Mahalaya Kalashtami Special - Invocation of 27 Nakshatra Shakti & Bhairava Forms for Karma Clearing & Nakshatra Dosha Removal

Nakshatra Shakti and Bhairava Homam

Solves Major issues, Creates Favorable Time, & Bestows Material Abundance

Scheduled Live Stream on September 28, 2021 @ 6 PM IST

This event has been completed.
Please visit this link to perform individual Nakshatra Shakthi Maha Homam.

Kalashtami Tithi Gives Propitious Blessings of 27 Nakshatra Shakti & Bhairava Forms

The Nakshatra Shakti and Bhairava Homam on Kalashtami pleases Lord Bhairava who removes all sufferings, pain and negative influences from life.

Kalashtami falls every month on Krishna Paksha Ashtami Tithi which is most appropriate for Bhairava worship. This year Kalashtami falls on Mahalaya Paksha which is very auspicious for Karma clearing and dosha removal.
Bhairava forms, aspects of Lord Shiva, are lords of directions that control and rule the universe from eight sides as Ashta Bhairava. It’s important to understand that the vast cosmos consisting of sun, planets and stars are guarded by the dikpalakas, the guardians of directions who in turn are restrained by the Bhairava forms.

According to Vedic astrology, the 27 nakshatras also have a deity called nakshatra devata that are Shakti or powerful forces that need to be invoked for good health, prosperity and overall well-being. The Nakshatra Shakti and Bhairava Homam invokes the 27 nakshatra, their Devata the Bhairava forms for its massive reach and profound auspiciousness to clear Karmic burdens first, and then grant blessings in plenty to the devotees.

The 27 Nakshatras, Their Shakti & Characteristics

Ashwini (Ashwini Devathas) – Pioneer, innovator and explorer, heroic, courageous, restless, impatient, zest for life. Bhairava – Sri Gnana Bhairava, Patteeswarar Temple, Perur, Coimbatore.

Bharani (Yama) – Struggles, restraint and obstacles in life. Inflicts oppression on others, fights to liberate themselves, intelligent and witty. Bhairava – Maha Bhairava, Perichikovil, Tirupathur.

Karthika (Agni) – Sharp, penetrating, sarcastic and critical, proud, ambitious, determined and focused crusaders. Bhairava – Sri Swarna Bhairava, Thiruvannamalai.

Rohini (Lord Brahma) – Passionate, sexually seductive, elegant, attractive and charismatic, love children, art, music and luxury. Bhirava – Sri Kala Bhairava, Brahmasira Kandeeswarar Temple, Kandiyur, Thanjavur.

Mrigasheersham (Moon) – Restless, nervous, constantly searching, curious, Gentle, tender, peaceful, sensual, romantic, caring, Travellers, investigators, researchers, collectors, public speakers and communicators. Bhairava – Sri Kshetrapala Bhairava, kshetrapalapuram, Kutralam.

Thiruvaathirai (Shiva) – Sadness and destructive impulses, skilled at creation, recreation, renovation, repair, recycling, cold, calculating, stubborn, controlling violent temperament, strong, stable and sympathetic. Bhairava – Sri Batuk Bhairava, Andal Temple, near Pondicherry.

Punarpoosam (Adithi) - Strong inner resources ability to bounce back, philosophical, religious spiritual, likeable, charming and forgiving idealistic, honest and truthful to the core, value family and the home. Bhairava – Sri Vijaya Bhairava, Pazhani Sadhu Swamy Mutt.

Poosam (Guru) – Religious, conventional, helpful, selfless, caring, intelligent and spiritual self-sufficient and wealthy, caring for under privileged, arrogant, high ideals. Bhairava – Aavin Bhairava, Vanchinathan temple, vanchiyam.

Aayilyam (Nagas) – Penetrating, intense, hypnotic, wise, profound, secretive, ambitious and full of conviction and are hate critics, vengeful towards humiliation, crafty, devious, controlling. Bhairava- Sri Pathal Bhairava, Kalahasthi.

Magam (Pitrus) – Noble, eminent, ambitious, generous, leader, strong, traditional, drive for power and wealth, amiable, very loyal proud of family and ancestors, elitist and arrogant. Bhairava – Sri Narthana Bhairava, Jalakandeswarar Temple, Velur.

Pooram (Aryamavu) – Carefree, attractive, sensual, affectionate, sociable, kind, generous and loyal; convincing ability, artistic, lazy and vain, needy in relationships, value family. Bhairava – Sri Kottai Bhairava, Patteeswaram Dhenupureeswarar Temple, Madambakam.

Utharam (Bhaga) – Restless, nervous, constantly searching, curious, Gentle, tender, peaceful, sensual, romantic, caring, Travellers, investigators, researchers, collectors, public speakers and communicators. Bhairava – sri jadamandala. Bhairava, cheran mahadevi temple.

Hastam (Adithya) – Helpful, kind, friendly, caring, sincere and courageous. Stable, fixed and focused, need spouse, family ties, humane, stubborn and controlling. Bhairava – Sri Yoga Bhariava, Thiruttalinathar Temple, Tirupattur.

Chithra (Thristavu) – Good opportunities, charisma, charm, and glamour, good conversationalist grand plans and excellent organisation, bright colours, jewellery spiritual, inspired. Bhairava – Sri Chakra Bhairava, Dharmapuri.

Swati (Vayu Deva) – Good opportunities, charisma, charm, and glamour, good conversationalists, grand plans and excellent organisation, bright colours, jewellery spiritual, inspired. Bhairava – Jadamuni Bhairava, Pudukkottai.

Vishakham (Indrani) – Good opportunities, charisma, charm, and glamour, good conversationalists, grand plans and excellent organisation, bright colours, jewellery, spiritual, inspired. Bhairava – Sri Kottai Bhairava, Thirumayam.

Anusham (Mithran)– Balanced friendships, co-operative, loving, popular, successful, good leaders and organisers, very focused, suffering with smile, sharing sensual, open, like variety and travel, faithful and devoted but jealous and angry. Bhairava – Sri Swarna Bhairava, Kumbhakonam.

Kettai (Lord Indra) – Conscious of seniority, superiority complex, very protective, responsible, leader of family, wise, profound, psychic, occult powers, courageous daring and inventive courageous, daring and inventive, experience poverty and hardship due to family, reclusive and secretive. Bhairava – Sri Ghadayudha Bhairava, Soorakudi.

Moolam (Nirriti) – Passionate truth seeker, investigation, research, direct, ardent and truthful, shrewd, ambitious, trapped and bound by circumstances, resentment and a sense of betrayal, extreme reversals of fortune, suffer pain and cruelty. Bhairava – Sri Sattainathar Temple, Sirkazhi.

Pooradam (Jalam or water) – Proud, independent, invincible influence, ambitious and fearless, always improving deep emotions, philosophical, confrontational, angry, harsh. Bhairava – Sri Kala Bhairava, Avinashiappar Temple, Avinashi.

Uthradam (Vishwa Devatha) – Enduring, invincible, patient, righteous and responsible, great integrity, sincere, committed, ambitious, great stamina and constancy, rigid, unbending, upholding. Bhairava – Sri Vaduganathar Bairavar, Karur.

Thiruvonam (Vishnu) – Listener, learner, knowledge quest, informed intellectual, wise, good teachers, counsellors, gossip and restless, historical approach heritage, tradition, travel, pilgrimage suffer troubles and disappointment. Bhairava – Sri Marthanda Bhairava, near Tirupattur.

Avittam (Vasukal) – Material wealth and property, desire fame and recognition, good leaders, greedy and self-absorbed, musical, artistic, dancers, relationship issues. Bhairava – Brahmapureeswarar Temple, Sirkazhi.

Sadayam (Lord Varuna) – Good healer or doctor, mystical, meditative, philosophical, scientific, visionary, dreamer, secretive, reclusive, moody, depressed, opinionated, stubborn relationship issues. Bhairava – Sri Sarpa Bhairava, Sankarankovil.

Poorattathi (Aja Ekapad) – Passionate, transformational, extreme, indulgent idealist, non-conformists, power to influence, speaker, orator, demagogue, fearful, nervous, cynical and eccentric, full of sadness and problems. Bhairava – Sri Kottai Bhairava, Brahma Lingeswarar Temple.

Uttarattathi (Ahirbudhnya) – Good discipline, great speaking and writing skills, cheerful, generous, self-sacrificing and psychic with deep insights, good wealth, inheritance, happy home life, seek solitude, seclusion and at times very lazy. Bhairava – Sri Vengala Osai Bhairava, Satyagireeswar Temple, Senganur.

Revathi (Pusha) – Sweet, caring, responsible, forgiving, sociable, humane, protective, nourishing, devoted to loved ones, spiritual, artistic and creative disappointments in early life, reap karmic rewards in next life! Bhairava – Sri Samharamoorthy Bhairava, Thathaiyangar Pettai, Kasi Viswanathar Temple.

Nakshatra Shakthi Homam

Nakshatra Shakti and Bhairava Homam Clears Karmic Tangles, Pleases Multiple Gods, Creates Favorable Time, & Bestows Material Abundance

Nakshatra Shakti and Bhairava Homam is performed to invoke the birth star or Janma Nakshatra of an individual for clearing Karmic burdens and sufferings. Nakshatra Dosha can prevent you from achieving your dreams and aspirations and this is where the homam helps. Offering prayers following Vedic methods provides inner strength and good results in all endeavors that you choose. Along with the nakshatras their powers or Shakti will be worshipped in this homam that bestows numerable boons to the devotee. In the limitless expanse of space, in which the nakshatra form a part, is guarded by Ashta Dikpalakas who are in turn controlled by Bhairava forms. Therefore the combined homam to all these divine energies is propitious for not only removing your defects that arise out of your actions, but also increase positivity, creates favorable environment and time for you, and bestows material abundance in life.

Benefits of Nakshatra Shakti and Bhairava Homam

  • The Homam clears all your Karmic burdens at a macro level.
  • It also eliminates doshas related to birth star as it pleases the Shakti that rules the star.
  • Assures blessings of multiple deities that are the ruling gods of nakshatra.
  • Bhairava forms ensure your time is good and they protect you from all directions.
  • The homam creates conducive atmosphere for your progress in life.
  • It grants material benefits, and brings to fruition your desires and wishes.

Nakshatra Pooja for All Sankalpa Members Gives Success, Wish Fulfillment, Fortune & Confidence

Janma nakshatra is the star constellation that the moon transits at the time of birth as that becomes a native’s birth star. Birth star puja or nakshatra pooja appeases the janma nakshatra in which the native is born. It involves worshipping the planetary lord as main deities. If you are suffering from mood swings, depression, mental imbalance and low confidence, then this puja would be highly beneficial.

The pooja neutralizes the malefic effects of planets during their main period or sub-periods. It boosts confidence, strength–both mental and physical, helps to succeed in life and improves well-being. Pacifying the birth star adds to your positive karma, nullifies bad effects at the time of birth. It also bestows prosperity, fulfills wishes and dreams and ensures fortune.

The ceremonies will be conducted for all those who order the gold and platinum packages of 27 Nakshatra and Bhairava homam.

Energized Gomathi Chakra Provides Financial Growth, Removes Evil Eye Dosha, Increases Wealth & Luck

Gomathi chakras are divine discs found in river Godavari. The chakras are white in color mostly and have circular patterns on one side. They are symbols of Goddess Maha Lakshmi and also they resemble Sudarshana chakra. Religious texts say that these chakras were studded on the walls of lord Krishna’s majestic palaces in Dwaraka.

Gomathi chakras are used in rituals. A person who owns a Gomathi Chakra will be blessed with prosperity, purity and perfection in all that he does. These sacred discs can be kept 2, 4, 6, or 8 in numbers in your hand bag or wallet for luck and financial growth. These chakras can even be buried inside the foundation of building as it protects from Vastu dosha effects. They ward off evil eye, black magic and all negative energies. It fulfills wishes, gives self-confidence, success and good luck. They also can be used as protective amulets for children. They can also be placed inside a cash box, work desk, entrance, living room and North West portion of your residence.


Basic Package (for One Devotee)
USD 99.00
  • Nakshatra Shakti and Bhairava Homam
Gold Package (Upto 6 Devotees)
USD 175.00
  • Nakshatra Shakti and Bhairava Homam
  • Nakshatra Pooja for All Sankalpa Members
Platinum Package (Upto 10 Devotees)
USD 191.00
  • Nakshatra Shakti and Bhairava Homam
  • Nakshatra Pooja for All Sankalpa Members
  • Energized Gomathi Chakra