Auspicious Sashti Rituals Invoke
Dual Powers For Miracle Boons and
Rooting Out Evil

Bagalamukhi and Subramanya Homam

Ascertain Victory, Rout Malice,
Gain Wealth, Valor & Intelligence

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Shasti Special Rituals Invoke Powerful Gods To Crush Enemy (Shatru Samhara) & Achieve Success

Sashti is a special day dedicated to Lord Skanda, Muruga or Subramanya. It’s an auspicious day for heavenly consciousness that awakens us from the negative squabbles that our mind faces. It’s also a day to invoke deities to gain success in missions and overcome adversities. On this day, performing homam to two powerful gods, Bagalamukhi, a form of Shakti or Maha Kali and Subramanya is very propitious, and delivers favorable results.

Bagalamukhi Homam

Bagalamukhi is an aggressive form of Shakti and is the eighth of the Mahavidyas. Anyone offering prayers to Bagalamukhi can expect major gains in life. Bagala also means valga, the rein that is put on the mouths of animals like horses to control them. She looks radiant and her skin glows golden yellow and therefore the name Pitambari. Brahmastra Roopini and Kalyani are her other monikers. Her powers are electrifying and she can transform things in matter of seconds. She is the controller of speech, movement and knowledge. She annihilates foes by destroying their intellect, she can even make hostile people favour you. She stands guard against poverty, major troubles, infectious diseases, curses, evil designs and legal disputes.

Bagalamukhi Homam Significance

Revering the powerful goddess Bagalamukhi on Sashti day brings major positive changes to life. Her spiritual energies can immobilize your foes like paralyze their speech, destroy their bad intentions and negativity like black magic. The homam to Goddess Bagalamukhi is a highly potent ritual to gain blessings of health, wealth and prosperity as well.

Bagalamukhi Moola Mantra

Om Hleem Bagalaamukhi Sarvadushtaanaam Vaacham
Mukham Padam Stambhaya Jihvaam Keelay Buddhim
Vinaashaay Hring Om Swaha

Bagalamukhi Homam Combined Benefits
  • Reduce mental agony and sorrow with this homam
  • Clear doshas and karmic issues from the birth chart in an effective way
  • Reduce malefic effects of planets, especially Mars, Rahu and Ketu
  • Pin down your enemy by neutralizing and incapacitating them
  • Remove negativity like black magic, curse, and tough doshas.
  • Ensure inflow of wealth, remove debts and poverty
  • Achieve success in profession, business without any hurdles.
Subramanya Homam

The powers of Lord Subramanya, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi are incredible. His other names are Muruga, Shanmukha, Vadivel, etc. He is an embodiment of wisdom, faith, wealth and prosperity. He’s an all pervading god who takes care of your material and spiritual well-being.

Subramanya Homam Significance

The Subramanya Homam on Sashti helps to gain strength and vitality, increases your monetary values and invigorates you. It also is a perfect means to gain success over rivalry, competitors and enemies. It teaches the essence of Om, the Pranava mantra which helps to achieve strength and vitality. Enjoy miraculous boons, and optimistic energies and splendor by performing the ritual.

Subramanya Moola Mantra

Om Namo Bhagavathe Subramanyaya Shanmughaya Mahaatmane
Sarva Shatru Samhaaraaya
Mahaa-Bala Paraakramaaya Veeraya Sooraaya
Bhaktapari-Baalanaaya Dhana-Dhaanya-Prabhalaaya
Thanesvaraaya Mama Sarva Bheeshdam Prayach-cha Swaahaa

Bagalamukhi Homam Combined Benefits
  • Accomplish all desires, strength and vitality.
  • Acquire knowledge, splendor and victory in life.
  • Abolish evil in all forms like physical, spiritual and mental and also destroy the enemy to the core.
  • Gain healing powers to keep your diseases and worries away.
  • Enjoy benefits of wealth in abundance, marital harmony and family bonding.
Temple Pujas

Goddess Tulja Bhavani is a very impressive and formidable goddess and her temple in Tuljapur, Maharashtra is one of the three and a half Shakti Peeth. She is also known by the names of Tulaja, Turaja, Tvarita, Bhavani and Amba. The great emperor Shivaji was her ardent devotee and used to visit the temple before he undertook any major ventures. The goddess grants strength, valour and courage to her devotees. She blesses them with success, wisdom and all round prosperity. Like a loving mother, the goddess protects her devotees from sins of selfishness, evil desires, hatred, anger, jealousy and ego. She symbolizes the power of the supreme being of the universe that maintains righteousness and moral order. She is also capable of combating demons who destabilize the universe. The most unique feature of the idol of Tulja Bhavani is that it’s a chala murti which means it is non-static and can be moved from its position for Parikrama or ritualistic encircling and other rituals.

Temple Pujas

In the battle against a demon, Soorapadma, Lord Subramanya received a precious gift from his mother, a spear. It is said to be very powerful and effective to keep off negative energies and can vanquish enemies. The energized vel from Vedicfolks made of brass can be kept in your puja altar or carried with you wherever you go. It shuns negative vibrations, malice and vice and ensures victory in all your undertakings. The spear of Subramanya represents dynamism and power of Shakti. It can remove darkness, ignorance and provide true wisdom. It helps to achieve spiritual progress that leads to the liberation of the soul.


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  • Goddess Bagalamukhi Homam and Subramanya Homam
  • Tulja Bhavani Shakti Peeth Temple Puja
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  • Goddess Bagalamukhi Homam and Subramanya Homam
  • Tulja Bhavani Shakti Peeth Temple Puja
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