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Soundarya Lahari Series of Homam – 9/12

(for Verses 73-81)

Soundarya Lahari Homam

Offers Power, Authority, Influence, Honour, Enhances Memory, Wealth and Riches


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Soundarya Lahari Makes a Person Experience the Ascent and Descent of Kundalini Shakti

Soundarya Lahari Homam

Soundarya Lahari is a great method of unifying one with the goddess by seeking wishes from the deity keeping in mind her generous nature. The 103 shlokas of this great hymn of Adi Shankara are layered with wordplay that’s beyond the comprehension of a common man. It not only adds fodder to the intellectual curiosity but also grants an emotional connection with the goddess who is the ruler of the three worlds – earth, sky and abyss.

The mantras of Soundarya Lahari are vibrational energy whilst the yantras are mental energy where the sound vibrations are transformed into visual geometric patterns. It also makes one experience the ascent and descent of Kundalini Shakti and teaches the fact that the ultimate liberation is the union of Shiva and Shakti through Sahasrara. The tantric aspect of the verses is beautifully woven which bestows four aspirations of men namely Dharma (duty), Artha (wealth), Kama (desire), and Moksha (ultimate liberation).

The clear message of Soundarya Lahari is in its beautiful perception and understanding of the self and makes an individual fearless, removing anxieties, difficulties, stress, and worries. It is a miracle remedy for diseases that have no medicines.

In the ninth of the series of Soundarya Lahari Homam for Verses 73 to 81, Adi Shankara reveals that Devi’s milk has kept her children Ganesh and Kumara young and it’s also the milk of knowledge for poesy that has nourished Thiru Gnana Sambandar when he was a child. From her bosoms to her hips, the poetic saint has added glitter and expressive vocabulary and has stressed the importance of Devi’s form and its worship.

Soundarya Lahari Verses (73-81)

॥ 73 ॥

Amū Tē Vakṣōjāvamṛtarasamāṇikyakutupau
Na Sandēhaspandō Nagapatipatākē Manasi Naḥ ।
Pibantau Tau Yasmādaviditavadhūsaṅgarasikau
Kumārāvadyāpi Dviradavadanakrauñchadalanau ॥

Significance – The Mother’s breasts are far superior to the amrita or divine nectar. This has kept lords Ganesh and Kumara eternally young that they remain boys to this day. Both these gods are embodiments of Gnana or wisdom and this is because her milk is not normal, but full of Wisdom.


  • For better milk in women and cows.
  • To realise ultimate Brahman.
  • For peace and contentment.

॥ 74 ॥

Vahatyamba Stambēramadanujakumbhaprakṛtibhiḥ
Samārabdhāṃ Muktāmaṇibhiramalāṃ Hāralatikām ।
Kuchābhōgō Bimbādhararuchibhirantaḥ Śabalitāṃ
Pratāpavyāmiśrāṃ Puradamayituḥ Kīrtimiva Tē ॥

Significance – Devi’s bosoms bear a creeper-like unblemished garland of pearls made from the skull of demon Gajasura. The pearls also bear other colours as it reflects the crimson red lips of Devi, which is compared to the valour of Lord Shiva who destroyed the demon.


  • Get protection and support.
  • Achieve fame, erudition and honour.
  • Acquire neck ornaments.

॥ 75 ॥

Tava Stanyaṃ Manyē Dharaṇidharakanyē Hṛdayataḥ
Payaḥpārāvāraḥ Parivahati Sārasvatamiva ।
Dayāvatyā Dattaṃ Draviḍaśiśurāsvādya Tava Yat
Kavīnāṃ Prauḍhānāmajani Kamanīyaḥ Kavayitā ॥

Significance – Saint Adi Shankara says that the milk oozing out of the Devi’s breasts is Goddess Saraswati because it’s the milk of poesy that rises from Her heart and it made the Dravidian child (Thiru Gnana Sambandar) a great poet whose works stole many hearts.


  • Good memory and attention.
  • Gift of poetry and attainment of fame.
  • Useful for composers, poets and creative people.
  • Receive great fame and recognition.

॥ 76 ॥

Harakrōdhajvālāvalibhiravalīḍhēna Vapuṣā
Gabhīrē Tē Nābhīsarasi Kṛtasaṅgō Manasijaḥ |
Samuttasthau Tasmādachalatanayē Dhūmalatikā
Janastāṃ Jānītē Tava Janani Rōmāvaliriti ||

Significance – When Lord Shiva burnt Kamadeva to ashes, the goddess took pity in him and hid him in the deep lake of her navel, this resulted in a thin column of smoke coming out of the Mother’s navel like a thin strand of hair.


  • Success in financial and legal matters.
  • Knowledge of self.
  • Activation of Manipuraka and Anahata chakra.

॥ 77 ॥

Yadētat Kālindītanutarataraṅgākṛti Śivē
Kṛśē Madhyē Kiñchijjanani Tava Yadbhāti Sudhiyām |
Vimardādanyō'nyaṃ Kuchakalaśayōrantaragataṃ
Tanūbhūtaṃ Vyōma Praviśadiva Nābhiṃ Kuhariṇīm ||

Significance – Devi’s waist is compared to the Kalindi River where the navel is that of ripples caused by the foamy substance of the waves and is spread unto her broad chests and its colour is blue like the river and the sky.


  • Deep insight.
  • Dominance over others.
  • Activation of Manipooraka Chakra.
  • Ability to gain access to impossible situations or entity.
  • Get power, authority and influence.

॥ 78 ॥

Sthirō Gaṅgāvartaḥ Stanamukularōmāvalilatā-
Kalāvālaṃ Kuṇḍaṃ Kusumaśaratējōhutabhujaḥ |
Ratērlīlāgāraṃ Kimapi Tava Nābhirgirisutē
Biladvāraṃ Siddhērgiriśanayanānāṃ Vijayatē ॥

Significance – The poetic saint wants to know whether the Devi’s navel is a motionless eddy of river Ganga and the two bosoms are flower buds. Or is it being used by Kamadeva and Rati for various other purposes. Or it an opening to a cave in which Lord Shiva’s penance gets fulfilled. The saint is unable to make up his mind.


  • Get favours from government.
  • All round success and great prosperity.
  • Promising future in jobs and other occupations.
  • Influence in society.

॥ 79 ॥

Nisargakṣīṇasya Stanataṭabharēṇa Klamajuṣō
Namanmūrtērnārītilaka Śanakaistruṭyata Iva |
Chiraṃ Tē Madhyasya Truṭitataṭinītīrataruṇā
Samāvasthāsthēmnō Bhavatu Kuśalaṃ Śailatanayē ॥

Significance –  The poetic saint wants safety for the Devi’s waist that’s bent slightly as its unable to bear the weight of her breasts and he compares the situation to that of a tree on a cracking river bank.


  • Power to entice.
  • Mastery in jugglery and mesmerism.
  • Ideal for women.
  • Enhances feminine qualities.

॥ 80 ॥

Kuchau Sadyaḥsvidyattaṭaghaṭitakūrpāsabhidurau
Kaṣantau Dōrmūlē Kanakakalaśābhau Kalayatā |
Tava Trātuṃ Bhaṅgādalamiti Valagnaṃ Tanubhuvā
Tridhā Naddhaṃ Dēvi Trivali Lavalīvallibhiriva ॥

Significance – The Devi’s breasts have gained the beauty of golden pots that rub the upper arms, burst at the bodice due to perspiration. Due to the weight, Kamadeva in an attempt to save her three-fold waist from breaking, has secured it with three strands of wild creeper.


  • Attainment of magical powers.
  • Success in betting, handsome personality.
  • Rejuvenation and great health.

॥ 81 ॥

Gurutvaṃ Vistāraṃ Kṣitidharapatiḥ Pārvati Nijā-
Nnitambādāchchidya Tvayi Haraṇarūpēṇa Nidadhē ।
Atastē Vistīrṇō Gururayamaśēṣāṃ Vasumatīṃ
Nitambaprāgbhāraḥ Sthagayati Laghutvaṃ Nayati Cha ॥

Significance – The Devi has inherited her heavy and broad waist from her father which was given away as dowry, and which covers the entire terrestrial world making it light as well.


  • Power to float on fire.
  • Freedom from accidents.
  • Suitable for appeasing planet Jupiter.
  • Domination and authority.


Energized Yantra 80 of Soundarya Lahari – Yantra 80 is a square that has its edges stretching out at the corners. There is also another square which is diagonally placed inside the first square making the geometric pattern look like an eight-cornered star. Invoking the yantra attracts magical powers, gives success in betting and makes a person handsome. It also rejuvenates, helps to acquire robust health, deftness and skill.

Mode of Worship - The yantra will be made of copper and its mandala meditation delves on the Devi giving birth to creation. A person can offer cooked rice mixed with yoghurt, honey and fruits. Also, chant Lalitha Trishati by offering red flowers to the yantra and chanting the mantra 1000 times daily for 45 days.

*It is recommended to seek the guidance of an experienced Sri Vidya practitioner or Master for worshipping the yantras of Soundarya Lahari.

Soundarya Lahari Homam (Verses 73-81)

Offers Power, Authority, Influence, Honour, Enhances Memory,
Wealth and Riches

The descent of the Kundalini has reached the Mother’s Anahata or heart chakra after the Union with the lord in the Sahasrara. And this series of Soundarya Lahari lays emphasis on awakening the heart chakra. Also in the process, the Manipooraka chakra is also activated.

The verses 73-81 when worshipped grants good memory power and aid in having a good insight of life. It promises a bright future in jobs and other occupations. It enhances feminine qualities and helps to acquire jewellery and riches. It gives power, authority, and influence to society. The ritual gives success, fame and recognition, honour in your chosen field of profession and also achieves scholarly boons. It rewards with power to entice, dominate and get knowledge of the self. Musicians, poets and resourceful persons can greatly benefit from this ritual.

Soundarya Lahari Homam

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Soundarya Lahari Special Yantra Puja
Confers Magical Powers, Enhances Personality and Rejuvenates

Soundarya Lahari Homam

The powerful yantra 80 of Soundarya Lahari is a tool to help the devotee to realize the presence of the deity when he worships a certain mantra. By energizing the yantra, Devi is being instated into the yantra. By constant repetition of the mantras, a devotee can reap the stipulated benefits. Our priests in the homa centre will perform puja to the yantra before it’s delivered to you. This will help to achieve desires and also specific benefits of the yantra. The powerful yantra gives magical powers, success and enhances the personality. It also rejuvenates you and confers great health.


Energized Soundarya Lahari Yantra 80
Spreads Auspiciousness, Positivity and Gives Peace, Tranquility

Soundarya Lahari Homam

Place the energized yantra made of copper in your puja altar and chant the mantra 1000 times for 45 days. A devotee can also chant Lalitha Trishathi by offering red flowers. Also, offer cooked rice mixed with curd or honey and fruits to the deity as Prasad. The yantra emits positive vibrations to spread auspiciousness in your space and also bestows with peace and tranquility. Worshipping the yantra and the mantra gives rare results such as mastering magic, success in betting, rejuvenating, and ensuring excellent health and a handsome personality.


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