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Soundarya Lahari Series of Homam – 10/12

(for Verses 82-89)

Soundarya Lahari Homam

Obtain Miracle Power to Cure Diseases, Fight Enemies, Destroy Evil Spirits, Gather Riches and Attain Goddess Chandi’s Blessings


Scheduled Live Stream on November 10, 2022 @ 6 PM IST


Even Gods Prostrate at the Feet of the Divine Mother

Soundarya Lahari Homam

Soundarya Lahari is an experience of poetic glory of Adi Shankaracharya who explores the beauty or Soundarya of that which lies beyond the three realms – Jagrath, Swapna and Sushupthi, that corresponds to the conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious states. It has a unique array of mantras, tantra and yantra that are beyond the comprehension of a common man. Mantra is vibrational energy, and its practice clean-up and rearranges the entire psyche at the fundamental level. Yantra focuses on mental energy where the sound vibration of a mantra is converted into a visual geometric form. Each and every mantra focuses on different aspects of the Divine Mother that invokes Her on the mandalas of the yantra. Mandalas are three-dimensional objects that manifest before a person, through the power of yantra.

In this way, the ascent and descent of Kundalini Shakti or the primal energy take place and also the realization that the ultimate liberation is the union of Shiva and Shakti, the potential and kinetic energy respectively, through the Sahasrara or crown chakra.

The tenth of the series of Soundarya Lahari Homam for Verses 82 to 89 throws light on the beauty of Devi’s leg. Shankaracharya wants the goddess to keep Her feet on his head because they are considered a crown that the Upanishads adorn. These feet are cleansed by the waters of the Ganges that reside at the top of Lord Shiva’s matted hair and the gem of Lord Vishnu’s crown reflects its light on the divine feet, as it turns deep red. It is a subtle reference to the fact that even the gods prostrate before the Mother who is above everyone. By having Devi’s feet on his head, the poetic saint expects to attain eternal liberation.

Soundarya Lahari Verses (82-89)

॥ 82 ॥

Karīndrāṇāṃ Śuṇḍān Kanakakadalīkāṇḍapaṭalī
Mubhābhyāmūrubhyāmubhayamapi Nirjitya Bhavatī ।
Suvṛttābhyāṃ Patyuḥ Praṇatikaṭhinābhyāṃ Girisutē
Vidhijñyē Jānubhyāṃ Vibudhakarikumbhadvayamasi ॥

Significance – Comparing the goddess’ legs to an elephant’s trunk and also a banana stem, Adi Shakaracharya says that Her legs are more beautiful and that her knees are hardened to look like the round globes of Airavata, Indra’s elephant’s head. This is due to the fact that She’s always worshipping Lord Shiva kneeling on both legs.


  • Achieve skill to float and remain on water.
  • Ownership of mines and vast wealth.
  • Get abundant wealth and great prosperity.

॥ 83 ॥

Parājētuṃ Rudraṃ Dviguṇaśaragarbhau Girisutē
Niṣaṅgau Jaṅghē Tē Viṣamaviśikhō Bāḍhamakṛta ।
Yadagrē Dṛśyantē Daśaśaraphalāḥ Pādayugalī
Nakhāgrachchadmānaḥ Suramakuṭaśāṇaikaniśitāḥ ॥

Significance – Kamadeva who has five arrows in his quivers now looks upon the Devi’s feet with ten crescent-shaped arrow heads (toes) and her toe nails that are sharpened by with the prostrating crowns of the gods.


  • For nations, achieve power to trounce the enemy army.
  • For individuals, power to subdue the enemies and obtain high positions.
  • Get victory by single-handedly fighting large groups of rivals.
  • Subdue all opponents especially in the form of abusive male spouse or lover.

॥ 84 ॥

Śrutīnāṃ Mūrdhānō Dadhati Tava Yau Śēkharatayā
Mamāpyētau Mātaḥ Śirasi Dayayā Dhēhi Charaṇau ।
Yayōḥ Pādyaṃ Pāthaḥ Paśupatijaṭājūṭataṭinī
Yayōrlākṣālakṣmīraruṇaharichūḍāmaṇiruchiḥ ॥

Significance – Devi is worshipped by all gods like Shiva and Vishnu. Expressing this fact in a subtle manner, he says that the gods also prostrate before her allowing the Ganges which flows on the head, of lord Shiva, to flow down to wash the Mother’s feet. Also, the gem of Lord Vishnu’s crown, Chudamani, reflects the deep red colour (Henna) adding splendour to the feet.


  • Get the power of mesmerism.
  • Allows transmigration into other bodies.
  • Ability to cure other’s illnesses.
  • ‘Parakayapravesham’ or the ability to get into the body of others.
  • Miracle power to cure diseases.
  • Get the skill to perform magic.

॥ 85 ॥

Namōvākaṃ Brūmō Nayanaramaṇīyāya Padayō
Stavāsmai Dvandvāya Sphuṭaruchirasālaktakavatē |
Asūyatyatyantaṃ Yadabhihananāya Spṛhayatē
Paśūnāmīśānaḥ Pramadavanakaṅkēlitaravē ||

Significance - The Devi’s feet looks radiant as it's decorated with a natural dye called henna. As she kicks the Kankeli or Ashoka tree in the garden, Lord Shiva turns jealous as he feels that the tree is a rival aspirant for being kicked with those beautiful feet.


  • Freedom from clutches of evil spirits.
  • Attainment of Devi’s devotion.
  • Get relief from binding situations and people.
  • Capacity to bring about quick transformations.

॥ 86 ॥

Mṛṣā Kṛtvā Gōtraskhalanamatha Vailakṣyanamitaṃ
Lalāṭē Bhartāraṃ Charaṇakamalē Tāḍayati Tē |
Chirādantaḥśalyaṃ Dahanakṛtamunmūlitavatā
Tulākōṭikvāṇaiḥ Kilikilitamīśānaripuṇā ||

Significance – Once Devi kicked Lord Shiva when He addressed her with some other woman’s name. This incident made Kamadeva laugh, and the sound of his laughter resembled the jingling sound of Her anklets.


  • Helps to subdue enemies.
  • Warding off evil spirits.
  • Obtaining power and strength.
  • Gaining strength and infrastructure to attack and subdue the enemy.

॥ 87 ॥

Himānīhantavyaṃ Himagirinivāsaikachaturau
Niśāyāṃ Nidrāṇaṃ Niśi Charamabhāgē Cha Viśadau |
Varaṃ Lakṣmīpātraṃ Śriyamatisṛjantau Samayināṃ
Sarōjaṃ Tvatpādau Janani Jayataśchitramiha Kim ॥

Significance – Her lotus feet remain fully blossomed both  day and night and are capable of showering grace on those who worship Her by practicing sainthood (Adi Shankaracharya). But lotus flowers which are the seat of Goddess Lakshmi wither in snow and shrink at night. And there’s no doubt that the feet are more superior than the other lotus flowers.


  • Get the power of planning in order to foresee things and get vast wealth.
  • Accumulation of riches and jewellery.

॥ 88 ॥

Padaṃ Tē Kīrtīnāṃ Prapadamapadaṃ Dēvi Vipadāṃ
Kathaṃ Nītaṃ Sadbhiḥ Kaṭhinakamaṭhīkarparatulām |
Kathaṃ Vā Bāhubhyāmupayamanakālē Purabhidā
Yadādāya Nyastaṃ Dṛṣadi Dayamānēna Manasā ॥

Significance –  Adi Shankaracharya questions the poets who compared the Devi’s beautiful feet to the hard shell of a tortoise. He also questions Lord Shiva for placing Her feet on a hard rock to perform marriage ceremonies.


  • Protects from wild animals.
  • Controls brutal forces causing distress to devotees.
  • Freedom from problems and difficulties.
  • Get fame, creativity and prosperity.

॥ 89 ॥

Nakhairnākastrīṇāṃ Karakamalasaṅkōchaśaśibhi
Starūṇāṃ Divyānāṃ Hasata Iva Tē Chaṇḍi Charaṇau |
Phalāni Svaḥsthēbhyaḥ Kisalayakarāgrēṇa Dadatāṃ
Daridrēbhyō Bhadrāṃ Śriyamaniśamahnāya Dadatau ॥

Significance – Addressing Devi as Chandi, Shankaracharya says that the heavenly tress give wealth to gods and goddesses in heavenly planes whereas the feet that has moon like toe nails has surpassed the beauty of the arms of divine damsels. This feet gives wealth to well-deserving humans the moment they desire for it.


  • Cures all diseases, gives great physical strength.
  • Materialisation of wishes.
  • Get the grace of powerful Goddess Chandi.


Energized Yantra 84 of Soundarya Lahari – This yantra will be given away as part of our special package for this series which is the tenth of the 12 series of the Soundarya Lahari Series of Homam. The yantra has a six-cornered star-shaped geometric pattern with mantras engraved in the spaces. The corners of the star are joined by curves where again there are mantras for invoking the deity.

Mode of Worship - The yantra to be made of copper, sit facing east. Chant the shloka 1000 times daily for one full year. One can offer cooked rice, milk gruel, honey and betel with areca nut slices. Also one can chant Lalitha Sahasranamam offering vermillion. The beneficial results of worshipping the yantra are power of mesmerism and transmigration into other bodies, and also achieve the power to cure illness of others. It also activates the Muladhara chakra and Swadhishtana chakra for purification and elevation.

Soundarya Lahari Homam (Verses 82-89)

Obtain Miracle Power to Cure Diseases, Fight Enemies, Destroy Evil Spirits, Gather Riches and Attain Goddess Chandi’s Blessings

Soundarya Lahari Homam is an exceptional method of invoking the supreme force or Adi Shakti for a variety of blessings. In this series, the meditation focuses on the beautiful legs of Devi to attain certain desires of devotees. A true sadhaka can subdue his/her enemy even if it means an abusive spouse or lover. The mantra recitation and homam can ward off evil spirits, protect from wild animals, and find solutions to problems and complications of life. One can attain the miracle power to get relief from diseases, perform magic, and obtain power and strength. Invoking the goddess helps to acquire ownership of mines and haul vast amounts of wealth. Meditating on  Devi’s feet can get fame, prosperity, and fulfill all wishes. The grace of Goddess Chandi can also be attained by performing the ritual.

Soundarya Lahari Homam

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Soundarya Lahari Special Yantra (84) Puja
Bestows Powers of Mesmerism, Transmigration and Cures Illnesses

Soundarya Lahari Homam

This yantra meditates upon the Devi’s feet. Our expert priest will place the yantra on the homa kund or fire-altar, and perform puja to it by chanting powerful Mantra 84 of Soundarya Lahari. This is also to enable the devotees to experience  positive vibrations besides other benefits too. This rare yantra can bestow the power of mesmerism, transmigration into other bodies and has the ability to cure illnesses of others. The other special powers of this yantra are the activation of Muladhara and Swadhishtana chakra. It also purifies and elevates the person.


Energized Soundarya Lahari Yantra 84
Emits Vibes of Divinity Gives Auspiciousness and Harmony

Soundarya Lahari Homam

Yantra 84 will be energized in the homam before it is delivered. To get the benefit of the yantra, one must sit facing east and chant the Shloka 1000 times daily for a full year. Also, a devotee can recite Lalitha Sahasranamam by offering vermillion to the yantra. Devi’s grace will always be with the devotee who owns the yantra. The radiations of the yantra can transform your space with divinity, auspiciousness, ensure peace and harmony always.

Before the start of any Vedic practice, it’s advisable to consult a qualified Master or Guru.


Basic Package (For One Devotee)
USD 99.00
  • Soundarya Lahari Homam
Silver Package (Upto 4 Devotees)
USD 145.00
  • Soundarya Lahari Homam
Gold Package (Upto 6 Devotees)
USD 175.00
  • Soundarya Lahari Homam
  • Soundarya Lahari Special Yantra (84) Puja