Lord Hanuman – Epitome of Wisdom, Self-Control,
Valour, Righteousness,
Courage & Devotion

Lord Hanuman or Anjaneya is a manifestation of Lord Shiva. He’s fortified with the essence of eleven Rudra and symbolizes jnaana yoga, bhakti yoga, karma yoga and raja yoga. Lord Hanuman is an epitome of devotion, knowledge, bravery and ‘daasa bhava’ i.e., having the spirit of a servant. Hanuman is an ardent follower of Lord Rama and is also a central character in the epic tale Ramayana. Revered for His mighty power, Lord Hanuman’s ability to assume any form at will, to inflate or reduce to a thumbnail, to ward off evil and other troubles that devotees face, proves his magical might. He’s the quintessence of wisdom, self-control, valour, righteousness, courage and devotion. One who prays to him will attain, power, success, prosperity, glory and strength. Invoking Lord Hanuman can give devotee immense physical strength, triumph over enemies, good health, bravery, knowledge, humility and also get relief to problems caused by planets Mars and Saturn. The unique Nava Avatar Hanuman Homam will be performed on Hanuman Jayanthi which falls on Margashirsha Amavasya that coincides with the Mula nakshatra. It is said that Lord Hanuman was born on this day which is a very auspicious one.

Navavatara Anjaneya Charitra describes the nine forms of Hanuman in this verse:-

Aadya Prasanna Hanuman
Dwitiyo Veera Marutih
Tritiyo Vimshati Bhujah
Chaturtha Pancha Vaktraka
Panchamo Ashtadasha Bhujah Sharanya Sarvadehinaam
Suvarchalaa Pathi Shashtah
Saptamastu Chaturbhujah
Ashtama Kathitashriman Dwatrimshath Bhujamandala
Navamo Vaanarakara Ithyeva Navaroopa Druth
Navavatara Hanuman Pathumaam Sarvadassada

Powerful Nine Incarnations of Hanuman Revealed

Significance of Nava Avatar Hanuman Homam

Nava Avatar Hanuman Homam is an effective method for those suffering dosha or malefic effects of planets like Saturn or Mars. It grants inner peace which helps to ensure happiness, good health of you and family. The energy and vibrations of the nine unique forms of Hanuman spread great positivity and allows you to accomplish all tasks with finesse.

Nava Avatar Hanuman Homam

Rare Nava Avatar Hanuman Homam -
Wipes Out Misfortunes,
Crushes Evil Forces &
Grants Power, Lost Wealth & Prosperity

Lord Hanuman favors all those who surrender to him unconditionally. He signifies hope and omnipotence. Nava Avatar Hanuman Homam is a powerful prayer that can destroy the enemy and evil forces. The lord eliminates potential risks and threats. He shields the devotee from negativity, accidents, ill-health and chronic diseases. The homam also helps you to achieve success in all endeavors, improve relationships, and avoid conflicts and disputes. It also keeps off doshas and influences of bad planetary combinations that harm your life. It gives nine-fold blessings of the lord for a proper direction in career, and a stable life. It strengthens will power so that you can achieve goals in spite of challenges. It also bestows fame in the field of politics and business.

Benefits of Nava Avatar Hanuman Homam

  • Safeguards from negativity, accidents, bad fortunes, ill-health and chronic diseases.
  • Makes you fearless and helps boost your self-confidence.
  • Bestows the devotee with courage to face challenges in order to achieve goals.
  • Builds reputation and makes you famous in the field of business and politics.
  • Achieve success, happiness, victory and peace.
  • Attracts prosperity, wealth and good health.
  • Showers you with the divine grace and blessings of nine avatars of Lord Hanuman.

*Kalpa or aeon is the time period between the creation and recreation of the universe and is said to be around 4, 320 million human years.

Namakkal Hanuman Temple Puja Blesses With Marriage and Career Success,
Great Health & Academic Excellence

Namakkal Hanuman Temple is also called Dakshina Srisailam. It’s about 300 metres away from the famous Narasimha Swamy temple. Standing tall at a height of 18 feet, the sculpture of Namakkal Hanuman is indeed huge. The statue is placed under open sky so that the lord is free to move as and when he pleases. People believe that the statue grows taller year after year. Lord Hanuman is seen in vishwaroopa darshan with his palms joined together in prayer, and is said to have brought the Saligrama stone which turned to a hill. Namakkal Lord Hanuman blesses the devotee with success in marriage and career, child blessings, good health and academic excellence. An offering of vada mala relieves one of ill effects of Saturn and Rahu planets.

Energized Hanuman Keychain Endows With Strength, Valor, Prosperity & Positivity

Lord hanuman is the great hero of Ramayana. He endows his devotee with Atma Shakti or self-power. He is the son of Vayu or wind god and therefore has incredible strength. Possessing the energized keychain of lord hanuman endows you with great strength, courage and valour. It also helps to strike a fine balance between material ambitions and spiritual pursuit. Using the keychain can open doors to luck and prosperity in abundance. Since it is energized in the ritual, it can also enhance positivity and get rid of all negative energies that try to enter your space.


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