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Krishnapingala Sankashti Chaturthi Special Ritual

54 Ganesha Series of Homam - 29th /54

Niruttha Ganapathy Homam

Brings in Grace, Intellect, Power, Courage, Wards Off
Obstacles, Evil Energies and Hardships


Scheduled Live Stream on Jun 25, 2024 @ 6 PM IST / 5:30 AM PST / 8:30 AM EST


Niruttha Ganapathy: Epitome of Wisdom and Beneficence

Niruttha Ganapathy is one of the unique and less commonly known forms of Lord Ganesha. He represents the divine aspect of overcoming obstacles associated with spiritual and personal growth. Distinguished by his distinct iconography that usually features a blue hue signifying infinity and depth, Niruttha Ganapathy is depicted seated comfortably with his consort to his left. This embodies domestic harmony and personal fulfillment. He holds various objects like a noose, goad, pot of jewels, and sometimes a tusk. Each signifies control over attachments, motivation to progress, abundance, and wisdom gained from experience, respectively. Devotees worship Niruttha Ganapathy for his ability to clear the more subtle and deep-rooted barriers that impede spiritual ascension and personal transformation. It makes him especially revered among those engaged in introspective and transformative practices.

The specific references to Niruttha Ganapathy in the Puranas highlight his role in the spiritual hierarchy as a remover of obstacles that are not just physical but deeply ingrained in the spiritual fabric of an individual. The Ganapati Atharvashirsha is a text revered in Ganapatya traditions. It extols him as the embodiment of the supreme Brahman who pervades all. It emphasizes his influence in removing niruttha (obstacles without apparent cause), which often hinder spiritual seekers on their path to enlightenment. The scriptures describe Niruttha Ganapathy's powers as essential for initiating spiritual journeys. They guarantee that seekers are not only protected from external disturbances but are also internally fortified to face their spiritual challenges. This specific focus on both the external and internal dimensions of obstacles makes Niruttha Ganapathy a crucial deity for those seeking comprehensive spiritual growth and balanced worldly life.

Significance of Niruttha Ganapathy Homam

The significance of the Niruttha Ganapathy Homam extends beyond mere ritualistic worship. It serves as a spiritual cleanse that purifies the aura and environment of the participants. This promotes peace and harmony in their lives. This Homam is particularly powerful for removing negative influences that hinder personal and professional growth. It also cultivates a positive mindset and a resilient spirit. These are essential for overcoming challenges and achieving one's goals. The energized atmosphere created during the Homam enhances mental clarity and focus. This empowers individuals to make decisive and beneficial choices. As a result, the Niruttha Ganapathy Homam is revered not only for its immediate benefits in removing obstacles but also for its long-lasting impact on the spiritual and worldly well-being of its participants.

Niruttha Ganapathy Homam

Brings in Grace, Intellect, Power, Courage, Wards
Off Obstacles, Evil Energies and Hardships

Niruttha Ganapathy Homam

The Niruttha Ganapathy Homam is a venerable Vedic ritual specifically designed to invoke Niruttha Ganapathy. This form of Lord Ganesha is known for his powers of removing obstacles related to spiritual growth and personal change. This Homam is especially significant for individuals embarking on new ventures or facing significant life changes. It seeks the blessings of Ganapathy for clearing paths and smoothing transitions. The ritual involves the chanting of sacred mantras and offering specific herbs and grains into the sacred fire. These resonate with the energies of Niruttha Ganapathy. By conducting this Homam, devotees aim to gain not only material success but also spiritual wisdom and insight. This makes it an essential practice for those seeking holistic prosperity and enlightenment.

Benefits of Niruttha Ganapathy Homam

Niruttha Ganapathy HomamClears spiritual and material hurdles for smoother life transitions.
Niruttha Ganapathy HomamEnhances focus and decision-making abilities.
Niruttha Ganapathy HomamAccelerates spiritual development and deeper understanding.
Niruttha Ganapathy HomamInfuses life with positive vibes and resilience against negativity.
Niruttha Ganapathy HomamPromotes personal peace and harmony in surroundings.

Puja at Thiruvalanchuzhi Swetha Vinayaka Enery Center
Rare Ganesh Form Clears Hurdles, Hardships, Grants
Marriage Boons and Prosperity

Niruttha Ganapathy Homam

Thiruvalanchuzhi is situated close to Kumbakonam near the Swamimalai temple of Lord Muruga. The main deity of the shrine is Lord Kapartheeswarar or Valanchuzhi Nathar. The goddess appears as Devi Mangalyanayagi or Periyanakai Amman. The trunk of Lord Ganesh is turned towards the left unlike the right in most idols, and hence the place got the name Thiru Valamchuzhi. It is also said that River Cauvery changed its course and therefore the name Valamchuzhi. Lord Ganesh is made of white foam of the sea. No abhishekam or flowers are offered to the fragile deity Swetha Vinayaka. Only flakes of borneol (Pachai Karpuram) are sprayed on the idol without touching it. People worship Swetha Vinayaka for removing all obstacles in personal and professional life, for relief from difficulties, prosperity and also to have a fair complexion.


Energized Vellerukku Ganapathi Idol
Imparts Great Positivity, Helps to Fulfill Dreams and
Pleases the Deity

Niruttha Ganapathy Homam

Vellerukku is a small plant commonly known as Auricula or Erukku in Tamil. It bears flowers both white and blue that are used to make garlands for Lord Vinayaka. The plant has a lot of spiritual significance and has the power to attract mantras and therefore appeases the gods. The roots of the white flower bearing plant are used to carve images of Lord Vinayaka and is considered to be very powerful and auspicious. The energized Vellerukku Vinanayaka idol has enhanced powers of the ritual and the devotee receives highly positive vibrations. It also fetches the grace of the lord and can fulfill all desires and dreams.

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