Durgashtami Special Invocation of Supreme Mother Shakti Glorifies Her Beauty, Sings Her Praise for Protection, Divine Power & Auspiciousness

Soundarya Lahari Series of Homam–1

(Verses 1-9)

Resolve Complex Problems, Get All Types of Wealth, Charm, Own Empire & Attain Progress,

Success in All Fields


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Soundarya Lahari Chanting Bestows Blessings and Boons to Achieve All Desires

Soundarya Lahari is a set of powerful divine verses composed by Sri Adi Shankara to express the saint’s devotion and admiration of the beauty of Goddess Tripura Sundari – the one that dwells in the three worlds (Tripura). According to Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati, a disciple of Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Saundarya Lahari is an enthralling composition of 103 mantras. The first 41 mantras that are part of the first section are called Ananda Lahari and the rest of 62 mantras that form the second section are called Soundarya Lahiri. When a deadly disease threatened Adi Shankara’s life, he sought refuge in Devi for love, care, kindness, and power. The mantras of Soundarya Lahari create a magnetic field that bestow blessings and boons to the sadhakas. With the help of powerful mantras and yantras the cosmic forces are awakened and made to reside in the mandala or yantra known as pranaprathishta, which is the most significant aspect of Soundarya Lahari Homam. It is also believed that by creating suitable yantras and reciting particular stanzas and invoking them, anything can be achieved in the world. Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati explains that Soundarya Lahari assigns specific mantras, yantras and mandalas for healing three different types of diseases of the body. They are adhibhautika which means physical ailments, adhidaivika, afflictions caused by natural calamities and adhyatmika, diseases whose causes are unknown.

Soundarya Lahari reveals how mantras and yantras are used to arouse the Moola Prakriti or primal force that exists in our body as Kundalini Shakti. The sadhana generates a higher stratum of energy and consciousness that impacts the body or any form of matter which aids in achieving the aims of life. Ananda Lahari mantras sing the goddess praises, with reverence, devotion and surrender. It exalts her awakening in the body which is compared to a temple, where she resides as Kulakundalini, the female vital energy that’s dormant in every human being. Once awakened, she makes her ascent through the chakras up to the Sahasrara chakra. There she unites with Akula(non-manifest form of Lord Shiva) to experience ecstasy. After the Devi gets soaked in amrita or nectar, her downward descent begins with her consort Lord Shiva, through the Sushumna nadi, and she is still in a state of great Ananda which is the state of highest pleasure.

While Ananda Lahari speaks of the Devi’s union with the lord to attain endless bliss and also provides methods through which one can attempt to realize the Shakti or the energy innately present in the body, Soundarya Lahari describes her physical beauty from head to toe in the most descriptive manner which exhausts almost all Sanskrit embellishment or alankaras. It shows the portrayal of affection towards the Mother who gives anything you want. She ensures her devotee gets a wide range of chance to be effective and successful in life.

A variety of tantra, mantra and general Vedic information is mounted like petals of a flower in the hymns of Soundarya Lahari. The method of worship involves the Sri Vidya tradition that includes construction of Sri Chakra diagram for each of the 103 mantras, recitation of the mantras that include a powerful syllable mantra of Devi Lalitha Maha Tripura Sundari called panchadshakshari mantra and Kundalini Yoga.

Soundarya Lahari Mantras (1-9)

|| 1 ||

Śivaḥ Śaktyā Yuktō Yadi BhavatiŚaktaḥ Prabhavituṃ
Na Chēdēvaṃ Dēvō Na Khalu Kuśalaḥ Spanditumapi।
Atastvāmārādhyāṃ Hariharaviriñchādibhirapi
Praṇantuṃ Stōtuṃ Vā Kathamakṛtapuṇyaḥ Prabhavati॥

Significance – The above mantra meditates on the divine couple Lord Shiva who is universal consciousness and Shakti the cosmic energy.


  • Helps to overcome obstacles.
  • Balances hormones.
  • Resolves problems between married couples.
  • Accomplish desired objects and get prosperity.

|| 2 ||

Tanīyāṃsaṃ Pāṃsuṃ Tava Charaṇapaṅkēruhabhavaṃ
Viriñchissañchinvan Virachayati Lōkānavikalam।
Vahatyēnaṃ Śauriḥ Kathamapi Sahasrēṇa Śirasāṃ
Harassaṅkṣudyainaṃ Bhajati Bhasitōddhūlanavidhim॥

Significance – Describes the Trinity gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, their duties of shrushti, sthithi and laya, i.e. creation, sustenance and dissolution, are achieved from the dust of the Devi’slotus feet.


  • All problems will be solved easily.
  • Devotee can influence and fascinate others.
  • Rahu Dashacan be altered and changed to positive energy by chanting the shloka.
  • Negative influence of planet moon in the Ardra, Swati and Satabhisham constellation can be removed.
  • A devotee attains mastery over matter by invoking the goddess with these verses.

|| 3 ||

Jaḍānāṃ Chaitanya-Stabaka-Makaranda-Srutijharī।
Daridrāṇāṃ Chintāmaṇiguṇanikā Janmajaladhau
Nimagnānāṃ Daṃṣṭrā Muraripu-Varāhasya Bhavati॥

Significance – Speaks of ignorance of man that is samsara, by achieving supreme knowledge everyone can fulfill heart’s desire with no effort.


  • Protects from previous birth karma.
  • Gain knowledge of the Vedas.
  • Get all types of wealth to lead a better life.
  • Achieve sharp memory.
  • Gain blessings of Goddess Varahi and Lord Varaha,

|| 4 ||

Tvadanyaḥ Pāṇibhyāmabhayavaradō Daivatagaṇaḥ
Tvamēkā Naivāsi Prakaṭitavarābhītyabhinayā।
Bhayāt Trātuṃ Dātuṃ Phalamapi Cha Vāñchāsamadhikaṃ
Śaraṇyē Lōkānāṃ Tava Hi Charaṇāvēva Nipuṇau॥

Significance – The goddess grants abhaya and lokarakshana, which means the Mother removes fear and protects the universe. She won’t let your fall, gives whatever you want—boons or moksha.


  • Cures diseases and increases body immunity power.
  • Grants freedom from fear and poverty.
  • Achieve ownership of an empire.
  • Happiness in this life and thereafter.

|| 5 ||

Haristvāmārādhya Praṇatajanasaubhāgyajananīṃ
Purā Nārī Bhūtvā Puraripumapi Kṣōbhamanayat।
Smarō'pi Tvāṃ Natvā Ratinayanalēhyēna Vapuṣā
Munīnāmapyantaḥ Prabhavati Hi Mōhāya Mahatām॥

Significance – Speaks about controlling carnal desires and gaining control of mind to achieve highest dimension of spirituality.


  • One can attract (by acquiring magnetic personality) anyone in the universe.
  • Also attain the power to charm the people around you.
  • Attain success and progressin any field you desire.

|| 6 ||

Dhanuḥ Pauṣpaṃ Maurvī Madhukaramayī Pañcha Viśikhāḥ
Vasantaḥ Sāmantō Malayamarudāyōdhanarathaḥ।
Tathāpyēkaḥ Sarvaṃ Himagirisutē Kāmapi Kṛpām
Apāṅgāttē Labdhvā Jagadida-Manaṅgō Vijayatē॥

Significance – A devotee who surrenders himself at the mother’s feet, can free himself from unwanted desires which prevent you from growing spiritually and materially.


  • Cures impotency and bestows beautiful children.
  • Helps to win competitions.
  • Find success in business and other ventures with even very limited resources.
  • Achieve procreative power.
  • Attain success in any field that you want.

|| 7 ||

Kvaṇatkāñchīdāmā Karikalabhakumbhastananatā
Parikṣīṇā Madhyē Pariṇataśarachchandravadanā।
Dhanurbāṇān Pāśaṃ Sṛṇimapi Dadhānā Karatalaiḥ
Purastādāstāṃ Naḥ Puramathiturāhōpuruṣikā॥

Significance – The Prakriti in the form of Maya which assumes outstanding physical form and charm. The mother is conjoint with Lord Shiva and the two are one and the same. This shloka also connects with Goddess Kanchi Kamakshi.


  • Protects from danger, overcomes enemy threats.
  • Eliminates problems due to Rahu dosha.
  • Achieves annidhyamor personal attention of the goddess Kamakshi to remain in a state of bliss.

|| 8 ||

Sudhāsindhōrmadhyē Suraviṭapivāṭīparivṛtē
Maṇidvīpē Nīpōpavanavati Chintāmaṇigṛhē।
Śivākārē Mañchē Paramaśivaparyaṅkanilayāṃ
Bhajanti Tvāṃ Dhanyāḥ Katichana Chidānandalaharīm॥

Significance – She lives in Manidwipa, made of Chintamani stones resting on a bed of Parama Shiva, which is the divine static energy that’s omnipresent. She is in a state of chidanandalahari – a state where no one can be lowered as it is forever or permanent. One who worhsips her will also attain that state.


  • Freedom from bondages, all kinds of imprisonment and debt.
  • Fulfills desires, get luxuries.
  • Develop good attitude to look upon every one with a sense of happiness, construction of a good house.
  • Live long in a beautiful, spiritual place.

|| 9 ||

Mahīṃ Mūlādhārē Kamapi Maṇipūrē Hutavahaṃ
Sthitaṃ Svādhiṣṭhānē Hṛdi Marutamākāśamupari।
Manō'pi Bhrūmadhyē Sakalamapi Bhitvā Kulapathaṃ
Sahasrārē Padmē Saha Rahasi Patyā Viharasē ||

Significance – To attain the supreme Shakti, one has to take 6 steps that are represented by 6 chakras – Muladhara, Swadhistana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishudhi and Anagya. The meditation on the chakras paves the way for kundalini ascent. After the climb, she gets united with Shiva tattva and becomes one with the Lord.


  • Gain mastery over elements – earth, water, fire, air and space.
  • Return of loved ones who have left home for a long time.
  • All chakras of the five elements get activated, and their energies balanced.
  • Good understanding between couples will be achieved.

Why Yantra and Mandala Worship is Important in Soundarya Lahari Homam

The high point of Soundarya Lahari is the mandala meditation. Mandalas confer grace and inner vision to the sadhaka who identifies himself or a part of himself with the different dimensions of the cosmos through meditation techniques and the use of various ceremonies including hand gestures called mudras, mantras and sacred geometrical diagrams called yantra and mandalas. Each of the hymns of Soundarya Lahari is associated with a yantra and a mantra. And the mantra when chanted a specific number of times, with a deep focus on the yantra, is believed to grant the devotee the specific benefit he desires. Also, the yantra can be energised by invoking the Mother into the yantra just as a priest of a temple energizes the idol of a temple through pranaprathishta. Therefore, only when a yantra is drawn on specific material, in this case copper plate, and mantra chanted prescribed number of times, a devotee or practitioner reaps the specific benefit for which he is performing the ritual.

Soundarya Lahari Homam Resolves All Problems, Confers all Types of Wealth, Charm & Empire, Attain Progress & Success in All Fields

Soundarya Lahari Homam is special as it installs the power of the mother in the yantras and mandalas. The mantras are so powerful and when recited with devotion and earnest, it reaches the benevolent deity whose energies are omnipresent in the universe. Vedicfolks aims to recite the first of the nine shlokas of the 103 on the day of Durgashtami which is auspicious for Devi worship. The day helps to liberate the devotee from sins and bad karma.


Benefits of Soundarya Lahari Homam

  • Soundarya Lahari Homam grants protection from diseases, chronic ailments, black magic, and negative forces.
  • It overcomes fear, curses, etc.
  • It radiates charm within you to attract everyone and destroy your enemies.
  • It also bestows ultimate joy, strength and power for progress and success in various fields.
  • It showers blessings of wealth, riches and gives blessings of owning an empire.
  • It showers blessings of wealth, riches and gives blessings of owning an empire.


Energized Yantra - During the special Soundarya Lahari Homam, one significant yantra will be energized and distributed to our devotee patrons. During the first of the 12 series, yantra for Shloka 5 will be energised in the Soundarya Lahari Homam which is sure to confer the devotee with exceptional boons.

Vedicfolks Series of Soundarya Lahari Homam which is the first of the 12 series will be performed on the auspicious day of Durgashatami. The first nine mantra of the 103 will be recited along with the Yantra worship. This is a very exclusive service and we are proud to pioneer this unique sadhana for the benefit of our devotees.

Exclusive Soundarya Lahari Yantra Puja Protects From Hardships, Bestows Power to Attract, Fulfills Desires & Attain Victory

As a divine gesture and as a form of blessings of Devi Shakti, one energized yantra will be given to devotees for worship as part of the Soundarya Lahari homam. For the first of the 12 series, yantra for the Verse 5 of Soundarya Lahari will be worshipped in our homa centre. A sadhaka connects himself and the different dimensions of the cosmos through meditation techniques and mantras and yantras are some of them. Each of the 103 hymns of Soundarya Lahari is associated with a mantra and a related yantra.

In the Soundarya Lahari homam, our well-experienced priest while chanting the mantra will also focus on the yantra which invokes the mother in the mandalas of the yantra which are specific in nature for a particular verse. In this way, it’s believed to confer the devotees with a specific benefit. A person who meditates upon this yantra is bestowed with Prana Shakti or electromagnetic force that has the power to attract. Hence, a puja to this yantra gives the devotee protection from all negative forces, progress in life and a profound power to attract that also helps to achieve all desires.

Energized Special Soundarya Lahari Yantra Grants Power of Magnetism, Contentment, Growth Prosperity

The yantra for Verse 5 is a copper plate that has a square mandala etched on it. At the four corners, are seen tridents, Mother Shakti’s weapon, crisscrossing each other. There are a total of four tridents that border the yantra and a single syllable mantra etched in the center. The mandala is also surrounded by various other single syllable mantras.

Place this energized powerful yantra in your clean puja space. Apply turmeric and kumkum to the yantra and worship it every day. The blessings of this divine tool protects the devotee from evil energies and leads you to the path of growth. It helps to win others and turn everything in one’s favor. It bestows attraction, gives a contented life and immense prosperity.


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  • Soundarya Lahari Homam-1(Verses 1-9)
  • Exclusive Soundarya Lahari Yantra Puja
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  • Soundarya Lahari Homam-1(Verses 1-9)
  • Exclusive Soundarya Lahari Yantra Puja
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