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Rudramsha Series of Homam – 2/12

Shiva Rudra Homam

Clears Miseries, Prevents Sudden Death, Gives Positive Outlook and Shows Right Path to All


Scheduled Live Stream on August 25, 2022 @ 6 PM IST


Rudramsha Predictions Can Avoid Dangers to Life

Shiva Rudra Homam

Rudramsha or D11 Divisional Chart is ruled by the Rudras and Lord Maheshwara. This chart indicates the struggles and strife of a person in the horoscope. Prayers and ritual appease the Rudra for all zodiac signs or rashi. Rudramsha Series of Homam pays homage to the 12 forms of Rudra who rule the D11 chart of Vedic astrology. The Rudras as planets, decide the fate of a person according to the karma accrued. Though Rudras are 11 in number, in the Rudramsha chart the twelfth Rudra is Lord Maheshwara whose sole duty is to liberate the soul from the cycle of birth and death. This He does taking into account the good karma of a person, and if the soul is riddled with bad karma, then it has to reincarnate to face the consequences.

The best way to find out what’s in store for you is to consult our experienced scholar Dr. Navnit J Krishna, a specialist in Jaimini Sutras who can easily predict your destiny with the help of the Rudramsha or Ekadamsha chart. Also, know the secrets of avoiding threats to life by performing powerful, miracle remedies.

For the second of the series of Rudramsha Series of Homam to the 12 Rudras, Vedicfolks will venerate Lord Shiva Rudra on the auspicious day of Masik Shivaratri which is observed every month on the Krishna Paksha Chatrudashi Tithi or the 14th day of the moon’s dark fortnight. It’s a day dedicated to Lord Shiva worship, to win the blessings of the lord and perform special ceremonies in His name. Also, being one of the deities of the Rudramsha chart, Lord Shiva Rudra can alleviate trauma and maladies and save the devotee from aggression, threats and downfalls of life. It’s a good solution for cure of diseases, good health and happiness. One can also expect progress in profession, freedom from enemies, troubles and escape fear of death.

Lord Shiva Rudra Creates, Nurtures and Destroys the Universe

Shiva means auspicious one. The cosmic principle as comprised in the Vedas is described as Shiva in the Puranas. He dedicates himself for the welfare of the universe. If a devotee dedicates his life for the welfare of others, then he is eligible for Rudra Shiva’s grace. He is often associated with hurricane and is believed to be one of the primordial energies that created the universe.

Shiva Rudra also known as Aghora has a complexion resembling a blue lotus, wears snakes as ornaments, a garland of skulls and smeared with ashes of cremation grounds. The Vedic hymn Rudram extensively uses the name Rudra while it sings the praise of Lord Shiva. It heralds the different aspects of lord Shiva and praises him as the primordial force who is the point of origin of the entire universe. Rudra Shiva is associated with creation and destruction and the deity is the final destination of the entire universe in to which it combines after dissolution. Since he is the creator, he’s also responsible for nurturing living beings of the universe. Lord Shiva Rudra is compassionate and merciful. Therefore he readily appears when called to address all problems of his people.

Significance of Shiva Rudra Homam

Lord Shiva is Adi Yogi, the source and founder of Yoga. He removes the delusions of the mind, increases detachment and grants liberation. He is easy to satisfy and grants material benefits easily. When his energies are called upon in fire or homa it accelerates auspiciousness and spiritual growth.

Shiva Rudra Homam

Clears Miseries, Prevents Sudden Death, Gives Positive Outlook and Shows Right Path to All

Shiva Rudra Homam to the founder of the universe will fetch the devotee auspicious blessings of courage, strength and success in life. The ritual removes negative impact of evil eyes and enemies. The lord quickly acts to get rid of miseries or hardships of devotees. Shiva Rudra Homam annihilates evil forces and prevents all hurdles that may be a stumbling block for success. The lord’s grace removes troubles and gives a positive outlook towards life. It wipes out fear of untimely death and grants moksha.

The ritual clears problems in the Rudramsha chart by removing dangers that threaten life. A person can find relief from sudden deaths due to accidents, diseases and sufferings. Lord Rudra Shiva teaches that ultimate peace is derived when people follow the path of sacrifice and self-meditation. The ritual also destroys evil forces, improves the conditions of the body and mind and bestows ceaseless physical and mental strength to overcome dangers and disappointments. The ritual also helps for a quick recovery from illnesses before and after a surgery. The Shiva Rudra Homam also shows the right path to a person who has faltered in his life so that he turns a new leaf.

Shiva Rudra Homam

Benefits of Shiva Rudra Homam

  • Abolishes sins and effects of bad karma.
  • Eliminates obstacles and troubles from the devotees’ life.
  • Removes negative traits like lust, ego and anger.
  • Frees the soul from negative thinking.
  • Attain divine grace and blessings of Lord Shiva Rudra.

Soleeswarar Temple Puja
Find Cure to Paralysis, Epilepsy, Psychosis and Acquire Blessings of Long Married Life

Shiva Rudra Homam

Soleeswarar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva is located at Perambakkam near Thakkolam in Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. This ancient temple was constructed by a Chola king and it was initially called Kulothunga Sozheeswararamudaiya Mahadevar Temple. The main deity is a self-manifested linga which has nerve like patterns all over it. The linga remains untouched by humans and therefore the lord is called Theenda Thirumeni. The Mother deity in the temple is goddess Kamakshi who emanates great divinity, beauty and compassion. Many other deities adorn this temple for various blessings but mainly it is a remedy temple for curing nerve disorders like paralysis, neuro disorders and brain related issues like psychosis. Lord Soleeswarar also heals epilepsy, osteoarthritis and other diseases. A puja in this temple also solves marriage delays, and married couples will be blessed with a long happy married life.


Energized Shiva Yantra
Banishes Life Threats, Cures Illnesses, Grants Good Health, Fortune and Abundance

Shiva Rudra Homam

Shiva yantra is an intricate amalgamation of certain symbols and curves embossed on it. It has the representation of five elements of nature which also a part of human body. There’s also a symbolic representation of Goddess Parvati in the Yantra. The Yantra keeps you charged with energy, gives strength, power and overcomes fear. It removes fatal diseases, illness and fear of deaths due to accidents, etc. It ensures good health and good fortune to the one that possesses the Yantra. Shiva Yantra blesses you with wealth, prosperity and abundance. It protects from evil energies like evil eye, black magic and other lower vibration energies. It enhances creative skills, calms the mind and boosts concentration.

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  • Shiva Rudra Homam
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  • Shiva Rudra Homam
  • Soleeswarar Temple Puja
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  • Soleeswarar Temple Puja
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