Narasimha & Chinnamasta Jayanthi Special Rituals 
Scheduled LIVE on May 05, 2020 @ 6 PM IST
Nava Narasimha Homam on Narasimha Jayanthi 
Get Protection against Evil Forces, Gain Adequate Cash Flow & Eliminate Hurdles 

Narasimha Jayanthi: The Birthday of Lord Vishnu’s Avatar That Brings Wealth & Protection Blessings 

Narasimha Jayanthi is the appearance of Lord Vishnu as half-lion half-man incarnation to demolish a demon King Hiranyakashipu.  The day is celebrated on Vaishaka Shukla Chaturdashi on May 17, 2019. This fierce avatar of Lord Vishnu, when invoked, can eradicate enemies, misfortunes, all evil and protect from serious illness. Lord Vishnu is the lord of wealth and abundance and therefore worshipping the lord on this day grants these blessings too. 
Vedicfolks will perform the Nava Narasimha Homam to nine forms on Narasimha Jayanthi that fetches plenty of blessings for wealth, prosperity, success and happiness.

Nava Narasimha Homam - Narasimha JayantiSri Ugra Narasimha - Gain supreme courage to overcome enemies in your life, expect big gains in profession and career 

Sri Jwala Narasimha - Achieve success in all aspects and stay in good health, also happiness in marriage and progeny 

Sri Yoga Narasimha - Achieve mental peace, harmony and eradicate tough problems.

Sri Bhargava Narasimha - Receive blessings for superior leadership in both public and private sectors

Sri Krodha Narasimha- Get rid of barriers in profession and trade and also achieve great success in life. Remove problems related to land and court cases. 

Sri Malola Narasimha - Eliminate money-related problems like debts, loan issues, etc. Also gain wealth, peace and harmony.

Sri Pavana Narasimha - Experience love and understanding in relationships and remove sins of the past and present. 

Sri Chatravata Narasimha - Get a stable income, sharpen your creative skills in music and arts and also get good land returns. 

Sri Karanja Narasimha - Keep your enemies away and materialise your dreams and aspirations.

Get Protection against Evil Forces, Gain Adequate Cash Flow & Eliminate Hurdles with Nava Narasimha Homam

The Nava Narasimha Homam invokes the powerful and fierce form of Lord Vishnu Sri Narasimha. As Lord Narasimha manifested to protect his devotee Prahlad, the ritual attracts blessings of protection and eliminates evil forces that cause distress to you. Since the deity is a form of Maha Vishnu, the homa also ensures that you get enough prosperity in terms of money inflow by removing hurdles in business and other professions. It also relieves from debts and insolvency however serious it may be and protects against further chaos. The ritual can also nullify your worst sins and grant salvation. 

Benefits of Nava Narasimha Homam

  • Gain superior power and authority with the ritual that invokes nine forms of Lord Narasimha.
  • There will be no dearth of money and wealth with this ritual that invokes the avatar God.
  • All hurdles in business and other trade dealings can be eliminated. 
  • Lord Narasimha is a protector against evil, so keep crudest of enemies or evil away.
  • Abolish your worst sins and get salvation.  
Chinnamasta Homam on Chinnamasta Jayanthi 
Ensure Positive Changes, Material Progress, & Eliminate Relationship Troubles 

Chinnamasta Homam - Chinnamasta Jayanti

Chinnamasta Jayanthi: The Appearance Day of a Wisdom Goddess That Grants New Lease of Life, Knowledge and Victory  
Chinnamasta Jayanthi is celebrated on Shukla Paksha Chaturdashi in Vaisakha month and the goddess, a Mahavidya manifested to satisfy the hunger of her aides. She’s also called Chintapurni and homas and pujas on this day to the powerful deity uplift the devotee and ensures success in all endeavours. People suffering from loss of reputation can see a change and become prosperous. The goddess imparts vitality, energy, spirit and gives new lease of life. One can control not only their carnal energy but also spiritual energy. The mother grants blessings of prosperity, victory, knowledge, health and victory. 

Ensure Positive Changes, Material Progress, & Eliminate Relationship Troubles with Chinnamasta Homam 

It's propitious to perform the Chinnamasta Homam on the goddess’ appearance day because it ensures happiness, success, knowledge, good health and wealth. All issues, related to debt and poverty, are eliminated. It attracts material progress, ensures positive changes in you and eliminates relationship problems. If you’re facing problems related to infertility, sexual problems or losses in memory or business then this is the right ritual for you. Those with malefic Rahu in their horoscope can get relief by invoking Goddess Chinnamasta through the homam. She removes all negativity associated with the eighth house of one’s birth chart.
The Chinnamasta homam facilitates speedy victory in all matters of life. It helps to eliminate enemies and overcome stumbling blocks in the mind. It also enhances spirituality and perception in life. 

Benefits of Chinnamasta Homam 

  • Bring about positive changes in your life by invoking Devi Bhavani or Goddess Chinnamasta.
  • Remove debt and poverty from your life and ensure speedy success in all endeavours.
  • Eliminate relationship problems, infertility and doshas with this ritual.   
  • Make sure you achieve material progress with great wealth and prosperity.
  • This wisdom goddess bestows knowledge, good health and spiritual progress.
Auspicious Combinations That Make Our Rituals Highly Powerful

Salagrama PujaSalagrama Puja - Creates Wealth, Sound Health & Grants Righteous Living

Salagrama also called Shaligrama is a sacred stone that’s used as an object of worship as it represents Lord Vishnu. A house possessing the Salagrama must worship it daily and maintain sanctity at all times. A puja to this divine stone bestows six blessings such as sound health, righteous living, protection, creation of wealth, pleasures and spiritual attainment.


Vaibhava Lakshmi PujaVaibhava Lakshmi Puja - Grants All Types of Wealth Blessings from Eight Forms

Goddess Vaibhava Lakshmi is the total entity of eight forms of Ashtalakshmi. She grants all forms of wealth to her devotees. A puja to Vaibhava Laskhmi fetches wealth, education, courage, surplus food, gift of progeny etc.  Hard working and committed people who worship the deity sincerely can experience success with this puja.