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Begin Auspicious Times with Everlasting Wealth & Victory Rituals On Vedic New Year & Akshaya Tritiya

The Vedic New Year is just around as people wait for prosperous beginnings and auspicious times to look forward to. While Vedic New Year falls on April 14, 2018, Akshaya Tritiya falls on April 18. Both these days also hold great astrological significance. On the New Year, the sun enters the Mesha or Aries star and paves way for the start of Vilambi year. It is said that Lord Brahma began creating the world on this day. People focus on prosperity and affluence and thank gods for the rich harvest of crops during the season. The day of Akshaya Tritiya, holds equal magnitude in terms of wealth and prosperity. It is a day of never diminishing in terms of all types of wealth as it marks success and well-being. It is also called sarva siddhi day because one need not look into a calendar for performing good deeds on the day as it is extremely auspicious and a person receives satva guna i.e. truthfulness and righteousness by performing rituals and other forms of worship on this day.


Rarest Of Rare Rituals To Goddess of Universe on Vedic New Year 2018
Maha Sakthi Mantra Tantra Rahasyalu Homa Scheduled LIVE on April 14, 2018 @ 6 PM IST

The Essence of Rahasyalu – Powerful, Divine Method for Achieving Victory 

Mantras are sacred verses and tantras are divine techniques used to invoke powerful deities since Vedic times. The rahasyalu mantras are so controlling that the kings of ancient times used them to protect their kingdom and boundaries. It brought them victory in all spheres of life. The Rahasyalu Homa mantras help you get rid of hard core sins that you have accumulated for seven births. It solves all major karmic issues, eradicates negativity and brings blessings of almost all forms of Maha Sakthi. 

Maha Shakti Mantra Tantra Rahasyalu HomaMaha Shakti Mantra Tantra Rahasyalu Homa

Paying great reverence to the divine Shakti in her capacity of Loka Maya, a great illusion that constitutes apparent reality, a fierce power that destroys all that exists, pervades all three worlds and who is also an embodiment of knowledge. This Vedic New Year, Vedicfolks pays tribute to Goddess Maha Shakti, the great enchantress, the one who eats away ignorance, the one who is thirsty for devotion of her devotees and the one who gives you a pleasure-filled life.  In her capacity to transform herself into varying roles of Mahavidya, Mahavani, Bharathi, vak Saraswathi, Brahmi with special blessings to grant, let this Vedic New Year be the right time to achieve all her different types of boons to the maximum with the powerful Mantra Tantra Rahasya Homa. 


• Stamps out hard sins of seven births & Brings profoud victory
• Removes major karmic issues & Protection from all types of dangers
• Fulfills all your wishes
• Gain superior knowledge and intellect
• There’s no dearth of food supplies
• Remove all doshas and planetary conflictions
Here are the other Sacred Rituals for the Day