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Sani Pradosham 2016



Get Rid Of your Negative Karma & Overcome the bad influence of Lord Shani


Scheduled On Nov 12th 2016 From 4.30 pm - 7.30 pm IST



Main Deities : The supreme divinity Lord Shiva + Goddess of love Parvati + Lord of Justices Shani dev


This event has been completed

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Program Agenda

Ganesha Puja and Sankalpam to Sponsors and family, Avahanams, Rudrabhisekham, Rudram Chamakam, Uma Maheswari Japa, Shani Kavaca Japa. Fire-Lab: Ganesha Homa, Rudra Homa, Uma Maheshwari homa, Shani Homa, Purna huthi and namaskaram process.


Why Sani Pradosham Pooja?





Sani Pradosham is very special pradosham when one of the 13th Moon Occurs on a Saturday. Lord Shani is considered to be a Karmic Graha who delivers many of life's tougher lessons to help us refine and evolve our souls. Pradosham literally means removal of sins and protection from negativity. These times are the windows of opportunity to remove karmic energies that limit our potential in this present life.


Astrologically, Lunar Thithi is controlling the Chitra and Swati Nakshatra. During Trodasi Thithi, both Chitra and Swati nakshatras were under soonya. So these stars could not spread the dharma of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna to the Earth. These 2 stars are controlled by Kala Purusha (1st and 8th House) which is Mesha and Vrichika Rasi. Because of Thithi Soonyam, both Mesha and Vrichika may starts functioning independently. So, Chances of facing negativity to the individual soul are possible with respect to 1st and 8th house.


On this Tithi day due to materialistic attachment of the conditioned souls could not adopt the dharma told by the Supreme Lord Krishna and Rama. So, Lord Siva and Parvathi devi decided to protect the dharma as per the wish of Lord Krishna to protect the conditioned souls by entering themselves in the time designated to remove the bad karma of people. Strategically, it is good to get blessings from Lord Siva during the Pradosham time to remove negativity and Karmic imbalances.


Among all pradosham, Sani Pradosham is the most important time to remove all negativity, past lives sins and Karmic imbalances.




Sani Pradosham Significance


      To Wash away Ones sins and afflictions, for bringing peace, prosperity and family happiness
      To Overcome the bad influence of Lord Shani in your horoscope
      To Overcome Bad Saturn Transits and Bad Saturn Dasa Periods
      To Overcome from Chronic diseases and Auto immune diseases
      To Remove Pitru Dosha and Curse of Ancestors
      As Ayush Karaka, you will increase your longevity
      As Karma Karaka, you will get Livelihood and most essential Karmic Removal ritual. 





Dharbaranyeswarar Temple Pooja


Dharbaranyeswarar Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located at Tirunallar. This Temple also called as Tirunallar Saniswaran Temple. People who worshiping and offering puja here get remedy from Saturn Problem. Sankalpa Sponsers will get puja done in this temple and the Prasad will be sent.




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