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Shatru Samhaara Subramanya Trishati Homam

Defeats Mars Affliction, Get Relief from Debts, Achieve Growth in Career, Success in All Ventures and Win Your Enemies


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Lord Subramanya, Master of Kundalini Yoga Sustains Youth, Vitality and Beauty

Shatru Samhaara Subramanya Homam 22

Lord Muruga, Skanda or Subramanya is a popular deity because he has the unique combination of power derived from his Mother Parvati and enormous knowledge acquired from his father Lord Shiva. He manifested with the combination of all powers and knowledge to provide peace and security. Brother of Lord Ganesh, Muruga is also the god of the Pleiadean system, a master of Kundalini yoga which is spiritual energy located at the base of the spine. Lord Muruga also rules Planet Mars, and by worshipping this handsome son of Lord Shiva with devotion, a person can strengthen Mars or Ankaraka in the horoscope for solving relationship issues, health problems, land disputes and sustaining youth and vitality. Marriage-related defects like Manglik dosha and menstrual disorders can be solved by invoking the lord.

Shatru Samhara Trishati means chanting of 300 names of Lord Muruga to annihilate the enemy. Shatru Samhara Trishati Homam is a powerful one that removes unexpected conflicts in your life and drives away enemy menace.

The festival of Soora Samhaaram falls in the month of Karthika, which is celebrated on the last day of Skanda Sashti Vrath, an important festival dedicated to Lord Muruga. The day celebrates the victory of killing the demon, Soora Padman by Lord Muruga which also symbolises the triumph of good over evil. Shatru Samhaaram Trishati Homam is very appropriate on this day to destroy your foes and be a winner in all spheres of life.

Significance of Shatru Samhaara Trishati Homam

The fundamental aim of Shatru Samhaara Trishati Homam is to destroy your enemies. These destructive forces that create havoc in your life also create a loss to your happiness and peace. This Homam not only protects you from adversaries but also provides the strength to face them boldly. It also alleviates you from evil eye dosha, curses, malefic effects of planets, ancestors, diseases, etc. By removing all the destructive energies from life, you get success, courage, strength, regain the lost wealth and acquire true knowledge.

Shatru Samhaara Trishati Homam

Defeats Mars Affliction, Get Relief from Debts, Gives Growth in Career, Success in All Ventures and Wins over Enemies

The Shatru Samhaara Trishati is one of the most important texts of the Kaumara sect. It’s used covertly to destroy enemies. It is chanted by highly knowledgeable Vedic scholars who can deliver the powerful mantras effectively. The form of the lord invoked here is Shatru Samhaara Murthi, the one who destroys the demon called Avidya which is the veil of spiritual forgetfulness, ignorance or illusion. Lord Muruga helps you to fight three important rivals (shatru) that cause agony to you namely, Karma or destiny, Maya or illusion and ego or disbelief of God. The ritual also enhances family bonding, overcomes fears and mental blocks. It also solves problems in your profession, business losses and relieves you from debts. The powerful effects of the Homam can root out your internal and external enemies to see you through success in all aspects of life.

Shatru Samhaara Subramanya Homam 22

Benefits of Shatru Samhaara Trishati Homam

Solves Karmic debts, and it’s a solution to ancestral curses.
Protects you from enemies and gives strength to face all challenges.
It helps you recover from business debts and to regain lost wealth.
This Homam also helps you to recover from the affliction of Planet Mars.
Solves legal issues, cures diseases, and clears all negative energies.
It’s a highly beneficial ritual for politicians, businessmen and military personnel.
Useful for people suffering from evil eye dosha, black magic and negative forces.

Tiruchendur Subramanya Swamy Temple Puja
Crushes Enemy, cures incurable diseases, Confers Victory and Gives Miracle Blessings

Shatru Samhaara Subramanya Homam 22

Of all the six abodes of Lord Muruga this is the only temple that is located by the sea shore, while all other five abodes are on hilltops. Lord Muruga stayed here with his battalion of forces before he set out to kill Soorapadman. The temple is present on the shores of Bay of Bengal. Here Lord Subramanya is worshipped as Senthilandavan or Senthilkumaran. The temple has nine theerthams, according to Sthala Purana or historical significance of the temple. A bath in these wells is believed to confer miraculous blessings for a devotee. The temple is significant for the demon Soorapadman’s killing as he was transformed to a peacock and cock. The miracle lord of Tiruchendur when worshipped cures incurable illnesses, bestows victory, destroys the enemy and grants all-around blessings to you.


Energized Vel
Removes Darkness, Vice and Shuns Negative Forces

Shatru Samhaara Subramanya Homam 22

In the battle against a demon, Soorapadma, Lord Subramanya received a precious gift from his mother Goddess Parvati, a spear. It is said to be very powerful and effective to keep off negative energies and can vanquish enemies. The Energized Vel from Vedicfolks made of brass can be kept in your puja altar or carried with you wherever you go. It shuns negative vibrations, malice and vice and ensures victory in all your undertakings. The spear of Subramanya represents dynamism and power of Shakti. It can remove darkness, ignorance and provide true wisdom. It helps to achieve spiritual progress that leads to the liberation of the soul.

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