New Year, 2022 Promises Good Times Ahead with
Most Powerful Prayer for Goddess Maha Shakti

Nava Chandi Homam

Ascertains Positive Beginnings, Unlimited Success, Fame, Wealth & Prosperity

Scheduled Live Stream on December 31, 2021 @ 6 PM IST
Purnahuti @ 12.01 AM, January 01, 2022

Chandi – The Goddess Who Is Quick To Respond

Invoking Goddess Chandi to usher in the New Year could be the most auspicious and prosperous for a devotee that too for New Year, 2022. It promises good times ahead as powerful Mother Chandi is readily available to ward off fears, sorrows and adversities of her admirers. It describes her as Shiva swarupa and fulfills all wishes. Goddess Chandi is a composite personification of Lakshmi, Saraswati and Parvati having plenty of attributes of Trayambaka with three eyes that spans past, present and future. She rescues the distressed and oppressed who surrender before her whole heartedly. In such a state, no one goes astray and no misfortunes befall the devotee. Her divine grace works to destroy your inner evil – anger, jealousy, ego, pride, illusion, lust, greed, etc., and when she is pleased, she mitigates all sufferings and confers success, wealth and prosperity.

Vedicfolks is going to perform the Nava Chandi Homam which is dedicated to the goddess mentioned in the Durga Saptashati or Devi Mahatmyam. This homam makes all wishes come true and it’s said that Goddess Chandi is one of the deities who’s quick to respond to an ardent devotee’s call. The advantages of performing the homam are aplenty. It bestows upon the devotee success, fame, wealth, good health, longevity, provides food, strength, prosperity and removes fear of diseases and dangers. It keeps all enemies in check and calms down the malefic effects of planets.

Significance of Nava Chandi Homam for New Year 2022

Nava Chandi Homam, which will be conducted for New Year 2022, is the most powerful method for achieving success in all undertakings and for removing dosha and obstacles in your life. This is a very long process and a total of nine priests will chant the Chandi Saptashati nine times. The Saptashati refers to the thirteen chapters that contain 700 verses taken from Devi Mahatmyam that pays obeisance to the goddess who removes fears and blesses us with grasping powers of knowledge. It says that it attracts the minds of the intellects so that they are obsessed with the Goddess. It helps destroy fear among the mortals and provides auspiciousness as they meditate on her sensibly.

Chandi Homa Mantra

Aim Hrim Klim Chamundaye Vichhe

Nava Chandi Homam

Nava Chandi Homam for New Year, 2022
Ensures Positive Beginnings, Unlimited Success, Wealth and Prosperity

Nava Chandi Homam removes all types of hurdles or blocks that stumps a person’s progress in life. The goddess annihilates and vanquishes evil in any form and restores equilibrium or balance in the universe and to you personally. One is blessed with powers that gives strength to face any type of adverse situations or hurdles and brings success in all walks of life. It is considered one of the most crucial forms of worship dedicated to Mother Durga. It is believed that the goddess emerges out of the sacred fire in the virtual form to grant her devotees with blessings. The vibrations are so intense during the ritual that one can feel the same for sure. Some problems in life are beyond our personal control. These issues can be quite harrowing and stressful and we end up being depressed. Invoking divine powers could provide the best possible solutions to these problems. What better answer than a Nava Chandi Homam in the name of the most powerful goddess who takes care of her devotees just like a biological mother would. She helps us achieve our goals and removes all barriers from path. It gives relief from evil eye, curses, black magic, enemy menace and negative energy. It also provides you with good health, wealth and prosperity.

Assured Blessings of Nava Chandi Homam

  • It wards off evil forces and brings happiness.
  • Removes malefic effects of planets especially Rahu and Ketu.
  • Achieve victory over enemies and court cases.
  • It satisfies all desires of the devotees.
  • It grants salvation or Moksha.
  • Usher in positivity and strong vibrations into your homes.
  • Provides endless, health, wealth and prosperity.

Needamangalam Chamundeswari Temple Puja Condemns Evil, Cures Incurable Diseases &
Ensures Prosperity, Well-Being

Sri Chamundeswari Temple is situated on the western banks of Padmini River in the Poovanur village, near Needamangalam in Tamil Nadu. The presiding deity is Lord Pushpavananathar or Sri Chaturanga Vallabhanathar. Dakshinamurthi, Sri Karpagavalli, Goddess Chamundeswari and Goddess Rajarajeswari are also enshrined here. Goddess Parvati appears in a dual form as Karpagavalli and Rajarajeswari. Devotees throng this temple for getting relief from chronic health conditions and finding cure to incurable diseases. Also the goddess’ power can remove black magic, curses, and all forms of evil, negative energies, and blesses with auspiciousness and prosperity.

Energized Brass Durga Idol Keeps Evil Away, Grants Protection, Positivity & Fortune

Durga the invincible embodies fearlessness and patience. She is the root cause of creation, maintenance and destruction. Durga is universal mother who vanquishes forces of evil and is the protector of all that is good and harmonious. A mother who protects her children from adversities, the Durga statue would be a divine gift for you. The statue made of brass, when venerated drives away negativity from your dwelling or professional spaces. Get lucky enough to possess this energised idol for best results in your life. Sing praises in the Mother’s glory after gently placing her in your puja space. Worship her every day for all time protection and auspiciousness.


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