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Devutthana Ekadashi Awakens Lord Vishnu to Give Miracle Boons for Your Overall Welfare

Powerful Nava Narasimha Homam

Removes Rivalry, Nullifies Sins, Satisfies Material & Spiritual Needs, Gives Victory & Salvation

Scheduled LiveStream on November 14, 2021 @ 6 PM IST

Devutthana Ekadashi marks the beginning of good times as Lord Maha Vishnu wakes up from a long slumber called Devasayan. The day falls on the eleventh day of Shukla paksha in the month of Karthik. Performing auspicious rituals like marriages, naming ceremony and house warming on this day will bring propitious blessings. It is also said that Lord Vishnu married Tulsi on this day and therefore it is the day of Tulsi Vivah. Lord Narasimha killed the demon Hiranyakashipu at Ahobilam in Andhra Pradesh to save Prahlad, his ardent devotee. Lord Narasimha fulfilled the wishes of Garuda – his mount, and settled in nine different places as Nava Narasimha.

Nava Narasimha homam on this day gives you multiple blessings of Lord Narasimha, one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu. Lord Narasimha is the fourth avatar of Maha Vishnu. Lord Narasimha is an all pervading god of spiritual knowledge, wealth, valour, strength and has great compassion towards his devotees. An avatar of lord Vishnu, Lord Narasimha is the protector of the Universe and bestows positive energies that shield devotees against evil and negative forces.

According to Narasimha Purana, the nine planets worshipped lord Narasimha and were absolved of curses of sages. Invoking the Nava Narasimha on the auspicious Devutthana Ekadashi can help to reduce their negative impact on your life.

How Nava Narasimha Homam Can Impact Your Life

Nava Narasimha homam solves karmic issues and also ensures protection by getting rid of complicated issues to a large extent. The homam accomplishes your spiritual and material needs. Also, it removes financial hurdles and relieves health challenges. If you are caught up with legal problems and negative spirits or energies that harass you, then this Nava Narasimha homam is a great blessing.

Nava Narasimha Homam Strikes Out Your Rivals, Protects, Ensures Adequate Money Flow & Prosperity

The Nava Narasimha Homam invokes the powerful and fierce form of Lord Vishnu – Sri Narasimha. As Lord Narasimha manifested to protect his devotee Prahlad, the ritual attracts blessings of protection and eliminates evil forces that cause distress to you. The nine forms protects from nine planets that are unfavourable in your chart. It prevents accidents, diseases and ailments. The homa also ensures that you get enough prosperity in terms of money inflow by removing hurdles in business and other professions. It also addresses debts and insolvency issues however serious they may be. The ritual also cancels out your worst sins and grants spiritual elevation and salvation.

Powerful Nava Narasimha Homam

Essential Blessings of Nine Powerful Forms of Narasimha

Sri Ugra Narasimha – Also called Ahobila Narasimha, this form helps to gain supreme courage to overcome obstacles and fear of enemies in your life, expect big gains in profession and career.

Sri Jwala Narasimha – Worship him to achieve victory in all endeavours and stay in good health, also for happiness in marriage and progeny. The lord relieved the curse of Planet Mars and can help to reduce its bad effects on you.

Sri Yoga Narasimha – Achieve mental peace, harmony and eradicate tough problems. The lord relieved the curse of Saturn and will also grant blessings to reduce the planet’s fierce nature on his devotee.

Sri Bhargava Narasimha – Receive blessings for superior leadership in both public and private sectors. Politicians and people handling administrative roles can venerate this form. This form can soothe the effects of Sun dosha on you.

Sri Krodha Narasimha – Get rid of barriers in profession and trade and also achieve great success in life. Remove problems related to land and court cases. This form is for Planet Rahu and can cut down its malefic nature to a large extent.

Sri Malola Narasimha – Sri Malola Narasimha eliminates money-related problems like debts, loan issues, etc. Also gain wealth, peace and harmony. Planet Venus worshipped this form of Narasimha to nullify the curse and hence the lord can reduce its bad effects on a person.

Sri Pavana Narasimha – Experience love and understanding in relationships and remove sins of the past and present. This form can reduce the malefic effects of Mercury in your chart.

Sri Chatravata Narasimha – Get a stable income, sharpen your creative skills in music and arts and also get good land returns. A malefic Ketu can be controlled by worshipping this form.

Sri Karanja Narasimha – The form keeps your enemies away, materialises your dreams and aspirations. If the Moon is causing certain doshas in your chart, then this form of Narasimha can reduce the effects.

Benefits of Nava Narasimha Homam on Devuttana Ekadashi Day

  • Gain superior power and authority with the ritual that invokes nine forms of Lord Narasimha.
  • There will be no dearth of money and wealth with this ritual that invokes the avatar God.
  • All hurdles in business and other trade dealings can be eliminated.
  • Lord Narasimha is a protector of evil who drives away your enemies and negative energies.
  • Abolish your worst sins and get salvation.

Sholinghur Yoga Narasimha Temple Pooja Removes Sorrows, Health Disorders & Confers Fortune, Moksha

Sholinghur Yoga Narasimha Temple is one of the 108 Divyadesams of Lord Vishnu in Vellore district. The temple is located on a hilltop about 230 metres high, and one needs to climb about 1300 steps to reach the main sanctum. There’s a holy pond in the temple called Takkan kulam or Brahma Theertham which is medicinal in nature as it remove negative energies and also eradicates skin diseases. Sri Yoga Narasimhar grants blessings to devotees along with his consort Sri Amruthavalli. And the presence of a pond on a hill is very rare. The lord liberates his devotees from the cycle of birth and death, even if they stay for around 24 minutes, called nazhigai in Tamil, in the temple and hence the place is also called as Kadikachalam. Sage Vishwamitra undertook penance here and received the title, Brahma Rishi, all this within 24 minutes. Narasimha Jayanthi and Brahmotsavam are some of the popular festivals celebrated in the Yoga Narasimha temple. A pooja in this very powerful temple relieves people from psychological disorders, evil spirits, sorrows and ailments. The lord fulfills wishes of the devotees by granting them immense fortune and happiness.

Energized Lakshmi Narasimha Yantra Keeps Enemies in Check, Allays Negative Planet Influences, Raises Financial Status & Fulfills Desires

This powerful tool – the Lakshmi Narasimha Yantra, keeps your enemies in check, protects you against harm caused by negative forces and malicious energies. It also removes financial blocks like debts and losses in business as you worship this sacred product with devotion every day. It also protects against planetary dosha and their disturbing impact in your life. It fulfills desires and gives material blessings. The two deities Lakshmi and Narasimha – the divine couple ensure that you remain satiated with wealth, high financial status and prosperity throughout your life. Install the Yantra in a clean and pure space like your pooja room, living room or office cabin. Place it facing east direction for extraordinary vibrations and positive energies.