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Dasavataram Series of Homam-1/10

Papmochani Ekadashi – Auspicious Day to Delete Sins and Gain Moksha

Matsya Avatar Homam

Allay Obstructions & Risks, Remove Ketu Defects,
Obtain Progress, Wealth & Victory


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Matsya Avatar is the first of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu in the form of a fish. He saved humanity and other living beings and the Vedas from total destruction. Matsya the fish is believed to denote the first stage of evolution. King Satyavrata or Manu with the great spiritual guidance of Lord Vishnu in the form of Matsya created a new world – the Treta Yuga after Satya Yuga came to an end after a deluge. This is symbolic of the fact that creation does not come to an end but continues era after era. The boat represents moksha which helps one to cross the mighty ocean of challenges to gain salvation. The boat after it reaches its destination is anchored to a cliff in the Himalayas which symbolizes the boundary between existence, and on the other side lies moksha. The duty of a king is to protect his people and that’s what King Manu does and it’s the god’s duty to save mankind in all adversities.

The lord rescues the seven sages (saptarishi), the Vedas, seeds and saplings and other animals from the great deluge by transferring them to a boat. Vasuki, the snake becomes a rope that’s tied to the boat and horn of Matsya that safely transports the inhabitants to another world and thus begins another yuga, the Treta Yuga. Matsya avatar also stresses the fact that there’s no beginning or end only transformation. When nature starts its destruction process, God incarnates to main the equilibrium and a new world originates and thus the cycle continues. That forms the core of Matsya avatar.

Matysa Avatar Homam will be performed on Papmochani Ekadashi. It’s the last Ekadashi of the Vedic year which appears between the festival of Holi and Chaitra Navaratri. As the name refers, it’s an auspicious day to absolve sins, seek blessings of Lord Vishnu and attain moksha.

Matsya Avatar Mantra

Om Matsya Roopaya Namah

Significance of Matsya Avatar Homam

The Matsya Avatar Homam is a great savior to those undergoing health issues, financial crises and facing trouble from negative forces. Also it is useful for removing dosha in the horoscope. It helps achieve salvation or moksha from sins. Those who perform this homam also experience success in every aspects of their life.

Matsya Avatar Homam Allays Obstructions & Risks, Removes Ketu Defects, Brings Progress, Wealth & Victory

Matysa Avatar Homam liberates a person from sins so as to ensure Moksha. It blesses a person to progress in all fields of life. Lord Matsya, an aspect of Lord Vishnu, helps devotees to stay alert, focused and fight lethargy. It reduces karmic tangles and imbalances of past and present life. It eliminates Vastu dosha and obstacles by addressing to the exact problem of the devotee. It fixes planetary afflictions and leads you to victory, progress, peace and harmony. Lord Vishnu incarnated to save living beings from the deluge and begin a new creation. Ketu is the planet responsible for endings or culminations, and start new beginnings. The homam helps to relinquish the past and hope for a better future. Also, Matsya Avatar Homam puts an end to sufferings caused by Planet Ketu as Lord Matsya overrules the planet.

Benefits of Matsya Avatar Homam

       Get relief from karmic issues, curses and sins.
       Removes negativity and rescues you in times of difficulty.
       Its shields the devotee from threats and risks.
       It helps to minimize the malefic effects of planets in a horoscope.
       Overcomes obstructions in important matters very easily.
       Empowers you with spiritual knowledge and wisdom.
       The lord augments your wealth, prosperity and fortune.
       It improves health, paves way for a successful life and ensures happiness.

Matsya Moorthy Temple Puja Removes Hurdles, Allays Illnesses & Blesses With Good Family Life & Suitable Job

Matsya Moorthy Temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu located at Thuvarimaan near Madurai city of Tamil Nadu. The temple is a very popular one situated on the banks of Vaigai River. The shrine is considered as South Dwaraka and is believed to be the place where the lord manifested in Matsya avatar. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Rangarajar in a standing posture with his consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi. In ancient times, kings visited the temple to pray to Lord Rangarajar before going to the battle field seeking blessings for victory. It’s a small temple where the kings bent their heads in reverence to the lord. Chakrathazhwar is also enshrined in the main temple and there are separate temples for Lord Hayagriva, Garuda and Sri Krishna. A puja in this historical temple removes hurdles in the way of marriage, cures diseases, ensures good family life, a perfect job that suits one’s qualifications and trade developments, etc.


Energized Matsya Yantra Helps to Focus, Boost Health, Endows with Positivity & Financial Growth

Matsya yantra represents Lord Vishnu who took the form of Matsya avatar to strike out evil and maintain balance and harmony. It’s a very powerful yantra that rectifies all your faults and external negative forces. It rectifies Vastu defects in your home and enhances positivity. The Matsya yantra is a powerful tool that brings auspiciousness, harmony, prosperity, success, good health, and also heals with yogic meditation. It consists of intricate geometric patterns surrounding an embossed fish in the centre. When eyes and mind focus at the centre of the yantra one is able to achieve high levels of alertness. Worship this divine plate made of copper to lead a successful life and improve financial growth and acquire new assets. Place the energized yantra in the east direction and say a prayer every day to spread positive energies in your home through the mystical geometry of the yantra.


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