New Year Special - Dasa Mahavidya Maha Yagya

Make 2020 a Life Changing Year With Special Blessings Of Power Goddesses

Scheduled Live on Dec 31, 2019, 6 PM IST - Jan 1, 2020, 12 AM IST


New Year 2020: Make a Great Start by Achieving Abundant Wealth, Health & Prosperity

Expectations for New Year run high with every one wishing it be fun filled, wealthy, healthy and prosperous.  It’s also a great time to add a spiritual touch with blessings from heaven that ensures that the upcoming months of the year are full of fine health, wealth and prosperity. Vedicfolks celebrates New Year with exclusive Dasa Mahavidya Homam which invokes the ten fierce forms of Goddesses Shakti the Dasa Mahavidyas or Wisdom Goddesses. Only great scholars or priests can perform sadhna to these tantric goddesses who shower boons to the devotees. Their worship is also prescribed as astrological remedy for reducing the effects of malevolent planets as each represents a particular planet but on the whole their place is much higher and powerful than the constellations in the sky. Their worship opens up the path to wisdom and liberation. The Vidyas provide us knowledge beyond our comprehension and they make us realise that time and life are a never-ending process. They also show their kindness to those earthlings whenever they suffer from severe curses.

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Dasa MahaVidya Homam - Maha KaliMahakali - The Mahavidya That Condemns Evil

She always presents herself when evil rears its ugly head and destroys it for righteousness to prevail. She ensures prosperity, cures illnesses and condemns evil. She rules the planet Saturn and removes curses of ancestors.

Benefits of Mahakali Yagya:-

Removes hindrances on the path of your success

Prevents loss in Business ensures financial stability

Protects from evil forces, and sorcery

Dasa MahaVidya Homam - TaradeviTara Devi - The Mahavidya that Saves from Deep Suffering

Tara Devi develops the power of speech, grants relief from agony. Effects of malefic Jupiter can be addressed by worshipping Taradevi and curse of Guru can be removed by worshipping her.

Benefits of Tara Devi Yagya:-

Helps you to develop the power of speech

Saves those who are trapped in deep suffering

Removes obstacles in socio-physio situations

Shodashi/Tripura Sundari - Dasa Mahavidya Maha YagyaShodashi/Tripura Sundari - The Mahavidya That Grants Prosperity

Tripura Sundari solves marital issues, relationship and infertility problems, ensures growth in business and career. She’s responsible for afflictions of planet Mercury and cuts off the curse of Brother.

Benefits of Tripura Sundari Yagya:-

Business partnerships will flourish and obstacles eliminated

Delays in marriage proposals will be settled

Relief from debts that cause mental aggression

Dasa MahaVidya Homam - Bhuvaneshwari DeviBhuvaneshwari - The Mahavidya That Satisfies All Wishes

She has all the conceivable noble qualities that human mind can think of and she is believed to fulfil all the wishes of her devotees. Moon is under her control and she has the power of eliminating curse of Mother.

Benefits of Bhuvaneshwari Yagya:-

Controls bad effects of Vastu

Remedy for cold, cough, asthma, mental diseases

Removes bad effects of bad energies like Mohini, Yakshini, etc

Dasa MahaVidya Homam - BhairaviBhairavi - The mahavidya that helps attain success in all endeavours

She has no fear of death and lives among corpses in cremation grounds. She is unconquerable and rules the lagna of the birth chart and removes curses of atma karaka or soul planet.

Benefits of Bhairavi Yagya:-

Effects of all nine planets are controlled

Get over fear of death and effects of premature old age

Prevents infections, poisonous bites of animals