Ashwin Purnima, Valmiki & Meerabhai Jayanthi Rituals Glorify Lord Vishnu for Eliminating Troubles, Achieving Prosperity & Moksha

Powerful Narayana Kavacham Homam

Removes All Types of Fear, Protects, Gives Rare Assets, Luxury & Victory

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Narayana Kavacham is a protective mantra that appears in chapter eight of sixth skanda of Bhagavada Purana. It is dedicated to Lord Narayana, the lord of cosmic consciousness. It is said that the mantra serves two purposes. 1) To save mankind from difficulties and self-proposed limitations and 2) for that ultimate purpose in life which is liberation.

Vedic texts say that the soul of man who experiences Narayana Kavacham – even if he’s a sinner – becomes extremely holy and that anyone who reads the Kavacham would be protected by the lord in his various avatars, by his various weapons and also by his sub-ordinates. Before reading the book, one should follow austere measures of cleaning the mind and body, according to Shloka 4-11 of the holy verses of Narayana Kavacham. There are 24 shlokas in all in this divine shield that invokes Lord Vishnu and his many incarnations.

Significance of Narayana Kavacham Homam

Narayana Kavacham Homam is performed to invoke the Lord Narayana, a Maha Vishnu form, for protection against all types of evil and enemies. Three powerful mantras should be chanted before embarking on the Narayana Kavacham Homam.

  • Om Namo Naraayanaya
  • Om Namo Bhagvathey Vaasudevaaya
  • Om Vishnuve Namah

The Narayana Kavacham is a solution for people suffering from misfortune, diseases, oppression, obsessions, tension and negative impact of social and planetary influences.

Narayana Kavacham Homam will be performed on the propitious Ashwin Purnima, Valmiki Jayanthi and Meerabhai Jayanthi as all three events fall on the same day.

According to Vedic texts, Ashwin Purnima is the only day in the whole year when the moon radiates with all of its 16 kalas (virtues) and its rays that fall on earth are considered equivalent to elixir or amrit which nourishes man’s body and soul.

Meerabhai Jayanthi is the day when the mystic poetess and ardent devotee of Lord Krishna, Meerabhai was born. According to her, Krishna bhakti is the best way of life to help forget worldly desires and attain lord Krishna, an avatar of Maha Vishnu.

Valmiki Jayanthi is celebrated in memory of the first poet of Sanskrit language Maharishi Valmiki. He was a renowned sage and author of the epic Ramayana that consists of 24,000 verses and 7 cantos (kandas) including Uttara Kandam, the last of the Ramayana series of Vedic literature.

Nakshatra Shakthi Homam

Powerful Narayana Kavacham Homam Removes All Types of Fear,
Protects, Gives Rare Assets, Luxury & Victory

Narayana Kavacham Homam protects not only you but all your loved ones and when the ritual takes place, you can actually visualize your family encased in protective armor. It shows as a ring of white light around them – such is the power of the mantras of Narayana Kavacham. Several incarnations of lord Vishnu are called upon to protect the devotee under different circumstances. According to Devi Bhagavatham, 26 incarnations, viz. Sanaka, Sananda, Sanathana, Sanathkumara, Varaha, Sri Rama, Bala Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Dattatreya, Narada, Mohini, Koorma, Garuda, Dhanvantari, Nara-narayana, Kapila, Yajna, Rishabha, Pruthu, Mathsya, Narasimha, Vamana, Parasurama, Vyasa and Kalki. Narayana Kavacham is a potent remedy to cut off evil influences and deadly effects of black magic and other occult powers. It not only brings the devotee closer to the Lord Narayana or Vishnu, but confers mental harmony, strength and prosperity all through life. He is Paramatma, the greatest soul that holds six assets together which are Absolute Wealth, Absolute Dharma, Absolute Fame, Absolute Sri or Nature, Absolute Determination and Absolute Moksha or Liberation.

Benefits of Narayana Kavacham Homam

  • Overcome fear caused by animals, poison, weapon, water, fire or air with the blessings of Lord Vishnu.
  • Eradicates dangerous diseases and shields you wherever you go.
  • Get protection from cruel actions of enemies and evil forces.
  • Safeguards against lusty desires, sins, and also venomous beasts like snakes and irreversible hell.
  • Removes suffering caused by heat and cold, pleasure and sorrow, honor and shame.
  • Drives away raakshas, pretas, maatru ganas, Brahma rakshas and pisaacas.
  • Attain victory, fame and worldly luxuries.

Srirangam Ranganatha Swamy Temple Pooja Solves Material Issues, Gives Professional Growth,
Marriage & Child Boons & Prosperity

The Srirangam Temple is one of the most significant self-manifested holy abodes of Lord Vishnu. Also called Periyakoil, Thiruvaranga Tirupati, Bhoologa Vaikundam and Bhogamandalam, the temple complex is vast and spreads on 156 acres of land. It is the first and foremost of the 108 Divya Desams of Lord Vishnu. There are 21 magnificent towers in the enclosure that takes one’s breadth away. Rivers Cauvery and Coleroon form an islet on which the temple lies.

The main deity Lord Ranganathar appears in a sleeping posture – Anantha Sayanam – on the lap of Adishesha, the king of serpents. Hymns sung by 12 Vaishnanite saints called Nalayaira Divya Prabandam or 4000 verses in praise of Lord Vishnu speak volumes of the glory of the Lord Ranganatha Swamy. Vaikunda Ekadasi and Masi Teppa Thiruvizha are festivals that are celebrated on a grand scale. One of the most visited temples of the south, Lord Ranganatha Swamy temple pooja blesses devotees with wedding boons, progeny, education, wisdom and professional growth. He also ensures prosperity of your family, growth in agricultural yields, a life free from material woes and moksha.

Energized Conch Shell Helps to Balance Chakras, Increases Lung Capacity,
Cures Skin Disorders & Enhances Positivity

Energized conch shell or Narayana shankh will give you great positivity as it vibrations waft in the air. The sound emitted from a conch balances the seven chakras of the body. It also ensures prosperity, wealth, love and growth. It is said that Goddess Lakshmi resides in the conch shell and brings the devotees plenty of opportunity and divinity. It purifies the air by destroying disease causing germs in the atmosphere. You can use the energized conch for anointing your favorite deity and also blow it at the start of an auspicious ceremony.

It also helps to remove obstacles as you worship it every day. Blowing a conch also helps improve aerial capacity of your lungs. As you blow the conch, you inhale a lot of air which leads to contracting muscles from forehead to feet. It helps to improve circulation of blood and thereby increasing the supply of oxygen in the blood.
It is said that water stored in the conch overnight and consumed in the morning cures skin diseases, bone, teeth and stomach disorders.

Basic Package (for One Devotee)
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  • Powerful Narayana Kavacham Homam
Gold Package (Upto 6 devotees)
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  • Powerful Narayana Kavacham Homam
  • Srirangam Ranganatha Swamy Temple Pooja
Platinum Package (Upto 10 devotees)
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  • Powerful Narayana Kavacham Homam
  • Srirangam Ranganatha Swamy Temple Pooja
  • Energized Conch Shell