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Yagna for the Six faced Lord for Six hours involving Six priests


Muruga Homa


Cures Diseases and Empowers

Helps acquire property and boosts your business

Scheduled LIVE on: 4th March, 2017 from 6 AM to 12 PM IST



Vedicfolks is performing six faced Muruga homam on the most auspicious day of Shashti combining with Krithigai star.


Six abodes of Lord Muruga


Among all the gods of the ancient Indian pantheon, Lord Muruga has found a special place. In the southern parts, especially Tamil Nadu, he is revered for his six abodes or ‘arupadaiveedu’ namely Tirupparankundram, Trichendur, Tiruvavinkudi (Palani), Swamimalai, Tiruttani and Pazhamudircholai. He is the storehouse of knowledge and the resource for three branches of Tamil literature—prose (iyal), verse (isai) and theatre (natakam). His striking features cannot go unnoticed that too with his three integral elements, the spear that he holds, the peacock as his mount and the cock adorning his flag. He sparkles as the very essence of the Vedas and mantras.


Lord Muruga a friend, philosopher and guide


Lord Muruga is special because he has the unique combination of power derived from his Mother Parvati and enormous knowledge acquired from his father Lord Shiva.  He appeared on earth with the combination of all powers and knowledge with a view to provide peace and security. He is the favourite of his devotees who look upon him as a friend, philosopher and guide.


The Puranas have vividly described the birth and feats of Lord Muruga, also called Skanda, Karthikeya in the northern parts of India and Subrahmanya or Arumugam (six faced) in the south.


Birth of the six-faced Lord


Once, demons Surapadma and his two brothers Simhamukha and Tarakasura tortured devas or demigods. Their arrogance made them do so as they had received a powerful boon from Lord Shiva that they would be unequalled in the 1008 Brahmandas or cosmos including Swargam or heaven and Vaikuntam for a period of 108 yugas¬. It was also said that they would meet their fate only at the hands of Lord Shiva’s progeny. One day, while He was in deep meditation, the God of Love Kamadeva aimed his arrows at Shiva which angered him. He opened his third eye and reduced Kamadeva to ashes. But all the gods including Lord Vishnu continued to pray and Lord Shiva finally obliged. He married Parvati who was an incarnation of Sati. Kamadeva was brought back to life at the insistence of the Goddess but he was Ananga, or unseen. 


Once, when the couple were seated in Kailasa, their abode, the normally five-face Lord assumed six faces and looked at Parvathi lovingly. Suddenly, all six faces opened the third eyes and from it emanated powerful rays as brilliant as cluster of suns and scorching like kalagni, the fire of time that is symbolic of Rudra. Immediately, the demigods panicked and to comfort them, Lord Shiva called it back and made it more tolerable. He ordered the God of Fire, Agni and the God of Wind, Vayu to carry them to a thicket of white reeds in the Ganga. They did so and the river in turn carried the blazes and deposited them on a bunch of lotuses. The six blazes turned in to an attractive six-faced baby with twelve hands. Lord Vishnu asked the six apsaras or celestial maidens to suckle and take care of them. The babies took separate forms and were nurtured by the six maidens. Goddess Parvathi hugged the little ones and they became one form with six dazzling faces and twelve hands.


¬12,000 divine years = 4 Yugas (= 4,320,000 human years) = 1 Maha Yuga (also is equal to 12,000 Daiva (divine) Yuga)


Functions of the six faces


Each face of Lord Muruga has certain sacred functions. While the heads symbolically represent the five senses and the mind, the six tattvas and the six chakras, the faces on the other hand perform six functions.


  • One sheds rays of light and removes the darkness shrouding the world
  • One for gracious looks that lovingly showers boons on devotees       
  • One face watches over the sacrifices of the Brahmans who perform them without deviating from strict Vedic traditions
  • One that resembles a full moon that brightens all the quarters of the world, lights the sages minds to enable them to search for hidden Truth
  • One face with raging heart watches out for enemies to destroy them
  • And the last smiles lovingly at His young consort


Lord Karthikeya acquired the spear or Vel from his mother to destroy the invincible Tarakasura. He hides himself in an enchanted mango tree but Lord Murugan with His transcendental powers finds him and splits the tree. The demon surrenders and begs for mercy. The Lord transforms one half of the demon into a peacock to serve him as his mount and the other half into a rooster that is a symbol of ego. Ego needs to be subdued so the Lord reduced him to an emblem that he keeps on His flag.

Originally a bachelor god, with the rise of Tantrism, He became associated with two principal Shaktis, Valli and Devasena. The former comes from a humble background while the latter is the daughter of Indra.



Homam for six faced Muruga


Vedicfolks is going to perform six faced Muruga homam on the most auspicious day of Shashti, the sixth day of the waxing moon and Krithigai, a star famous for invoking the Lord.  To propitiate the six faces, the homam will be performed with flowers of six colours, six varieties of fruits, and six types of prasadams (religious offering). The yagna is so powerful that destroys negative forces, cures ailments, and removes malefic effects of planet Mars etc. 


Muruga Homa Significance


This is a profound Vedic ritual performed to satisfy the overtly generous God who vanquishes foes, guarantees achievement, ensures victory of devotees and makes certain that everyone lead a happy, contented and prosperous life.


Benefits of six faced Muruga homam


Guards against enemies and other evil forces

Cures diseases and empowers

All debt related issues are solved

Understand powers of the universal mantra, OM

Positivity galore for all

Acquire new properties, real estate dealings are successful  

Blessings of the Lord who has six faces

Renewed vigour and vivacity


Muruga mantra


Om Sharavana-bhavaya Namaha

Gyaanashaktidhara skanda valliikalyaana sundara

Devasenaa manah kaanta kaartikeya namostute

Om subrahmanyaaya namah


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