Vedicfolks Signature Ritual of 2019: Jyothirlinga Series of Homam

Somnath Maha Homam on Pradosham Day

Let Lord Shiva Shower You With Lots of Abundant Knowledge, Wisdom and Longevity

Scheduled live on August 28, 2019 @ 6 PM IST


Somnath Maha Homam - Pradosham RitualsLord Somnath — Worshipping Lord of the Moon to Get Rid of All The Sins and Attain Salvation 

This temple is located in western coast of Gujarat. It is first among the twelve jyotirlinga shrine of Lord Shiva. It is the most important and famous pilgrimage as well as a tourist spot in gujarat. It is said that, this temple was reconstructed several times in the past after being destroyed. The site of Somnath has always been a pilgrimage site from the ancient times and is said to be Triveni Sangam. 
The story behind the temple is that  Soma, the Moon god, lost his lustre due to a curse from his father-in-law and he bathed in the sarasvati river at this temple to regain the beauty. Today, the place where chandra worshipped Lord Shiva is known as Somnath which means "Lord of the Moon". It is believed that moon is the brightest in this place. There is a pool which was created by the Deva in the past, it is said that if the devotees dip in this pool will get rid of all the sins. The name of the town Prabhas, denoting Lustre, and other names Someshvar & Somnath arises from this traditonal tale. This temple is located at such a place where there is no land in a straight line between Somnath seashore until Antartica. Somnath temple is till today in the Chaulukya style of architecture. It is said that this temple was destroyed and rebuilt 16 times. Being the First Jyotirlinga, this is very powerful for the devotees who worship with a pure heart, the person get rid of all the sins & will attain salvation after death.

Invoking Lord Somnath on Pradosham grants Spiritual Empowerment & Washes all the sins away

Lord Somnath is one of the powerful manifestation of Lord Shiva and Pradosham is also the perfect time for sin removal as Lord Shiva is said to be in his best moods. It’s also a beneficial day to wash off all the sins and enlighten your spiritual self.

Destroy All the Sorrows, Get Blessed with Success & Happiness With Lord Somnath

Vedicfolks will invoke Lord Somnath on this auspicious Pradosham day as part of the Jyothirlinga series of Homam to one of the twelve most powerful jyotirlingam in the country. The ritual is dedicated to Lord Shiva and provides relief from all the sorrows and miseries. Worshipping Lord Somnath with pure heart will relieve one from sins and provide moksha after death. By performing this puja the devotees are blessed with abundant knowledge, wisdom and longevity and destroy all the mental  stress and grant peace and harmony in the persons life.

A Glance at the Advantages of Somnath Maha Homa on Pradosham Day

  • The Somnath Maha homam grants happiness and stability to you and dear ones
  • Get all the health benefits and have a disease free life
  • Get the blessings of Lord Shiva for an assured happy, health & prosperous life
  • Grant liberation from the cycle of life & death.


Special Shiva Worship for Adding Intensity to Somnath Maha Homa


Jwara Nivarana Mantra Japam Chanting - Pradosham RitualsJwara Nivarana Mantra Japam Chanting - A special Mantra to Get Rid of All the Obstacles in Life

Chanting this mantra is very powerful but during Pradosham is even more powerful , It will energises one self, keeps all the water- related diseases and all kinds of fever away.



RudrabhishekamRudrabhishekam - Eliminates Negative Vibes, Protects & Gives Wealth

This is one of the best means to please Lord Shiva to receive his ultimate blessings. An anointment ceremony is performed to the linga and Rudra mantras are chanted to invoke the lord. This auspicious puja fetches victory over death. It removes effects of sins and karma. It eradicates all negative energies and protects life. It helps to attain a strong mind, good health and wealth.


Vilva Archana with Shiva AstrotramVilva Archana With Shiva Astrotram - Grants Blessings of Health, Well-Being & High Status

Vilva is a divine trifoliate leaf that is used for the worship of Lord Shiva. It represents the three gunas namely sattva, rajas and tamas or the three syllables that make up aum mantra. It also represents the lord’s three eyes and a vilva archana along with chanting Shiva’s ashtotram which is the 108 names of the lord bestows great well-being, health and mental state. It also grants positivity, immense strength, power and high status in society.


Somanth Temple Puja - Pradosham RitualsSomanatha Eswar Temple Puja - Perform this Puja to Wash Away All the Sins   

Performing puja at the Somnath temple through Vedicfolks destroys all the sorrows and blesses the devotees with lots of Happiness and success in life. The devotees performing this puja with pure heart will get rid of all the sins and attain moksha after death. It also blesses the devotees with good wealth in life.

Energised Rudraksha Bracelet - Pradosham RitualsEnergised Rudraksha Bracelet - Helps in Maintaining Good Peace and Harmony and Improves Decision Making

Wearing the energised rudraksha bracelet is very helpful and powerful. It helps to increase Self-confidence, control the mental stress, blood pressure and hypertension. The rudraksha bracelet protects the wearer from accidents and other unfortunate events.

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USD 132.00
  • Somnath Maha Homam
  • Jwara Nivarana Mantra Japam Chanting
  • Rudrabhishekam
  • Vilva Archana With Shiva Astrotram
USD 178.00
  • Somnath Maha Homam
  • Jwara Nivarana Mantra Japam Chanting
  • Rudrabhishekam
  • Vilva Archana With Shiva Astrotram
  • Sri Somanatha Eswar Temple Puja
  • Energised Rudraksha Bracelet