Sarpa Dosha Nivarna Ceremonies to Remove Snake Afflictions & Ensure Peace and Happiness in Life

Uragaraja Maha Mantra Homam

Dismisses Snake Dosha, Rahu Ketu Effects in Horoscope,
Solves Complex Problems & Bestows Prosperity

Ashu Garuda Homam

Eliminates Misfortunes, Skin Diseases, Grants Marriage,
Child Boons & Increases Luck

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Sarpa Dosha Remedies Provide Superior Blessings for Family Well-Being & Material Gains

Certain planetary combinations in the birth chart cause sarpa dosha with Rahu and Ketu placed in first, second, fifth, seventh or eighth house. Sarpa dosha or Kala Sarpa Dosha is a malefic yoga that has Planet Rahu or Ketu in the first house and the other in the seventh house of your horoscope. A sarpa dosha leads to intense suffering with regard to health, profession, status, reputation, mental health, evil spirits, and overall well-being.

Sarpa dosha also occurs when one troubles snakes in past life, use them for selfish motives or have killed or troubled them in the past. When Ketu is placed in the first house of your chart it is called Mangalya Sarpa Dosha, as it causes delays in marriage, when placed in second house, it’s called Aayurbhava Sarpa Dosha causing life threating problems which leads to reduction in life span of an individual. Ketu in 11th house is called Putrabhava Sarpa Dosha that causes problems during pregnancy.

Adverse Impacts of Sarpa Dosha in Your Life

  • Lack of prosperity and progress in life.
  • Chronic illnesses and skin diseases.
  • Serious accidents and injury.
  • High emotional disposition.
  • Complicated problems in family, leading to separation or divorce.
  • Delay in child birth or health issues related to pregnancy.
  • Series of abortions that cause severe distress to you.
  • Seeing snakes in dreams often.

Naga Panchami (for certain sections of society) is an auspicious day to perform this ritual devoted to Naga devatas. Devotees of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu can perform this ritual as both deities are associated with snake. Sarpa dosha Nivarana (remedy) ceremonies to King of snakes Vasuki and Lord Vishnu’s vehicle Garuda relieve you from snake afflictions and also helps to receive their blessings. Vivaha Pachami also falls on this day which is the day when Maryada Purushothaman Sri Rama married Sita Devi.

Rituals Uragaraja Maha Mantra Homam and Ashu Garuda Homam helps to clear the dosha in the horoscope and also provides an opportunity to seek protection against snake affliction, bites and receive blessings for the welfare of children, family and achieving material gains. Young unmarried women who observe vrat, perform ceremonies and feed snakes will get perfect spouses, and childless couples will be blessed with good offspring. It is said that worship of snake gods with devotion would definitely reach them on this day.

Naga Moola Mantra

Om Namo Bhagavathe
Kama Rupinye
Maha Balaaya
Naagaadhipathaye Swaaha

Uragaraja Homam

Uragaraja Maha Mantra Homam Dismisses Snake Dosha, Rahu - Ketu Effects in Horoscope,
Solves Complex Problems & Bestows Prosperity

Uragaraja is none other than Vasuki, the king of snakes and the brother of snake goddess Mata Manasa Devi or Nagathamman. It is said that Lord Shiva wears Vasuki around his neck. The king of cobras was also responsible for churning the ocean for the nectar of immortality. He’s mighty, has great wisdom, courage and power. He is also the sibling of Adisesha, Lord Vishnu’s bed, and Takshaka.

Uragaraja Maha Mantra Homam relieves the devotee of poisonous diseases, snake bites and other deadliest viruses. It also ensures peace and prosperity. The mantra helps to remove sarpa dosha, Rahu and Ketu afflictions and kala sarpa dosha in the birth chart. It also brings blessings of the snake gods for fertility, strength, power and wards off evil, and also gives success in all ventures.

Benefits of Uragaraja Maha Mantra Homam

  • Negates Naga Doshas such as Sarpa dosha, kala sarpa dosha, Rahu Ketu dosha etc.
  • It also removes fear of snakes and reptiles.
  • Eliminates obstacles and delays in important matters of life.
  • For marriage boons and enhancing fertility.
  • To seek forgiveness from sins and prevent ill luck befalling you and family.
  • Remove bad luck for your future generations.
  • Achieve peace, happiness and prosperity.
Ashu Garuda Homam

Ashu Garuda Homam Eliminates Misfortunes, Skin Diseases, Grants Marriage,
Child Boons & Increases Luck

Garuda is the carrier or vehicle and a great follower of Lord Vishnu. Known as Periya Thiruvadi or Vedatma, Garuda’s independent position as a deity is well-known. He is seen circling the sky above whenever consecrations or divine ceremonies take place in temples. Garuda rescued Rama’s army from a poisonous Naga weapon used by Indrajit, son of Ravana.

Powerful Ashu Garuda Homam removes all types of suffering and evil that harms you, removes fear of snakes and other venomous creatures. According to Garuda Purana, when one is embarking on a journey, Garuda will serve the devotee as a travel guardian and safeguard the person till the end. The Homam also neutralizes poisonous bites of insects and reptiles, suppresses viral fever and infections. All Naga dosha effects are nullified and wishes fulfilled. Worshipping Garuda blesses you with healthy life free from anxiety. It also bestows one with vahana prapthi (acquiring vehicles).

Benefits of Ashu Garuda Homam

  • Nullifies misfortunes due to snake curses or dosha.
  • Eliminates misfortunes for you and progeny.
  • Relief from skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, lupus, melanoma, fungal infections, etc.
  • Achieve tension free travel hereafter.
  • Increases courage, confidence, and luck.

Seshapureeswarar Temple Pooja Solves Miseries Due To Rahu-Ketu Affliction,
Gives All Welfares, Happiness & Peace

Thevaram hymns have extolled the glory of Seshapureeswaar temple. Normally Rahu and Ketu are seen as separate deities but here in this temple they are combined as one. Once, when Lord Ganesh paid his respects to Lord Shiva, the serpent around the neck took pride in the fact that he was being worshipped too. This angered Lord Shiva who cursed the entire snake community to lose their poison. The Ashta Nagas then sought pardon and Lord Shiva asked them to worship in Seshapureeswarar temple located in Tirupamburam. According to popular belief, anyone who loses any valuables in their life can worship the lord. A pooja in this temple rectifies Rahu-Ketu dosha, ensures all welfares, happiness and peace.

Energized Kalasarpa Yantra Overcomes Obstacles, Enhances Positivity, Career Choices & Ensures Conjugal Bliss

Kala Sarpa Yantra is a mystic drawing embossed on a copper plate that’s square in shape. A Kalasarpa Dosha is a formation of unfavorable planets combinations in the horoscope. The ill-effects can lead to a person facing death-like situations or facing hurdles, problems in day-to day-life. Performing puja to Kala Sarpa Yantra daily gives protection from evil effects of Rahu and Ketu or during their Maha Dasha period. The yantra’s powers are such that it channelizes the energy from the universe and works in appeasing the deity for your well-being. It minimizes the force of the dosha and neutralizes the bad influences in your life. The yantra enhances positivity, helps achieve success, overcome obstacles and problems in career.


Basic Package (for one Devotee)
USD 99.00
  • Uragaraja Maha Mantra Homam
  • Ashu Garuda Homam
Gold Package (Upto 6 Devotees)
USD 175.00
  • Uragaraja Maha Mantra Homam
  • Ashu Garuda Homam
  • Seshapureeswarar Temple Pooja
Platinum Package (Upto 10 Devotees)
USD 191.00
  • Uragaraja Maha Mantra Homam
  • Ashu Garuda Homam
  • Seshapureeswarar Temple Pooja
  • Energized Kalasarpa Yantra