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Sharabeshwara Maha Homam

on Kalashtami offers Double Blessings, Destroys Adversaries and Ensures Joy & Prosperity

Find Succor to Prolonged Illness, Quarrels, Evil Eye & Achieve Success, Fortune & Get Satisfaction in All Aspects of Life

Scheduled Live Stream on January 25, 2022 @ 5 PM IST

Lord Sharabeshwara Protects, Motivates and Offers Quick Relief to Problems

Lord Sharabeshwara is a part-bird part-beast form that’s more powerful than a lion or an elephant. In the two wings of Sharabeshwara comprise, Devi Pratyangira and Shoolini Durga. In totality, Lord Sharabeshwara has multiple powers within Him to remove tough enemies, black magic and saves life from dangerous situations. According to Sharaba Upanishad of Atharva Veda and other religious texts, God Shiva assumed the Sharaba form to pacify Lord Narasimha whose ire was uncontrollable after killing Hiranyakashipu.

A devotee can seek refuge in this lord when he is in a calamitous, sorrowful mess and also when unrighteousness claims his life. Lord Sharabeshwara comes to help when your memory wanes, your strength declines and you do not get what you rightfully deserve. His blessings are enormous in the form of courage, bravery, peace and love. He cures you of long-standing diseases, severe afflictions, jealousy and all bad elements that cause trouble in your life. Sharabeshwara is a vanquisher of evil, a great protector, motivator and well-wisher. Just as Lord Shiva is the root cause of siddhi or spiritual attainment and buddhi i.e., spiritual knowledge Lord Sharabeshwara is a formidable force—the lord of bhakti or devotion, and spiritual fortitude. It is said that Sharabeshwara is actually not an avatar, but existed in all yugas. He modifies his role according to the need of a particular yuga to correct and absolve sins and mistakes.

Kalashtami is a perfect time to invoke lord Sharabeshwara which is not only the day of Kala Bhairava, another fierce aspect of Lord Shiva. The Sharabeshwara Maha Homam on the day grants double blessings of both lords that are Shiva forms for keeping your foes away and giving you immense bliss and contentment.

Significance of Sharabeshwara Maha Homam

Lord Sharabeshwara annihilates evil forces influencing your life. He is a fierce incarnation of Lord Shiva and has immense powers to protect all those who seek succor from worldly problems. The homam can be useful for those seeking relief from black magic issues, psychological disorders and also finding solution to harassing legal tangles. Sharabeshwara homam can be performed by those who suffer evil eye casting and tortures from negative forces. It also benefits those facing obstacles and negativity in their lives and all other problems that needs immediate solution.

Lord Sharabeshwara Mantra

“Aum Saaluvesaya Vidhmahe, Pakshi Roopaya Dheemahi
Thanno Sarabha Prachodhayath”

Sharabeshwara Maha Homam gives Succor to Prolonged Illness, Quarrels, Evil Eye & Achieve Success and Fortune & Get Satisfaction in All Aspects of Life

Invoking Lord Sharabeshwar on Kalashtami with Sharabeshwara Maha Homam curbs ultimate evil forces that cause you anxiety. He strikes with force and is extremely ferocious. He can be ruthless to the enemy and a great protector of his devotees, and the lord never fails to motivate. The Sharabeshwara Homam is recommended for those who want to experience utmost joy and tranquility and gain protection from problems that’s beyond your control. It helps overcome enemy problems, tussles and quarrels. It provides dynamism to you, helps to win over enemies and gives a positive attitude.