Individual Homam - USD 225.00
Individual Homam + Temple Puja - USD 299.00

Mother's Day Special Rituals

Protects Your Mother’s Health & Grants Long Life By Overcoming All Grave Issues
Scheduled Live On May 12, 2019

This event has  been completed

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Mother’s day:  A Fine Day to Revere & Care for the Best Woman of Your Life 

Time has come when people want to honour relationships and the practice of offering flowers, buying gifts, visiting temples, performing spiritual ceremonies in the name of dear ones, especially the Mother, has become the norm. A mother is a gift to mankind. India is a country of splendid culture and tradition where the mother is always honoured first. Children fall at her feet to seek her blessings. She is akin to a goddess who really cares, loves, motivates and works hard to support her family in every way possible – all this, without expecting anything in return. With her deep affection, she makes life so simple and easy with her caring love. Now, let’s honour this great woman of everyone’s life on the day dedicated to her, Mother’s Day. Let’s give her back something for making you a responsible person and a good human being. Let’s say we care by invoking special deities who can take care of her health and bless her with longevity and happiness.

Arokya Lakshmi HomaArokya Lakshmi Homa Gives Your Mother a Sound Body & Mind & Protects

When the churning of ocean to bring out the nectar of immortality took place, two supreme deities emerged one, God Dhanvantri, carrying the elixir in a pot and other Goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Maha Lakshmi is therefore connected to the aspect of health and wealth and is represented as Arogya Lakshmi. Arogya means freedom from diseases. arogya lakshmi worship helps inculcate healthy habits and stop diseases from its start.  Chanting Arogya Lakshmi moola mantra prevents diseases, inculcates healthy habits and prevents disease right from the start. Purity of thought, mind and action, food, clean house, fresh air etc. represents the goddess. Feeding of poor also denotes the goddess who blesses the devotees with more and more. 
Both deities symbolise health and healing. Arogyalakshmi brings health, vitality to you and family. Her blessings ensure that you stay healthy and wealthy with sound body and mind. 


  • Arogya Lakshmi Homa addresses all aspects of your mother’s health
  • It also gives materialistic comforts and bliss
  • It grants plentiful blessings for a sound body and mind
  • The goddess ensures that your mother has a long life and enriched with vitality 

Arogya Lakshmi Temple Puja - Consult a Divine Lady Doctor

Goddess Arogya Lakshmi is the divine spouse of Lord Dhanvantri, caring Mother Goddess & a divine Lady Doctor. A Puja in Sri Dhanvantri Arogya Temple on the special day of Mothers helps to remove the sufferings and brings mental, physical & emotional health.

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Individual Homam
USD 225.00
  • Arokya Lakshmi Homam