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Satyanarayana Pooja & Homam 

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Katha Recitation and Kalasa Avahanam Brings Fortune To Your Homes

He is there in everybody’s homes and He is the most benevolent and compassionate of all the Gods. He can be appeased easily and blessings and rewards are given away by him very generously. And that’s about Lord Satyanarayana, a form of Lord Mahavishnu who has been mentioned in the Skanda Purana and the one that represents Truth.  

Vedic pundits believe that the Lord has two characteristics to his form—benevolent, quiet, pleasant and gentle while the other is malevolent where he can go to any extent to destroy the enemy. The Lord is the preserver and upholder of Vedic Dharma. His place of abode is the milky waters of the ocean where he lies on a bed of coiled thousand hooded snake called Adi Sesha. He is seen with his divine consort Goddess Lakshmi who signifies material wealth and power of creation. The ocean represents consciousness and bliss and the snake for illusion, time and diversity.  

In all aspects, Lord Satyanarayana resembles Maha Vishnu with four hands intact but one instead of holding the lotus is seen raised to bless devotees.



The ritual is quite common among devotees and has been observed from time immemorial. It is normally carried out when an auspicious event is about to take place or even after one’s wishes are fulfilled. It involves a very simple procedure wherein firstly, offering prayers to Lord Ganesha for removing obstacles, if any, during the course of the ceremony. You can also offer Him his favourite prasadams like coconuts, sweet dumplings and laddoos. Flowers and darbai grass may also be offered to Lord Ganesha.

Another important feature of the worship is paying obeisance to the navagrahas or nine planets namely Surya, Chandra, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. A prayer to Lord Narayana can’t be possible without paying respects to his consort Goddess Mahalakshmi.


The puja is normally done on a full moon day preferably in the evenings and close families and guests are invited to partake in the ceremonies.

Every ritual begins with cleansing and cleaning—cleansing the physical self and cleaning the material spaces like your home and surroundings. An idol or framed picture of Lord Satyanarayana is placed facing the east direction decorated with flowers and Tulsi garland that is very auspicious. Later, mantras and bhajans are chanted in his glory.

The Vishnu sahasranamam containing 1008 names of Mahavishnu can be chanted and has great reverence for its powerful vibrations that result in supreme knowledge and wisdom.

Besides reciting the hymns and bhajans, a devotee should offer prasadams to the Lord such as sweet puddings and fruits.

Finally, the prayer is concluded with the Arathi, which is waving or circulating a fire produced from ghee soaked wicks or camphor balls in front of the image of the Lord. This invokes the deities and calls for their love and blessings.


There are about five stories that are recited that have great significance to the devotee and also go hand in hand with the puja ceremony. There’s one that Narada after visiting earth and seeing the sufferings of the people owing to their past Karma explains the situation to Lord Narayana. He in turn elucidates the details of the puja and asks the divine sage to inform people to perform it with great devotion and sincerity so that they get relief from their sufferings. It was prescribed to Narada by Lord Vishnu as an antidote to all evils and suffering. 

There’s also the narration of a poor Brahmin who begs for his daily livelihood. The lord appears in front of him in disguise and asks him to perform the Satyanarayana puja and vratam (fasting). He performs the same with the money he receives from begging and very soon he becomes rich and prosperous. He also recommends a woodcutter to perform the ritual who experienced amazing results.

There are many such stories written in ancient script Skanda Purana, Revaa Kaanda. Suta Puraanik was the narrator of these stories in Neimishaaranya — a small town in Sitapur district near Lucknow is one of the most sacred places of pilgrimage — to the rishis lead by Shounak who were performing a 1000-year yagna for the benefit of mankind.  


The yagna is performed to obtain the blessing of Lord Maha Vishnu. It also ensures happiness and prosperity to the entire family so that they do not face any problems. It also helps to look after their well being. It is said to have beneficial effect upon those who perform it with reverence and sincerity. It is believed that during the ancient times, several kings and merchants performed the yagna to overcome adversity and earn the blessings of Lord Narayana.

How Lord Satyanarayana rituals work


Satyanarayana puja brings wealth and mental health to everyone.

The katha/story recital of the Lord brings peace and happiness.

The yagna ensures that each and every family member does not face any problem.

Kalasa avaganam opens the devotees’ mind and brings the energies of the God.




The ritual is performed before any major occasion like marriage, house warming, special birthdays, fulfilling wishes, showing gratitude to Godhead etc. it can be performed on any day for any reason. But the day of Chitra pournami is very special. The ceremony is mostly performed on a full moon day in the evenings.

Vedicfolks is happy to announce that we are going to conduct one of our most popular rituals, the Satyanarayana Pooja and SatyaNarayana Homam and katha recital on 29th March, 2017 along with kalasa avaganam, means bringing the powers of the deity to the energised pot filled with aromatic water. It’s just not praying to god to come and go, but it serves to open the mind of the devotee to the deity’s presence.



Brings peace and happiness to your life

Get plenty of wealth and abundance

Removes obstacles that cause trouble

Realise the path of Truth

Prevent unexpected, sudden death

Be blessed with true knowledge

Clear negativity from your life

Invoke blessings of the most benevolent God

Guaranteed spiritual and material progress


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