Sakthi Maa could be scientifically known by her attributes such as Nuclear energy, Law of Gravity or Law of Electromagnetism. But her entirety could be understood only through the realm of experience by Kriya Yoga and Devotional practices.
Om Tat Sat - Dr. Navnit J Krishna

Navaratri 2021 is the time to worship divine powers to bestow upon the devotee Siddhi (fulfillment of desires) and Buddhi (intellectual aspect) in order to maintain physical and mental balance. The propitious nine days helps to eradicate evils of life. Mahishasura is a symbolic representation of one’s own evil like ego, greed, lust, anger, attachment, fear, jealousy, inertia, hatred and guilt. After all these enemies have been wiped out after nine days of battle, it’s time for victory or Vijaya Dasami.

Vedicfolks Navaratri Program is designed in such a way that you experience the Universal Shakti and her forms as Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati exhibiting great valor to ensure victory of good over evil.

From Day 1 to Day 9, the energies of the goddesses from Vana Durga to Neela Sarasawathi ascend to a higher level of consciousness. It’s that time of the year, when one undertakes a journey of destroying negativity in the subtle body leading to triumph of self in the end. Navaratri signifies the movement of traits in a soul from Tamasik or inert, to Rajasik or active and finally to Satvik or illuminant. The pathway is very systematic and disciplined as the seven chakras from Mooladara to Sahasrara are purified.

1. Durga Combo

Day 1 – Kathiramangalam Vana Durga Temple Pooja
Day 2 – Pateeswaram Durga Temple Pooja
Day 3 – Bala Tripura Sundari Homam

2. Lakshmi Combo

Day 4 – Ashtalakshmi Temple Pooja
Day 5 – Arasar Koil Sundara Mahalakshmi Temple Pooja
Day 6 – Kamaladevi (Kamalatmika) Mahavidya Homam

3. Saraswati Combo

Day 7 – Koothanur Saraswati Temple Pooja
Day 8 – Ayyavadi Maha Pratyangira Temple Pooja
Day 9 – Neela Saraswathi (Tara) Mahavidya Homam

4. All-in-one Three Homams + 6 Pooja Value Combo

Get the entire benefit of Navaratri from this combined package of three homams and six temple ceremonies to powerful Devi forms for success, great fortune, wisdom and all round well-being.

Navaratri 2021

Navarathri - Day 1

Kathiramangalam Vana Durga Temple Pooja - Augment Money Resources, Ensure Couple Reunion & Wedding Prospects

Kathiramangalam Vana Durga temple is situated in Kathirmangalam, Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. The temple is one of the Nava Durga temples in the State and the presiding deity is Sri Vana Durga Parameswari Amman. It is said that the goddess visits Kasi during nights and returns every day to this temple. Since special poojas are conducted during the inauspicious Rahu Kaal time, she’s also called Rahu Kala Durga. Kathiramangalam Vana Durga temple pooja solves all your marriage woes, confers valuable blessings of solving your financial problems like debts, grants business growth and ensures wedding boons, peace, etc.

Benefits of Kathiramangalam Vana Durga Temple

The goddess is worshipped for special blessings using certain special flowers.

  • Red lotus for money
  • Jasmine for peace
  • Chrysanthemum or Sevvanthi for clearing debts.
  • Red oleander or Sevvarali for family unity.
  • Hari Champa or Manoranjitham for reunion of couples.
  • Marjoram or Marikozhundhu bestows union of relationships.
  • Hibiscus or Sembaruthi for business growth.
  • Rose bestows marriage prospects.

Navarathri - Day 2

Patteeswaram Durga Temple Pooja - Prevents Misfortunes, Puts Aside Enemy Woes, Speeds Up Marriage Process & Ensures Progress in Life

Patteeswaram Durga Temple is situated in Kumbakonam town in Tamil Nadu. The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Shiva as Dhenupureeswarar or Patteeswarar, and his consort is Gnanambigai. The powerful Goddess Durga has a separate shrine here and the temple is popularly known as Patteeswaram Durga temple. The temple was built by the Chola kings and its construction resembles a typical south Indian architecture. The temple is also one of the 275 Padal Petra Sthalams or temples that are glorified in the verses of Saiva Nayanars. There are references to this temple in the classic Tevaram poems.

Benefits of Patteeswaram Durga Temple Pooja

  • Overcome obstacles in life due to misfortunes.
  • Accelerate your marriage process by removing complications.
  • Eliminate dosha, curses and all other negativity that prevent your progress in life.

Navarathri - Day 3

Bala Tripura Sundari Homam Removes Mercury Dosha, Grants 16 Types of Desires, Ensures Victory, Name & Fame

Scheduled Live Stream on October 9, 2021 @ 6 PM IST

Bala Tripura Sundari is a divine form of Shakti – her child aspect, who is a 9-year old. She satisfies the needs of devotees to live a prosperous life. She removes all barriers that help you fetch 16 types of desire by addressing exact needs. She embodies eternal beauty, immense power and wisdom, courage, siddhi powers, protection and kindness. She’s a divine combination of Goddess Saraswati’s wisdom, Goddess Lakshmi’s prosperity and Goddess Maha Kali’s magnetic power. Just like a sprouted seed that has enormous strength to grow into a tree, Bala Tripura Sundari is full of potential and bestows all boons to her devotees.

Benefits of Performing Tripura Sundari Homam

  • Malefic effects of Mercury will be removed.
  • Benefits couples facing disharmony and divorce issues.
  • It resolves marriage delays and enables you to get desired partner in life.
  • Problems of infertility can be solved.
  • Increases memory, concentration and intelligence.
  • Business partnerships will flourish and obstacles eliminated.
  • Achieve all types of wealth and lead a life of prosperity and happiness.

Navaratri 2021 special - Bala Tripurasundari Homam

Navarathri - Day 4

Ashta Lakshmi Temple Pooja - A Good Solution to Financial Setbacks, Provides Ashta Siddhi & Ashta Aishwaryam

Ancient scriptures have revealed that Goddess Lakshmi emerged from the ocean when the gods and demons were churning it for the nectar of immortality. Therefore, the Ashta Lakshmi Temple that’s adjacent to the Besant Nagar beach in Chennai is symbolic of her manifestation from sea. Goddess Maha Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu fulfill the wishes of the devotees. She grants eight-fold achievements in the form of Ashta Siddhis (eight accomplishments) and also eight-fold wealth called Ashta Aishwaryam (eight types of prosperity).

Benefits of Ashta Lakshmi Temple Pooja

  • Provides relief from poverty and debts.
  • Protects from evil powers and weak planets in horoscope.
  • Solution to diseases, health disorders and affliction.
  • Helps to achieve luck and success.
  • Bestows one with all sorts of wealth.
  • Blesses one with patience and courage.

Navarathri - Day 5

Planet Venus Worships Arasar Kovil Sundara Mahalakshmi Every Fridays in Disguise - Wealth Goddess Grants 64 Prosperities, Noble Position & Status in Life

In temple which is situated near Chennai in Chengalpattu, Lord Venus or Shukra arrives every Friday to worship the mother Maha Lakshmi. No one knows what form he takes but he’s sure to pay his obeisance to the goddess. The goddess appears with six toes on her right leg. It’s a symbolic way of saying that she’s Venus’ divine controller. Also, the number that represents Venus is 6. It’s very auspicious to propitiate Goddess Maha Lakshmi in this temple on Fridays especially during the Shukra or Venus hora. She bestows devotees with 64 aishwaryas (prosperities) and Sundara Mahalakshmi is the root form of all the 64 prosperity blessings.

Benefits of Arasar Kovil Sundara Mahalakshmi Pooja

  • Performing pooja in this temple removes all your debt issues.
  • It’s a great method to achieve good health and knowledge.
  • It enhances the welfare of family and all dear ones.
  • A person attains noble position in his life.
  • One also enjoys great status and fame in society.

Navarathri - Day 6

Kamaladevi Mahavidya Homam - Kamaladevi Turns Luck to Favour You, Gives Wealth & Ensures Fertility, Royal Grandeur

Scheduled Live Stream on October 12, 2021 @ 6 PM IST

Goddess Kamaladevi or Kamalatmika, as the name denotes, is a lotus goddess and last of the Mahavidyas. She’s on par with Goddess Lakshmi and symbolises prosperity, fertility, royal grandeur and agricultural abundance. She also represents unfolding of inner consciousness and creation. She eradicates poverty, both spiritual and material besides blessing devotees with power, wealth and safety. She can turn luck to favour you and earn good name and fame. Childless couples also can be benefited with the ritual.

Benefits of Kamaladevi Homam

  • Free yourself from debt, poverty and tension.
  • Find cure to diseases and remove dangers from life.
  • Get nourishment and support for all life activities.
  • Attain abundance of worldly wealth, love and bliss.

Navaratri 2021 special - Bala Tripurasundari Homam

Navarathri - Day 7

Koothanur Saraswati Temple Pooja - Bestows Academic Excellence, Success in Exams, Removes Hurdles for Students

Koothanur Saraswati Temple is very famous for the Wisdom Goddess’ blessings of creativity, skills, intelligence, alertness and removing ego. Numerous writings and inscriptions reveal valuable information about the temple. Those who worship the goddess here gain good knowledge and are blessed with name and fame. Poojas and other rituals performed in this temple fetch high rewards. People offer white saris to please the deity. A Chola king donated the temple and its land to a poet called Ottakoothar and hence the place got the name Koothanoor. It’s also called Dakshin Triveni as the River Harisol which flows here is said to be an offshoot of rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati.

Benefits of Koothanur Saraswati Temple Pooja

  • The pooja bestows one with excellence in academics.
  • It allows the devotee to excel in the fields of music and arts.
  • It also enables students to perform well in exams and other competitive fields.
  • Bestows intelligence and wisdom to overcome hurdles for students.

Navarathri - Day 8

Ayyavaadi Maha Pratyangira Temple Pooja - Gives Instant Solution to Evil Effects, Bestows Miracle Boons

The Ayyavadi Maha Pratyangira Temple is situated in Ayyavadi, a village close to Kumbakonam where the powerful goddess sits facing north inside her shrine. When the Pandavas lost their kingdom and were roaming in the forest, the Mother appeared before them and said that they would regain their lost kingdom. The place came to be known as Aiyvar (five persons signifying the Pandavas) Paadi (settlement). And eventually got the name Ayyavaadi. Devi Pratyangira is considered to be a fierce manifestation whose energies instantly strike like a thunderbolt when devotees face hardships. She is a powerful force against effects of black magic, evil eye and dosha related to planets. She bestows miracle boons to her true devotees.

Benefits of Pratyangira Devi Pooja

  • The pooja aids in removing enemy threats.
  • It gives relief to debt burdens.
  • It also generates employment opportunities to the devotees.
  • Grants progress in business and wedding boons.
  • The pooja removes adverse effects of Saturn.

Navarathri - Day 9

Goddess Neela Saraswathi Homam Eradicates Darkness, Helps Conquer Intelligence & Gives Creative Power

Scheduled Live Stream on October 15, 2021 @ 6 PM IST

Goddess Neela Saraswathi is worshipped for Vidya Vriddhi which means advancement or growth in education, creative knowledge and wisdom, and Saraswathi Puja is celebrated glorifying this very fact. When this powerful Goddess Neela Saraswathi, one of the Dasa Mahavidya forms when appeased grants all wishes to students, professionals and technicians for whom skill is vital. Neela Saraswathi also called Tara is the presiding deity of speech, also a sun incarnate. She has absolute control of Surya Pralaya and her energies remain even after total dissolution of the universe. She manifests as Dakshin Kali that has conquered a supine Lord Shiva.

Benefits of Neela Saraswathi Homam

  • Goddess Neela Saraswathi represents cosmic knowledge, tolerance and purity.
  • Showers devotees with education, enlightenment, intelligence and creative power.
  • She purifies the intellect and helps master different art forms.

Navaratri 2021 special - Bala Tripurasundari Homam


Durga Package (Upto 10 Devotees)
USD 175.00
  • Kathiramangalam Vana Durga Temple Pooja
  • Pateeswaram Durga Temple Pooja
  • Bala Tripura Sundari Homam
Saraswathi Package (Upto10 devotees)
USD 175.00
  • Koothanur Saraswati Temple Pooja
  • Ayyavadi Maha Pratyangira Temple Pooja
  • Neela Saraswathi (Tara) Mahavidya Homam
All-in-one Value Combo Package (Upto 10 devotees)
USD 350.00
  • Combined Durga Lakshmi & Saraswathi Package
  • 6 Temple Poojas
  • 3 Specialized Homas