Remove Karmic, Material Debts & Prevent Barriers That Stop You From Gaining Wealth

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Chaturthi Worship of Lord Ganesh for Acquisition of Worldly Pleasures and Moksha

Chaturthi is the day when the energies of Lord Ganesh descend on earth and the waves of the earth match with the lord’s. Chaturthi is also a state beyond the state of awakening, dreaming and deep slumber. Performing chaturthis are linked to the God of Wisdom. Performing or invoking Lord Ganesh on the day gives greater benefit than usual. Religious observances during Chaturthi lead to acquisition of worldly pleasures and Moksha.  

Runa Vimochana GanapathiRuna Vimochana Ganapathi – Remover of Material & Karmic Debts

The word runa means debt and vimochana means to relieve, so Runa Vimochana is debt relief and this form of Ganapathi relieves one of debts and financial burdens by granting immense wealth and lifting hurdles that prevent one from accumulating wealth. Not only material wealth, this form also helps mitigate karmic debts that are a bad cause that hasn’t been punished yet. If someone commits a mistake and hasn’t suffered the consequences yet, then he/she will suffer later.
Maybe even in the next birth or the evil-doers’ progeny may have to bear the brunt of the karma. So, Runa Vimochana Ganapathi removes the bad effects of such karma and grants blessings of peace and harmony.


Runa Vimochana Ganapathi Homam

As the energies of Ganesha reaches the earth on the day of Chaturthi, rituals to the god in the form of Runa Vimochana, where in powerful mantras are chanted to invoke the lord. This form of the lord is quick to bless the devotee with his powerful blessings.
The homam allays extreme poverty, destroys mental turmoil due to huge debts and grants wealth to become like Lord Kubera, the treasurer of wealth in heaven. The homam clears all your debts — material and karmic. It confers wealth prosperity, peace, good health and harmony. 
Runa Vimochana Ganapathi Homam seeks the blessings of the lord and aims at removing obstacles of all forms before the start of any new ventures to bestow success in every task you carry out. The ritual also fetches knowledge, wisdom, wealth, clears planetary disturbances and more. The ritual further pays its obeisance to all forms of Lord Ganapathi and calls upon them to bless the devotee with good health and prosperity.


It also clears all debts like material and karmic debts
It endows the devotee with plenty of wealth and prosperity
A befitting ritual to get rid of poverty
A person is assured of a good health, peace and harmony

More Methods to Enhance the Power of Runa Vimochana Ganapathy Homa