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Most Powerful & Rare Yagya Appeases All gods To Fulfill Wishes & Uplift Life

Soma Yagya 2019

Find Abundance, Sound Health, Great Strength & Victory

Scheduled Live On  Jan 27, 2019 @ 6 PM IST

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Soma Yagya Attracts All Gods Blessings to Fulfill Wishes & Uplift Life

The Soma Yagya is so powerful that it appease all gods of the Vedic pantheon. From demi gods to the Supreme entity it pays obeisance and sees that your future is so full of abundance, sound health, great strength and victory. It also paves way for life upliftment.

There are many elucidations to Soma. But the core essence is that it produces happiness, peace, enthusiasm and relaxation.

It also refers to Moon because Somavar is Monday or Moon day. In ancient scripts, in many places, soma calls upon god to provide everyone with peace, satisfaction, bliss and global vision. It also asks Soma to create medicines that heal, to create water that quenches thirst, to eradicate darkness from this world.  Soma sometimes intoxicates so that we complete engage ourselves in the devotion to God.

Soma Yagya Sends Out Powerful Vibes that Brings Success Every Year

Soma Yagya

If you want to rule the world in your own terms then Soma Yagya is the thing to do. It not only benefits the sponsors of the yagya, but also sends out vibrations of love and peace upon the entire planet. This is a Vedic method of purifying and balancing the planet. The yagya got its name from the soma plant, that is a delicacy of the gods and this is offered as an oblation to the fire. The yagya bestows prosperity to the entire living beings in the universe. It bolsters universal harmony and brotherhood among mankind. The Soma Yagya imparts vigour, vitality and effectiveness to medicines that have lost their qualities due to passage of time and have undergone deterioration due to various reasons. Soma is bliss and the Yagya Devatas grant everything that the devotee pines for.

The yagya gives importance to all four Vedas and does not limit itself to a particular individual alone but humanity as a whole. So this New Year, let’s pray not for self, but for the entire human race because when the world is at peace there will be peace within you too.


What Blessings you Get from all Gods Through Soma Yagya:-

  • Soma awards prosperity & heavenly blessings to the society at large.
  • It appeases all gods that bestow you with abundance, sound health, great strenght and victory.
  • Soma vibrations transforms everyone to be good and encourages universal harmony and brotherhood.
  • It provides an extra powerful uplift of healing power as Soma is a kind of elixir that boosts health.
  • The yagya prevents depression and tensions so that you can stay foccussed and clear in all your important activities.
  • Attain good progeny that are intelligent with this mega ritual.
  • Get a disease free environment devoid of toxins and dangerous pollutants

Special Ceremonies to Complement the Power of Soma Yagya

Panchagavyam PujaPanchagavyam Puja - Start New Year Afresh By Wiping Out Sins 

Panchagavyam is five basic products that we obtain from cows. These are milk, ghee, curd, dung and cow urine or ‘gomutra.’ because these elements have the power to cure many diseases, the Panchagavyam becomes a rather unique product for use in many rituals. It balances the three doshas of vata, pitta and kapha.  It is the purest nectar that benefits the heart, gives strength & intelligence and wipes out sins. It gives life, removes all blood diseases and has the power to nullify poisonous effects. In the puja, our expert priests mix the products in specified measurements and place it next to the kalasam and revere it chanting powerful mantras.

108 Herbs Homa108 Herbs Homa - Keep Yourself Strong & Healthy For Many Years To Come

These special herbs are offered to the fire which emits medicinal properties in the surroundings, thereby cleansing the environment. According to Vedic Knowledge, these herbs are miracle healers. They are also associated with Soma plant and moon. It is said that soma is their king. The 108 Herbs Homa has power to cure all diseases, flush out toxins from blood and have the power of attraction – they can attract a man towards his wife. 


Punyaham AvahanamPunyaham Avahanam - For A New Year That Provides Power & Stability

The ‘soma ras’ is a powerful medicament that purifies the mind, body and soul and causes enlightenment. It leads us towards immortality. In punyaha avahanam, the ‘Soma ras’ is mixed with water and filled in the kalasam. The Soma yagya devatas Brahma, Indra and Surya-Chandra (Soma) are invoked. After the conclusion of all rituals, the concoction can either be gulped or sprinkled in your home or establishment to invite auspiciousness. The Punyaham Avahanam grants power, stability, vaak shudhi (clarity of words)

Indrakshi Shiva Kavacham PujaIndrakshi Shiva Kavacham Puja - Safeguards You From All Threats & Trauma

The Indrakshi Shiva Kavacham is a divine song that was gifted by lord Vishnu to help people with good life without diseases. It acts as a shield and protects them from all threats. The hymn has great potential to eliminated diseases of the skin, eyes, head, abdomen, joint pains and other body related trauma. It puts an end to bad thoughts, ensures a safe pregnancy and also prevents premature child births. This Puja grants overall victory and prevents dangers from accosting the devotee.


Gandharva-Apsaras PujaGandharva-Apsaras Puja - Promises A Strong Relationship For The Future

The Gandharvas are demi-gods well versed in music and dance and make great singers of heaven and they reside in Gandharva loka. Their father is Sage Kashyap and mother Arishta, daughter of Daksha. The Apsaras on the other hand are nymphs who are wives of demigods including the Gandharvas. They live in the kingdom of Indra and are in charge of Soma or ‘Soma ras’, a concoction of herbs. It is said that the Gandharvas protect the Soma for gods. They are not revered but without them the worship of Soma is fruitless. There are however references that Gandharvas bestow beauty and grace and Apsaras a good life partner.

Badrinath Temple PujaBadrinath Temple Puja & Prasad - Grants Lifetime Blessings and Moksha

This holy temple is situated in Uttarakhand and is one of the 108 divya desams dedicated to Lord Vishnu. A pooja at this great temple is considered to be propitious and one is blessed with plenty of rewards for a lifetime and grants Moksha. Take delight at the divine prasad that’s being offered to you from Badrinath. Use them daily for self purification and blessings of Lord Vishnu. 

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