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The nine planetary deities or Navagraha are deciders of your destiny. They have absolute powers, and their every move decides your fate whether good or bad. These planets create an impact on the life of a person and their placements in the natal chart affect various aspects of life such as love, marriage, career, income, health etc. The New Year is that time of the year when expectations are high and people want the best of everything. Revering the planets for the benefit of mankind is the right step to make the oncoming year a happy and successful one.

By invoking the Navagraha, you can remove the negative influences and build positive energies around you. You can not only accrue good results by worshipping the planets, but also obtain their blessings even if they are placed at advantageous or disadvantageous positions.

Vedicfolks Power Booster rituals for the year 2022 consists of 9 Navagraha remedial temple pujas and 1 grand Navagraha remedial homam that will be live streamed.

2022 Power Booster Rituals (9 Navagraha Remedial Temple Pujas and
1 Live Grand Navagraha remedial Homam)

December 24, 2021
Day 1 - Suryanar Temple puja

December 25, 2021
Day 2 - Thingaloor Temple Puja

December 26, 2021
Day 3 - Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Homam Live Stream on Vedicfolks YouTube Channel

December 27, 2021
Day 4 - Vaitheeswaran Koil Temple Puja

December 28, 2021
Day 5 - Thiruvengadu Temple Puja

December 29, 2021
Day 6 - Alangudi Temple Puja

December 30, 2021
Day 7 - Kanchanoor Temple Puja

December 31, 2021
Day 8 - Thirunallar Temple Puja

January 01, 2021
Day 9 - Thirunageswaram and Keezhaperumpallam Temple Puja

For the convenience of our devotees we have segregated the ceremonies under the following packages:

Basic: Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Homam (for one Sankalpa, per order only)

Silver: Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Homam (for 4 Sankalpas maximum, per order only)

Gold: Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Homam + 9 Navagraha temple pujas (for 6 sankalpas maximum, per order only)

Platinum: Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Homam + 9 Navagraha temple pujas (for 10 sankalpas maximum, per order only)

Day 1 – Suryanar Temple Puja

Eliminates Sun Afflictions, Sufferings &
Bestows Success & Prosperity

Scheduled on December 24, 2021

Located between the temple town of Kumbakkonam and Tirumangalakkudi, the Suryanar Koil (temple) is dedicated to Sun god. There are temples for other eight planets too, but Lord Surya or Sun holds great prominence in this temple. The presiding deity is Lord Surya Narayana and one can witness Brihaspati or Guru performing puja to the deity. His consorts are Usha Devi and Pratyusha Devi. Also seen are temples of Kasi Vishwanath, Visalakshi and Brihaspati. Kol Theertha Vinayakar shrine is an important sculpture in the temple. Surya pushkarni tank is a sacred bathing ghat which lies to the north of the Rajagopuram. There are many other attractions in this temple which is of great historical significance.

Benefits of Suriyanar Temple Pooja

  • People with Sun afflictions can perform puja here to get relief from sufferings.
  • Obstacles and suffering due to seven-and-a half-years Saturn, Ashtama Shani and Janma Shani will be resolved.
  • Get child blessings by worshipping in this temple.
  • Eliminate diseases of skin, psychological disorders, etc.
  • Achieve success and prosperity by performing ceremonies in this temple.
Day 2 – Thingaloor (Chandra) Temple Puja

Dissolve Chandra dosha, Skin Diseases, Acquire Vehicles and
Property & Marriage Boons

Scheduled on December 25, 2021

Thingaloor is famous for the Kailasanathar Temple which is one of the powerful Navagraha temples where the presiding deity is Soma (Moon). The main idol of this temple is that of Lord Shiva as Kailasanathar and his consort Goddess Parvati as Periyanayagi Devi. Religious texts say that Planet Moon worshipped Lord Shiva and got blessings after Ketu, the snake planet, tried to devour the moon. Lord Shiva not only absolved the moon’s curse but also gave him a prominent place in the crown. The Moon rules Cancer sign and for natives of this zodiac invoking the lord gives auspicious blessings.

Benefits of Thingaloor (Chandra) Temple Pooja

  • Mitigates Chandra dosha in the horoscope.
  • Relief from mental retardation, skin, nerve problems, jaundice etc.
  • Expect blessings of wealth, family happiness and a sound mind.
  • Own vehicles, property, overall well-being and travel abroad.
  • Attain marriage and offspring blessings.
Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Homam for New Year, 2022

Restricts Malefic Energies, Improves Job Prospects,
Boosts Sources of Income & Ensures Happy Times Ahead

Scheduled Live Stream on December 26, 2021 @ 6 PM IST

Navagraha – Deciders of Destiny Influence All Aspects of Your Life

The ‘navagraha’ are the nine planets that rule the solar system. ‘Nava’ means nine and ‘graha’ means their planetary positions or houses they rest temporarily. They are Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

These planets decide your destiny, and their placement in the natal chart affects the various aspects of life such as love, marriage, career, income, health etc.

The Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Homam will be performed for the New Year, 2022, to attain ayur, arogya, saukhyam’, which means longevity, health and happiness. It also removes obstacles in future that prevent your success and prosperity.

You can remove the negative influences, threats and build positive energies around you. Not only can you accrue good results by worshipping the planets, you can also obtain their blessings even if they are placed unfavourably in your native chart.

Positive Impact of Nine Planets in Your Life

  • Sun is the king of planets and gives health and affluence.
  • Moon is the planet which rules over mind and gives success.
  • Mars or Mangal is the planet which gives wisdom, prosperity and wealth.
  • Mercury is the planet which gives knowledge.
  • Jupiter gives spiritual knowledge and good education.
  • Venus gives the knowledge of arts, music etc.
  • Saturn gives happiness, enthusiasm, zeal and also teaches ‘vairagya’ (detachment from worldly desires).
  • Rahu makes life stronger and turns foe to a friend.
  • Ketu ensures prosperity, health, wealth for all in the family.

Significance of Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Homam
for New Year, 2022

Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Homam is performed to satisfy and cool the planets and get their blessings for the New Year so that the strong effects can be minimised or eliminated to a large extent. It is said that when this planet is malefic in the natal charts, even a king may lead a life of a beggar. So, rituals minimise the strong negative effects and also fulfill desires of people.

Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Homam helps to counter flaws in the horoscope and enables devotees to prosper by removing the astrological defects that hamper their well-being. It also appeases the nine planets and is an effective remedy to eradicate dosha. Even if the Navagrahas are placed unfavourably, you can achieve their successful blessings.

Sun (Surya): Om Hram Hrim Hraum Sah Suryaya Namah

Moon (Chandra): Om Shram Shrim Shraum Sah Chandraya Namah

Mars (Mangal): Om Kram Krim Kraum Sah Bhaumaya Namah

Mercury (Budh): Om Bram Brim Braum Sah Budhaya Namah

Jupiter (Guru): Om Gram Grim Graum Sah Gurave Namah

Venus (Shukra): Om Dram Drim Draum Sah Shukraya Namah

Saturn (Shani): Om Pram Prim Praum Sah Shanaicharaya Namah

Rahu: Om Bhram Bhrim Bhraum Sah Rahave Namah

Ketu: Om Sram Srim Sraum Sah Ketave Namah

Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Homam

Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Homam for New Year 2022: Restricts Malefic Energies, Improves Job Prospects,
Increases Sources of Income & Ensures Happy Times Ahead

The Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Homam is being organised to usher in a problem-free and happy New Year, 2022. The homam is beneficial and extremely useful if four or more planets are not well-placed in your natal chart. All types of dosha such as kalathra dosha or kala sarpa dosha can be abolished. It enhances marital life and job prospects. It boosts your sources of income and provides happy life for you.

It helps to ensure that devotees derive maximum advantage or blessings from the planets. It not only keeps away malefic influences but also improves positive energies around you. The planets also control our karma, desires and their outcome. Therefore appeasing them is very significant for all round welfare and prosperity.

Benefits of Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Homam for New Year 2021

  • Navagraha homam removes bad effects and makes life healthy, wealthy and prosperous.
  • This homam overcomes potential threats and risks to a great extent.
  • Get blessings from nine planetary deities to ensure success in all endeavours by reducing obstacles.
  • It provides relief to those having funds stuck in business and personal life.
  • It ensures a successful career and awakens the luck aspect.
  • It is suitable for gaining greater knowledge and wisdom.
Day 4 – Vaitheeswaran (Mangal - Mars) Temple Puja

Find Quick Relief to Diseases, Allays Mars Defects,
Grants Marriage & Child Blessings

Scheduled on December 27, 2021

The Vaitheeswaran Temple is famed for Lord Vaidyanatha who has curative powers. A special abhishekam is performed to the lord which has gained significance from the times of ancient siddhars who were mystics and had great knowledge in the fields of science, medicine, alchemy, spirituality, etc. Lord Vaitheeswaran or Vaidyanatha cures people of not only physical illnesses but also from the cycle of birth and death. He offers every wish of the devotee. This temple is also a ‘parihara sthalam’ for Mars dosha in the horoscope. Special poojas are performed to Agaraka or Chevvai or Mars for success in land deals, relief from debts and marriage dosha like chevvai dosham, emotional upheavals, family quarrels and ailments.

Benefits of Vaitheeswaran (Mangal - Mars) Temple Puja

  • Get major relief from health related problems.
  • Eliminate effects of planets that cause distress in your life.
  • Achieve job, marriage and child blessings and fulfill desires.
Day 5 – Sri Swetharanyeswarar (Budha - Mercury) Temple Puja

Removes Past Life Sins & Mercury Dosha,
Grants Business Growth & Academic Excellence

Scheduled on December 28, 2021

Sri Swetharanyeswarar Temple in Thiruvenkadu which is located near Sirkazhi has been mentioned in Ramayana and Silapathikaram, a Tamil epic poem. The temple is called Adi Chidambaram because it is believed that the lord performed his cosmic dance here first and in Chidambaram later. It is believed that nine types of dances were performed by Lord Shiva. The temple is one of the famous Navagraha remedial temples for removing doshas related to Mercury. Goddess Parvati is considered as Pranava Shakti who taught arts to Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma had lost his memory once and he came to this temple and performed severe penance to regain it. Lord Shiva in the form of Dakshinamurthy taught him Brahmagnanam which is knowledge of Brahma.

Blessings of Swetharanyeswarar (Budha - Mercury) Temple Puja

  • Remove sins accrued in previous births.
  • Eliminate doshas related to Planet Mercury.
  • Those suffering from nerve-related ailments can find cure.
  • Achieve knowledge, wisdom and oratory excellence, enhances academics and business growth.
  • Prayers for wedding and child boons will be granted.
Day 6 – Alangudi Dakshinamurthy (Guru) Temple Puja

Relieves You from Jupiter Dosha, Fulfills Desires &
Get Blessings of Guru

Scheduled on December 29, 2021

The Alangudi Abathsahayeswarar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is a very important shrine for worship of Lord Dakshinamurthy or guru. Noted for its three important glories – the presiding deity, the place itself and holy tank, the temple was constructed by an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, Amuthokar. The ruling deity is Abathsahayeswarar (the lord who rescues during a crisis) and his consort Parvati is known as Elavarkuzhali. People throng the temple during Jupiter transit for beneficial blessings. Those suffering from the negative influence of Rahu and Ketu can also find relief in this temple.

Blessings of Alangudi Dakshinamurthy (Guru) Temple Puja

  • Worshipping in this temple remove the bad impact of snake planets.
  • Negate ill-effects of planet Jupiter.
  • Achieve excellence in academic field and other desires.
  • Get blessings of Lord Shiva as Dakshinamurthy (Guru).
Day 7 – Kanjanur Agneeswarar (Shukra) Temple Puja

Negates Venus Dosha, Cures Ailments &
Gives Boons of Wealth & Prosperity

Scheduled on December 30, 2021

Kanjanur Agneeswarar Temple is one of the Navagraha temples located about 18 km from Kumbakonam. It’s also known as Shukran Sthalam or the place dedicated to Planet Venus. There’s a separate shrine for the planet which attracts a large number of people. Here Lord Shiva, the main deity, is Agneeswarar and Lord Parvati is known as Karpagavalli Amman. The form of Agneeswarar represents Shukra or Venus. The uniqueness of the linga is that it absorbs all the oil poured on it during abhishekam. The temple was built by Chola kings and renovated during the reign of Vijayanagar Empire.

Blessings of Kanjanur Agneeswarar (Shukra) Temple Puja

  • Those suffering from adverse Venus effects can find remedy here.
  • The god also removes curses and sins.
  • Lord Shiva as Agneeswarar grants blessings of wealth and prosperity.
  • Devotees can find cure for psychological disorders and anemia.
  • It’s also the place to achieve marriage and child boons.
Day 8 – Thirunallar Saneeswaran Temple Puja

Eliminates Obstacles Due To Saturn Effects,
Solves Problems & Gives Prosperity

Scheduled on December 31, 2021

Thirunallar is famous for Saneeswaran Temple in which Lord Shiva as Darbaraneswarar is the presiding deity. Lord Shani or Saturn is extremely powerful in this temple who grants blessings to you according to your Karma. Prayers to Lord Shani wipes out the planet’s bad influence in your life and grants positive effects. Many devotees who have worshipped here have been mitigated of their sufferings as this is the only shrine where Lord Shani lost his powers to Lord Shiva. The planet god is seen standing on the left side of Lord Darbaranyeswara. The holy tanks in this temple have healing powers as it had absolved the sufferings of King Nala.

Blessings of Thirunallar Saneeswaran Temple Puja

  • Eliminates obstacles due to negative Saturn effects.
  • Mitigates Saturn dosha like seven and half years period, Ashtshama Shani, Ardhasthama Shani, etc.
  • Achieve problem-free life with blessings of Lord Saturn.
  • Receive blessings of Saturn for a happy and prosperous life.
Day 9 – Thirunageswaram (Rahu) & Keezhaperumpallam (Ketu) Temple Pujas

Ceremonies Clear Rahu-Ketu Dosha, Solve Marital Problems,
Give Prosperity, Wealth & Progress in Trade

Scheduled on January 01, 2022

Thirunageswaram Temple is famous for worship of shadow planet Rahu. Lord Shiva is worshipped here as Naganathar in the form of Shiva linga. This is a miracle temple due to the fact that when milk is poured on the idol of Rahu for abhishekam, it turns blue. The temple is considered as one of the Navagraha temples for Rahu. Naganathaswamy temple is among the rarest of the rare temples where devotees make a beehive to get relief from sarpa or serpent dosha. A dip in the holy tank cures diseases and also ensures prosperity and well-being.

Keezhaperumpallam Temple is called Ketu sthalam and is located in Thanjavur of Tamil Nadu. Lord Shiva is worshipped in this temple as Lord Naganatha Swamy. Lord Ketu appears as a five-headed serpent, his hands folded, praying to Lord Shiva. Ketu grants wisdom and is a fearless planet who does well to devotees. People perform 16 types of abhishekam and homas in this temple. During Rahu-Ketu transit days, special ceremonies are performed in this temple. According to numerology, no. 7 belongs to Ketu. Therefore 16 (1+6 = 7) types of pujas are performed chanting 7 lakh mantras.

Blessings of Thirunageswaram (Rahu) & Keezhaperumpallam (Ketu) Temple Pujas

  • Remove dosha caused by Rahu in your natal chart.
  • Rahu can bless a devotee with prosperity, wealth and Raja Yoga.
  • Invoking Rahu prevents marriage delays, marital problems and child birth issues.
  • Find relief to kalasarpa dosha, kalathra dosha and sarpa dosha.
  • Find cure for gastric trouble, nerve disorders, by worshipping ketu.
  • Achieve progress in trade, unity and prosperity in family.
  • Ensure longevity and welfare of your succeeding generations.


Basic Package (For One Devotee)
USD 99.00
  • Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Homam
Gold Package (Upto 6 Devotees)
USD 175.00
  • Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Homam
  • 9 Navagraha Temple Pujas
Platinum Package (Upto 10 Devotees)
USD 191.00
  • Navagraha Dosha Nivarana Homam
  • 9 Navagraha Temple Pujas