Makara Jyothi Special

Ayyappa Swamy Homam

Eliminate Darkness, Pit-Falls, Illuminate Abundance of Wealth and Prosperity

Scheduled Live on January 14, 2021 @ 6 PM IST

Makara Jyothi -   A Day of Miracle to Get the Maximum Benefit from the God of Prosperity

Lord Ayyappa is also called "Hariharasudan" son of "Harihara", born to Lord Shiva and appears in the form of Goddess Mohini "a woman of attraction" who is none other than Lord Vishnu, where 'Hari' means Lord Shiva and 'Hara' means Lord Vishnu and 'Sudan' son of two supreme gods. He is also called "Manikandan" as he is been tied with a bell around his neck soon after his birth, left abandoned on the banks of River Pamba by his parents. The ruler of Western Ghats, Pandalam, King Rajashekhara, a childless monarch accepted Lord Ayyappa as a divine gift from god, from the banks of Pamba. Lord Ayyappa left for heavenly abode, advised King to build a temple at Sabari. Lord Parashuram sculpted the figure of Lord Ayyappa through his divine wisdom and consecrated on the eve of Makar Sankranti, on the Makara Joythi day, in a divine form.


Awaken Wealth and Prosperity on the Day of Fire of Light

Vedicfolks will be organizing a special Ayappa Swamy Homam to invoke the celestial lighting on January 14th, 2021, Uttara Phalguni, the birth star of Lord Ayyappa Swamy, illuminating at the top of the sacred mountain in "Kantamala", an extraordinary light of fire, shining only for few minutes, is popularly known as "Makara Jyothi'. As per Vedic Scriptures, experts believe that Lord Ayyappa Swamy asserts himself as Makara Jyothi once a year on the final day of 41 day fasting, an integral part of Mandala Puja of the Sabarimala pilgrimage, on the day the Sun enters the Capricorn sign, bless devotees with dual prospects fulfilling desires, being productive, bless with health, wealth and prosperity.

Stabilize the Effects of Saturn With the Power of Lord Ayyappa Swamy

As per Vedic Scripts, once Lord Ayyappa noticing the troubles faced by his devotees face negative effects during the ruling period of Lord Saturn. The devotees were asked to undergo asceticism for a period of 41 days through special prayers, to overcome the troubles during Lord Saturn ruling period. Lord Ayyappa who has a promising attitude invokes his special power through this Makara Shanthi Homam diminishes all the ill and negative effects, from Lord Saturn transit. Lord Ayyappa Swamy is also called    "Shaneeshwaran Ayyappan".


  • Bless self-dependent, flourish professional life
  • Cherish Family life, diminish differences
  • Healthy lifestyle, keep away from diseases
  • Build assertiveness, remove arrogance, failures
  • Empower self-determination, removes ill-luck, dark side
  • Bestow strength and courage, remove fear of enemies
  • Removes curse from opposite gender, usher with exquisite qualities
  • Bless abundance in life, defeat negative effects, calamities


Here Are The Other Added Auspicious Rituals For The Day


Deepa Arathana at Makara Jyothi Time - Makara JyothiDeepa Arathana at Makara Jyothi Time - Antitoxic Energy Solves Negativities, Prevent Disease

A traditional bronze aarti stand, artistically carved with abundant space for Lighting the camphor at the time of Makara Jyothi, where Lord Ayyappa swamy bless the devotees to clear all negative energies, evil effects. It also helps to inhale anti-fungal benefits, prevent antibacterial spreads, discard bacteria.


Turmeric Archana for Manjamatha - Makara JyothiTurmeric archana for Manjamatha - Turmeric Clears Darkness, Bless Purity, Amiable

Once Lord Ayyappa removed a curse on Goddess Manjamatha killing a demon, turned her as a beautiful woman. She wants to marry Lord Ayyappa, not willing to marry her, he is a celibate. He blessed her asking to reside near his temple in Sabarimala as Maalikapurathamma Temple. Those who offer Turmeric gets relief from health problems, heart disease, turning into a good looking women.

Pusphanjali for Ayyappan - Makara JyothiPusphanjali for Ayyappan - Remove Dirt From Mind, Bouquet Love and Affection

Pusphanjali is offered to Lord Ayyappa swamy to invoke better guidance in ourselves, inclination. Pusphanjali is also a sense of dedication to Lord Ayyappa Swamy for showing our devotion to god adoring with fresh fragrance flowers, tied uniformly showing pleasure, sacrifice and eternal love.


Eight offering - Abishekam to Ayyappa Swamy (Vibuthi, Milk, Honey, Panchmirtham, Coconut Water, Sandal, Panneer & Holy Water) - Resolves Difficulties in Life, Purify Heart and Soul

Eight Abishekam is offered to the divine god Lord Ayyappa Swamy, destroys evil effects, bless purity and prosperity.

1. Vibuthi - bless purity

2. Milk - bless long life

3. Honey - improves oral voice texture

4. Panchmirtham - bless wealth

5. Coconut water - bless enjoyment and satisfaction in life

6. Sandal - bless gracefulness as Goddess Lakshmi

7. Paneer - bless beauty and luxury

8. Holy water - cleansing our soul with consciousness


Ghee & Payasam (Sweet dessert) Offering to Lord Ayyappan - Makara JyothiGhee & Payasam (Sweet dessert) Offering to Lord Ayyappan - Cleans the Divine Soul, Bless Light of Life

This is a divine offering, offered to Lord Ayyappa Swamy to merge with the soul of supreme well-being. Ghee referred here as 'Jeevatma' and payasam is a sweet dessert, loved by Lord Ayyappa Swamy which represents heart and soul. The devotees are blessed with Ghee and Payasam as prasadh to share the divine soul.

Special Pujas at Temple on Makara Jyothi