched on them. The yantra cater to a specific mantra and are designed to fulfill your wishes and receive the blessings of the deity – in this case Goddess Lalitha. An energized yantra instates the mother in it just like prana prathishta. The yantra 24 of Soundarya Lahari series of homam 3/12 is an attractive pattern of crisscross tridents. There are about 25 squares with single syllable mantra in it. These mantras are very powerful that invokes the deity to pay heed to your needs and wipe out malevolence that cause trouble.


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