Powerful Supreme Feminine Combo

Invoke Supreme Powers of Beauty, Overcome Misfortunes, Bless Material Wealth


Goddess Maha Kali and Goddess Mangala Chandi are power of supreme's is a feminine power and energy worshipped since pre-historic period. This powerful combo package is dedicated to the supreme powers and Vedicfolks will glorify these deities with two powerful homas that invokes great potential - Maha Kali Homam and Mangala Chandi Maha Homam. While the former homa ensures Self-Awareness, Sound Health and Financial Stability, Remove Black Magic, Prolonged Illness, Indebtedness, the later homa gifts you with Good Fortune, Peace and Harmony, manifold Success. Helps you attain Salvation, dissolves Dosha's and Sins. Order this Powerful Combo Pack now and look forward to be blessed with best time in your life.


 Mahakali Special Rituals On Ramakrishna Jayanthi

Supreme Powerful Homam Invokes Divine Self-Awareness, Abundance in Life, Eliminate Evil Spirits

Scheduled Live On February 25 , 2020 @ 6 PM


This event has been completed 

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Goddess Mahakali has a strong mystical power associated with sensuality and ferocity, a strong divine mother, symbolizes the motherly love and affection. In temples of Goddess Mahakali special prayers, discourses, speeches and rituals (Pujas and Homas) are performed. Vedicfolks plans to perform Mahakali Homam On Ramakrishna Jayanthi- a day to revere a great guru & an absolute devotee of mahakali. which destroys enemies, ignorance, implant moral standards and place the universe in order.

* Mahakali Homam

*Guru Puja 

*Brihaspati Shanthi Puja 

*Shani Graha Shanthi Puja 

*Madras Kali Bari Temple Puja 

*Kalikambal Temple Puja 

*Energised Evil Eye Pendant 

*Energised 7 Chakra Evil Eye Lava Stone Bracelet 

Combined Benefits

  • Bless Self-Awareness, remove Black Magic, Witchcraft, Evil-Eye

  • Gain Sound Health, Cure Prolonged Illness and incurable diseases

  • Remove Debts, eradicate poverty, Gain Financial Gains

  • Bless Self-Image, Curtail mysterious and evil force

  • Solve court cases, make future bright and perfect, Negate sins and karmas

  • Remove misfortunes, bless abundance in life, wealth and prosperity


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Mangala Chandi Special Rituals On Panchami

Grand Meritorious Homam Removes Poverty, Extra-Marital Affairs, Bless Abundance

Scheduled Live On February 28 , 2020 @ 6 PM


Goddess Mangala Chandi is the "Spirit of the Universe" or "Eternal Goddess". She is called  "Goddess Shakti" or "Goddess Devi" and her fundamentals are extremely powerful of moral standards, which exhibits her ferocious nature. She exert strong-arm on evil spirits, turn ferocious on first behold and win over the demons. She represent gods and lead battle with her forces to control bad evils and demons. On Panchami day Goddess Mangala Chandika Bless devotees with protection from enemies for peace and harmony with 100% blessings assured on the devotees. Vedicfolks plans to organize a powerful Mangala Chandika Homam on Panchami day brings victory over enemies, dissolve anguish, overcome Difficulties, bless abundance in life, wealth and prosperity.