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54 Forms of Ganapathi Series of Homam –13/54

Sarva Shakti Ganapathi Homam

Removes Business Concerns, Ensures Safety of Family, Good Karma, Success in Trade and Art Forms


Scheduled Live Stream on January 10, 2023 @ 6:00 PM IST / 4:30 AM PST / 7:30 AM EST


Sarva Shakti Ganapathi and His Five Shaktis

Lord Ganapathi is the most versatile god who takes various forms to suit the needs of those who worship him sincerely. He is the embodiment of five powerful and positive powers, or shaktis that make people's belief in Vedic practices a must in order to embrace and share love with their near and dear ones. It also helps to understand how the lord works with each of us every day in our mundane life.

According to the Lord Himself, there are five great 'shaktis' or powers that a person should possess, and should be felt through the body. These powers are nothing but being in the presence of god. And Lord Ganesh manifest in five aspects of man's day to day life.

The Lord who is loved by saints and sages, is the remover of obstacles. His skillful arms wield five potent shaktis.

His First Shakti is home life or for the immediate family which he protects, ensuring fertility and harmony. This is possible due to the first power of the lord.

The Second Shakti or power is the love we show to our extended families like relatives, or even friends and neighbors. It’s difficult to maintain these relationships in a harmonious manner because evil forces come in between to spoil relationships and therefore misunderstandings and disorders occur.

The Third Shakti manifests in the business relationships, in goods, finance, and distribution of wealth to the world. They are business associates, merchants, and the public at large. This power is very strong as it is difficult to maintain harmony in this kind of relationships as it can easily end up in disharmony. Also, this power frees from debts and helps to conceive, produce and exchange prosperity.

The Fourth Shakti is the combination of the first two shaktis and also stabilized by the fourth. It is seen through the love of culture and all that it bestows us. It also relates to the respect and appreciation of the discipline. This attraction towards art forms grants boons in the form of creativity in music, drama, dance, literature, and other arts. In this way, negative forces are locked together in a harmonious way for a glorious future. The Shakti also manifests as devotion towards one’s ancestors and all forms of positive community union.

The Fifth Shakti of Lord Ganapathi is the mix of the first and the third in vibration and also includes unconditional love for the lord. Loving Lord Ganesh with heart and soul leads to the combined merging of the five shaktis. This also makes a person charitable, builds temples and shrines, indulge in donations, and earn abundant good deeds or Punya not only for this life but also for the next. Thus, the lord offers material, emotional, spiritual and intellectual abundance to his devotees.

By harnessing these five Shaktis in man, Lord Ganapathi becomes Sarva Shakti Ganapathi who bestows five essential powers to his devotees.

Sarva Shakti Ganapathi Homam will be performed on Lambodara Sankashti Chaturthi which falls in the month of Poush or Magha month during Krishna paksha. It is one of the 13 Sankashtahara Chaturthi Vrat days dedicated to Lord Ganapathi. Worshipping the lord on this day keeps away all problems in life.

Significance of Sarva Shakti Ganapathi Homam

Sarva Shakti Ganapathi Homam is a special ritual that endows a devotee with the five shaktis of Sarva Shakti Ganapathi. These powers are necessary to live a life of harmony and peace within our homes and the society upon which man is totally dependent.

Sarva Shakti Ganapathi Mantra

Om Hreem Gum Hreem
Mahaganapathaye Swaha||

Sarva Shakti Ganapathi Homam

Removes Business Concerns, Bestows Protection to Family, Success in Trade, Art Forms and Ensures Good Karma

Sarva Shakti Ganapathi Homam 22

Sarva Shakti Ganapathi Homam bestows protection to the family by enhancing the fertility and harmony by increasing love and respect within the household. This love is shared between the wife and husband and also among the children. Also, Lord Ganapathi’s presence is felt within the extended family like relatives and also neighbors and friends. Lord Ganapathi’s power upholds this relationship in a perfect manner by removing misunderstandings and unrests. The third Shakti helps to maintain a perfect balance in business and trade associations in holding commercial dealings successfully. This is the toughest part since break-up and misunderstandings occur and Lord Ganapathi helps to remove worries, concerns and brings joy in trade dealings. The fourth Shakti of Sarva Shakti Ganapathi brings success in creative forms like music, art, drama and dance. This also fetches blessings of ancestors and positivity within the community. The fifth Shakti of Ganapathi gives the boon of charity, helps to build shrines and temples as resources become overflowing and a person becomes too generous. This act makes a person accrue good karma, and abundant punya, fine merits for not only this birth but also the next.

Sarva Shakti Ganapathi Homam 22

Benefits of Sarva Shakti Ganapathi Homam

Safeguards from troubles and negativities that disturb peace.
Eliminates effects of negative karma.
Removes enmities with friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.
Frees from debts and gives stability in business, trade and commerce.
Helps to get progeny and increase of clan.
Enhances creativity in art forms such as music, dance, poetry and sculpture, etc.
Endows with immense fortune, prosperity and good virtues.

Mukkuruni Vinayagar Temple Puja
Allays Distress, Bestows Success in New Ventures, Fulfills Wishes and Ensures Well-Being

Sarva Shakti Ganapathi Homam 22

Mukkuruni Vinayagar Temple is one of the oldest and most popular temples in Tamil Nadu. Constructed as per the Agama Sastra, which is the science of temple architecture, the temple got the name ‘Mukkuruni’ which is measure of grains that are used to make modak, a sweet and steamed dumpling. According to temple literature, it is believed that the pot-bellied lord was teased for sitting idle without any work to do. So, Lord Ganesh, in the guise of a young boy, approached a man working in the field to employ him, and the man asked what wages He wanted. Lord Ganesh replied, “Moondru Karunnai Nellu”, which means three measures of grains. Thus, he came to known as ‘Mukkuruni Vinayakar’ and an offering of a large modak made of three measures of rice is made to the lord. The temple for Mukkuruni Ganesh is situated inside the temple of Goddess Meenakshi of Madurai. A puja in this historical temple gives blessings of success in new ventures or avenues, fulfills all wishes, removes hurdles that cause distress to devotees and also ensures their well-being.


Energized Karpaga Vinayaka Idol
Eliminates Obstacles in Path, Grants Wisdom, Wealth and Prosperity

Sarva Shakti Ganapathi Homam 22

Lord Ganapathi or Ganesh is worshipped before the commencement of any auspicious events like business ventures, wedding and house warming, etc. Lord Ganapathi removes obstacles that obstruct your progressive path. Offer prayers daily with flowers, and mantras that glorify the lord who’s a lucky charm for all. You can light an incense stick and apply sandal paste or holy ash to it. The Ganapathi idol will be energized before it’s dispatched to devotees. It ensures that you spread positive energies around your space along with good luck, prosperity, harmony and happiness. Lord Karpaga Vinayakar bestows the devotee with everything that he seeks in the form of wealth, wishes and all kinds of boons.


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  • Sarva Shakti Ganapathi Homam
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  • Sarva Shakti Ganapathi Homam
  • Mukkuruni Vinayagar Temple Puja
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  • Sarva Shakti Ganapathi Homam
  • Mukkuruni Vinayagar Temple Puja
  • Energized Karpaga Vinayaka Idol